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Trump is the one running things in the US and since it has a huge economical influence everywhere we should know who he surrounds himself with, all the more knowing what the CIA has been involved in before.

The CIA's new director Gina Haspel was involved in a lot of shady things...

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Trump is a puppet, he runs nothing.

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He runs enough. Enough for the Haredim mafia.

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trumps speech made it clear that the covert CIA ops that killed americans had to stop, and he showed with is 5th column statement and crowd response that the majority of the agency was 100% behind him.

He has to remove / kill a lot of bad people, so Gina is perfect in the role.

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Yeah right, considering his term is pretty much over and you still see the same douchebags in his cabinet, I doubt this is a genius plan of his. He literally surpasses all presidents when it comes to giving funds to the Intelligence Agencies, including the CIA, which is responsible for fucking up the media sites everywhere.

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did you see the CIA speech?

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You take it like the stuff he says is all truth.

It isn't how he speaks or what he says, dor he is well versed in perception management, in order to brainwash people like you, rather, it is what he does.

He is a CIA lover and fond of the Likudniks and deep state.

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You take it like the stuff he says is all truth.

no, I don't. will you take that new information and use it to change your model? nope.

He is a CIA lover and fond of the Likudniks and deep state.

For you, the CIA is a single organization with united aims and views. Which is why you cant understand me.

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will you take that new information and use it to change your model?

What new information? That Trump blasted some Syrian rockets into a field in Syria, after Trump, Assad and Netanyahu, Trumps boss, brokered a deal?

Mind you, Trump shilled all the propaganda for the faux Assad gas attacks. He also, again, is 100% Chabad mafyia owned.

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What new information?

that I don't take all the stuff that Trump says is truth

as for the rest of your rant, I thought you said Trump is a Zionist. Now he's Chabad owned? make your mind up.

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Als, the Talmud allows Jews to lie to non-Jews, so they can say whatever they please.

They believe they are True Zionists. That is opposed to secular revisionist Zionists like Begin.

But again, they remain anti-Christ.

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Chabad-Lubavitchers are Zionist. There are sects within Chabad Hassidism which are anti-Zionist but these sects have little power or wealth.

Chabad became quite Zionist when Lenin's Bolshevik communist Jewish party, I forgot the groups name, persecuted them, not like the Christians but enough for them to become staunch ethno-nationalists and internationalists in the way they interpret the Talmud.

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If he is really draining the swamp, then he would be doing a hell of a lot more to offer the American public proof of his actions and proof of these people/groups crimes.

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that's another logical fallacy. You've set a condition that you require for satisfaction, but it bears no relationship to the situation.

He's done a lot of very public work to 'drain the swamp', and very public work to improve the USA. Voting will show what the American Public thinks of his actions.

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Voting is not a representation of consent or approval when the entire political apparatus has been compromised from the top down.

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fantastic. negate any mechanism to falsify your statement

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Mm. Logic dictates that people act in certain ways if they want certain goals. Trump has not acted in any way to actually "drain the swamp" because he's a fucking member of said swamp. You can play your college-level debate games with me, I will ignore them every time. If someone says "logical fallacy" or "Occam's Razor" I tend to wonder what their use is.

You hold opposing views in your mind, and you think both of them are true. That there is 1. a swamp that needs to be drained, and 2. that a member of the swamp is actually draining it. These things oppose each other, because no one who is involved with this nonsense will fix it. Would you drain the swamp if you were an alligator? No, it is your home, your bread and butter, and if anything, you'll find a way to make your home bigger. That is what you are actually seeing. Globalists from all over the world working together to consolidate power amongst themselves. You can't imagine such a thing, so you create heroic stories to fill the space of reality. Much like what people did with Obama.

I applaud your efforts. It must be so tiring.

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Trump has not acted in any way to actually "drain the swamp" because he's a fucking member of said swamp.

You are using that belief to dismiss all actions that do not fit that belief. You've basically stated the parameters of debate and crippled it before we start.

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You basically believe that a member of a gang will take down the gang from the inside. You are a wishful thinker hiding behind shitty logic.

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You don't know what I believe. You are making false inferences

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Lol, Gina is a warmongering Zionist.

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black and white leaves you little room for comprehension

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Okay, fine.

Please, show me why I'm wrong.

You cannot deny Trump's overt connections to Likudniks and Mossad, no?

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Fine, I'll put it in finer (broader) details. Trump is on the side of red Mafyia's Eurasianist plan and the BRIC Israeli, Russian, China Belt road initiative or he is doing a little of both. Alexander Joffe made it clear, like the Bush loving Trump, that Balkenization will be conducted by the US military, and when the time is ripe, a manufactured crisis will occur, the US will become a half-baked welfare state and it's empire erased but of course, it will remain center in the world government plot envisiomed by Joffe and other Zionist internationalists. That's why Trump has said he was a Nationalist internationalist. Either way, the goal is not to help the US but to destroy it; that is, for a new economic order and Trump is part and parcel of this plan.

That's why our wages remain stagnant too. That's why he has nominee accounts in China for God's sake. Jobs coming back here, is only going to happen if wages are lowered and a neutral playing field competes with a devauled Yuan. Trump and the Red Mafyia know this; that's why they sell us out, have nominee accounts in China and then sell us out again by pretending to be the heros of the middle class.

Plus, Trump is a degenerate and anti-Christ cabalist which he admits in his book.

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CIA, propaganda due Jesuits (not Catholics), Likudnik Zionist "Jews" and Noahide freemasons.