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Zionism rules the world, not Judaism.

Lots of Jews don't agree with Zionism, and lots of Christians support Zionism. Like all of Freemasonry for example. So it's more accurate to say Zionism rules the world. Israel was given to Zionists (headed by the Rothschilds), not Jews.

Think about the number of Freemason judges and presidents there have been.

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What do you think zionism even is and why would that concept rule the world?

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Amen newguy. It's kinda weird that even Henry Ford used more qualifiers than we seem to nowadays.

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I'm skeptical about this Matrix theory, but there's pretty much no doubt John Carpenter's 'They Live' is a subversive commentary on Jewish power, despite his recent claims that it's really just some generic message about consumerism. The anti consumerism angle gave him plausible deniability, but anyone with half a brain who watches the movie can see that its a commentary on the tribe and their hidden power, he's not even subtle about it.

Carpenter had a history of expressing annoyance with the most Jewish aspects of Hollywood without ever outright naming them, and for most of his career managed to carve out a path with relatively minimal Jewish involvement-by Hollywood standards. It cost him wider commercial success, which seemed to suit him fine.

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it's odd if they live is about jews, it was produced by jewish Larry Franco, maybe he just didn't realize the symbolism though.

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So are you saying that the Jews mind fucked the wakowski brothers after realising the sleight of hand , and turned them into trannies?

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I was wondering about that myself but I think they were a bit fracked in the head right from the get-go.

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There's a strong correlation between autogynephilia and personality disorders so they were likely off-centre to start with. But there's also clear grooming if you look at how they went off the deep end.

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They were frauds in the first place, they stole it from another writer who apparently also came up with The Terminator. Of course woke media focused on that the real author is a black woman and sold that. The tranny brothers only sold the digested version to Hollywood and supposedly left out the most philosophical parts out (I personally haven't read the original yet)

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the concept for a virtual world called "the matrix" comes from Neuromancer by William Gibson

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from Doctor Who, in 1977. "The Deadly Assassin". The wachowhatevers watched it when they were kids. In the Doctor Who story there is what we would no call a virtual world, manipulated from outside, called The Matrix. Yes really.

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They always tell you - they believe it relieves them of their karmic burden. They told you, you didn't object therefore you agreed. That's how their Talmudic mindset works anyway

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That is a brilliant deconstruction and now I must rewatch the series. Assuming the Wachowskis were raised Catholic—and I am not at all sure—then, how did they sneak these three movies past all the Jews in Hollywood? On the other hand, perhaps Jews want to be acknowledged as rulers of the world. And perhaps it is time for a paradigm shift.

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I had no idea about the significance of the Nebuchadnezzar or Haman, nice.

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You're a bit too focused on "Jews".
They certainly play a part in things, but the ones that ran (run) the farm aren't limited to just "Jews".

Otherwise, yes, Neo was Christ, just like King Arthur or Jack Shepherd.

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Also Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin is where they ripped off The Matrix from. End of episode 2. "I deny this reality! This reality is a computational matrix!" etc.

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Jews are extremely powerful.

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Morpheus is the "god" of nightmares. His name means Shaper, as in he gives shape to terrors, form to monsters. Hypnos is the "god" of sleep in the sense of unconsciousness, freeing the soul / ka / spirit / dreamer to enter the Dreamlands.