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There's a lot of measures taken by the government that have already caused many deaths everywhere, I think understanding the PCR test is of huge relevance because of it.

It's the maker of the PCR test saying how useless the test is by itself (at least as a viral examination in the way it is being used) and that it doesn't really indicate that there is a destructive, alien agent in your body. It makes me frustrated that most people are probably suffering from common issues related to their own body's health. But can't tell the difference between this and COVID, all because of the fearmongering of the media.

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I think it is being misinterpreted. Especially when they are using high numbers of amplification cycles. But I just think that if you are trying to detect a potentially deadly virus like sars cov 2, a positive test at 30 cycles seems like a good indication that the virus is replicating in your nose.

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I’ve shown this to people and they glaze over it calling it fake news

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What a horrible explanation. No one who believes in the PCR test will walk away from that video with a different opinion.

What proves that the test is useless is the astronomical probability of a false positive. What makes it misused is the fact that they test people over and over and over until they get a positive result.

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At 35 cycles it gives 95% chance of a false positive. So the virus may not even exist anymore, it also has never been isolated.

There are more factors in which PCR can go wrong:
They do not do the essential negative test, to see if they caught something like the cold or the flu instead. This depends on the exact RNA bits they are looking for in which lab. They may just find a cat-virus or similar.

Additionally small contaminations can influence the outcome, and process errors during the cycles.