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Salt is great for you, we don't get enough

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Not a shill for big salt, I just really really love this stuff (orange flavor best):

Half a pack in 16oz of water will make your day right. As much as minerals can anyway.

The likelihood of health problems was quite high in individuals consuming less than 2g of sodium per day, the lowest rate of events was at about 5g per day of sodium intake. This is more than double what is recommended by the AHA, FDA, and CDC. What is particularly interesting is the study’s authors noted that one must get as high as 8g of sodium per day to see the same degree of problems as below 2g per day of intake

Another study found that not only was sodium restriction ineffective in hypertensive patients, those who consumed lower than 2.5g per day of sodium had consistently HIGHER blood pressure than those who consumed larger amounts

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They make orange-flavored salt?

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Yeah they make like 9 or 10 different flavors. I bought a variety pack and the orange was my favorite, chocolate salt runner up.

Edit: Actually it's 8 flavors. Free sample pack here:

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low salt is bad for your heart, causes POTS

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Old people feel sick when they eat too much salt. Particularly when they eat a lot of canned food. Too much salt is not good for you just like anything you eat too much of. The important thing to do is make sure you use iodized salt and not sea salt. Before the medical industry was totally kiked there were studies that showed most Americans don't get enough iodine.

Always the best diet is a varied diet.

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As with anything to do with diet there's a huge range of different responses to everything. What most studies do is look at the average and come up with a guideline which fits no one.

If you have high blood pressure triggered by salt eat less, otherwise you should be fine.

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I think the way the studies work is: Restaurants and packaged food put lots of salt in their food (because people like the taste), and therefore if you avoid salt you will avoid these junk food which has other crap in it which really is bad for you such as soybean oil and sugar.