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I hate seeing "Aaron Swartz" would be rolling in his grave comments. If Swartz was still alive, he'd be censoring Reddit right along spez's side as they both highfive as they watch their wives getting plowed by bigger, blacker gentlemen.

I've seen too many of these free speech people turn on it in the past few years to believe this guy would be fighting for the little guy when he was as SJWy as he was.

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why assume that, if he was willing to sell out he'd be alive, they had to kill him cuz he had principles, anyone with ethics or morals gets JFK'd.

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Hardly. Aaron was the moral backbone of reddit. He was getting in the way of them selling out. The guy was a constant data security advocate, even regularly going on TV to talk about that subject specifically.

The guy literally went to federal court because he released scientific papers that he thought should be public because the public paid for the research. He killed himself or was killed over it.

So to say something like you've just said, is basically so wrong given the facts, I have to wonder why you'd lie like that.

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I’ve been on the internet since there was an internet. People used to be afraid of the digital divide, that poor kids wouldn’t have access. Now it’s well off parents who are limiting their kids time online.

It honestly used to be so much better when mostly just educated people were online. Now any moron can say whatever moron thing comes into their head so everything has to be policed and controlled. I no longer support open access or net neutrality. I want a second internet that’s like the old one.

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No. The issue is that people are somehow mentally corralled online. They think 'internet' is YT, FB, IG, Twitter or whatever thing is popular and only that. All we need are more places like this. ♥️

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In all irony, those prestigious academic journals privatizing academic research are doing it out of the compulsion of keeping an upper-hand on maintaining- well, ignorance on the brilliance. Very many scientific theories are not replicated enough to confirm authoritative standing down the road and many also get disproved or amended in the future. But the point is that because of the profit margins involved in the finishing spectacle of research, they essentially maintained ignorance for some of the most brilliant works imaginable (maybe).

ItoD: High falutin' prestigious academia rules over masses by reinforcing ignorance! Get your extras.

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( ( ( S H U T I T D O W N ) ) )

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( ( ( L E T I T R I S E ! ) ) )

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He's rolling in his grave.

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I think you mean.. rest in peace.