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Wait, for real? Holy crap. AUS and NZ are really going for it, aren't they?


I much preferred Norway's reaction to their mass shooting: They changed nothing, and said if they did change how they operate, that means the shooter wins.

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How does the shooter win?

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By massively changing society and government with his singular act of violence. No one changes, it's like the shooter's goals didn't even matter

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Australia's been eagerly waiting for this.

I'm surprised by New Zealand's reaction.

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Me too.

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... if they did change how they operate, that means the shooter wins.

In general, this line of reasoning doesn't pan out. I wouldn't say the US government's war on terrorism after 9/11 was a "win for terrorism". Not that the US government's actions in that case were good at all, just explaining the causality isn't a win.

Is any government reaction to a threatening situation a "win" for the perpetrators of the threat?

Are you arguing that the shooter's goals were to entice the government into shutting down right-wing/fascist websites? I don't see what the point of that would be. They literally killed 50 muslims, so there's no chance it's some left/liberal false-flag. Taking Occam's Razor to it, I'll take the shooter at his word that he's an alt-right radical.

MY argument is that a government non-response to this would be seen as complicit and enabling of white-supremacist views, thus emboldening others even further. The shutting down of fascist websites as an action in itself also has the useful effects of actively denouncing such views and preventing further radicalization.

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Are you arguing that the shooter's goals were to entice the government into shutting down right-wing/fascist websites?

There is nothing wrong with a website being right wing or left wing.

His goals were to create a cultural revolution by polarizing the left and the right even further than they already are.

And NZ is playing right into his hands by censoring the video and the manifesto(for some reason), imprisoning an 18-year old for sharing the video(there is suspicion that he knew about the attack beforehand but as far as I know It's not confirmed)and now ISPs blocking certain websites because this causes people(mostly on the right and center) to start worrying(IMO rightfully) about freedom of speech and internet censorship.

The shutting down of fascist websites

Yeah, but who decides which sites are fascist? What would stop NZ government, as unlikely as it is, to one day do what the current Russian government is doing yet people denounce Russia but support NZ doing it.

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His goals were to create a cultural revolution by polarizing the left and the right even further than they already are.

This is incorrect. Did you read the manifesto? (I know ironic given the context) The entire thing was focused around the "invaders" (read: non-europeans / whites) and telling whites to attack them. I didn't read it in detail, I'm not wasting my time reading 76 pages of propaganda, but I didn't see anything relating to "polarization" of the political wings - it's purely focused on radicalization of white people.

imprisoning an 18-year old for sharing the video

I haven't looked into this, but it depends on intent. If he's being jailed for merely sharing it for the sake of information then that is garbage and should be fought against by all. If he's sharing it and saying he's thinking about doing it too then that is a problem for which he would rightfully be punished.

who decides which sites are fascist?

This is an inherent problem with any form of political decision. i.e. who decides who is taxed, who decides when war declared. The government makes the decision, but it is up to the populace to be aware enough to fight incorrect decisions. While censorship is a reasonable concern, I think political action should be withheld until you find that sites you find valuable are being shut down. 4chan, 8chan, and voat in my opinion add no value to the internet.

Personally I'm more aggravated by Tumblr removing NSFW content to appease Apple or the general existence of anti-piracy laws than I am by the shutting down of fascist speech. Fascist speech seeks to further entrench power structures whereas the others are the very action of power structures (albeit of a different kind: wealth).

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Personally I'm more aggravated by Tumblr removing NSFW content to appease Apple

I wonder what do you think about this? -

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Absolute trash. I mirror the concerns about data leaks from storing identifying information. Plus I hate the concept of a company being allowed to capitalize on the 25 million person "market" of porn viewers needing age identification by law.

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Like that didn't fuckin' happen in NZ????

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NZ changed pretty drastically in response to this.

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I'm not surprised in the least. I remember when they banned A cups in porn (sorry wife, Australia thinks your body would only be enjoyed by pedos, or that it encourages pedos? Something?).

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Yeh, in magazines that's right. Australia doesn't have a porn industry (worth noting) so not a... Big issue.

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No way this is a thing, ridiculous.

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To be fair (though not much better), it's actually if the woman appears to be under the age of 18 that the title is banned.

Because it's subjective, titles banned more often feature women with petite features including A cups. The result is still them telling some women that their bodies don't look adult enough to be in porn, despite being of legal age.

So no, A cups are still allowed provided the net result isn't the woman looking underage.

I just phrase it as A cups being banned because it's still true that breast size is taken into account when determining if the title will receive classification and that A cups make it more likely to be banned. Also that my wife is an A cup and she finds it disgusting and insulting that they even consider it.

But, you know, "think of the children".

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Hey, guys. Just letting you know you're getting trolled by Australian Shitposters.

4chan can still be accessed, and none of our media is reporting on it.

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When I posted this, it was blocked through Telstra for 4chan, 8chan and Voat. Tried it on my mobile (predominately a mobile user) not my PC. Kicker being they weren't asked to, they just thought it was the right thing to do...


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It's like Australians have zero sense of what to do in a crisis because they've never been in one before

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The ban on 4chan was lifted a few hours later.

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So I am fully expecting Australian government sites to suddenly redirect to 4chan in the coming days. And that's if 4chan is feeling nice

From what I recall, attempts to take down 4chan never, EVER go well for the government or corporate agencies that attempt it

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Watch out for the BASED hacker 4chan! He'll hack your sites!!

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I’m interested. Any examples?

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Mate, that would be Epic to see hahaha

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Voat is one of the most horrible communities I've seen, but at least they were contained away from everyone. I hope they don't start moving here now.

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Voat went into Invite Only mode last I heard anyway.

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They don't want to move. They raised the drawbridge and are just bunkering down. Some internal strife about some recent censorship though so they are probably trying to fix that and prevent further damage.

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I thought the act of terrorism was streamed on facebook, is facebook banned too?

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We can only hope mate.

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No no, you can't harm a billionaire! That's against the law, the shareholders might lose money! Do you want to impoverish millions of investors?

(This is the actual logic they use, and it has legal backing too which makes it all the most disturbing)

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Facebook is by-and-large not meant for the streaming of terrorist acts or pushing of white supremacist agendas. 4chan and 8chan (at least /pol/, /k/, and maybe /r9k/) are heavily based around this, and the main subvoats (is that what they're called?) are purely right wing propaganda. The right wing crap leaks a lot onto the other boards of 4chan as well, even the worksafe boards. Which is unfortunate because some of them aren't bad.

Maybe if people want freedom of speech they shouldn't use it to incite racist acts of terrorism.

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They call them subverses. Man I miss old Voat. During the fatpeoplehate banning is when I first went there and it wasn't so bad. Very different now though.

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I wonder if this place will go the same way 🙈

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Well, right-wing propaganda is allowed, but I think the difference here is no downvotes. If someone believes that stuff and they see posts against it they can't punish the poster by dragging their karma down. Also, they are expected to ignore the post unless they are able to debate in a respectable way.

For instance, I'm very pro-science. I see there is a climate skeptics sub and I just ignore it since I completely disagree with it, but I'm not looking to debate them. I may at some point post something about climate change, or pro-vaccine, or pro-gmo somewhere, but I don't have to worry about getting downvoted into oblivion for doing so.

This is the Pyramid of Debate. It represents the core value of this website: JPG If a person is caught repeatedly dragging discussion in a downward direction on the Pyramid of Debate, they will be removed. If a person is caught repeatedly dragging the quality of discourse in an upward direction, they're highly valued!

Also, given time we'll get more subs so hopefully people go where they want to be and debate what they feel comfortable debating.

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I believe the major ISPs are just blocking DNS to these sites, changing your DNS to Google or Cloudflare should get you around the block.

That being said, I fully expect the government to be using their metadata or anti encryption bill powers to monitor us.

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This is so absurd. Total nanny state at work.

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"Let's see how fast we can turn this country from a liberal democracy to a totalitarian state"

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All for posting a video of reality, that everyone should see.

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This is the right wing government as well. When Labour wins this year's election it will be even worse

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Not like it's going to change anything lol

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What's the difference between 4chan and 8chan???

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8chan ( allows for the creation of new boards by users, and is less heavily moderated since it isn't based in the US. Otherwise the imageboard structure is fairly similar.

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While those places are cesspools... I don't know that this is a good reaction.

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Really misleading title. They're only banned on some of the top ISPs. I'm in Australia and can access them fine.

Also, apparently it's only a DNS block, so you just need to change your DNS servers to access them again.