Where is saidit hosted / based? by [deleted] in SaidIt

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I asked the same question and one of the admins answered its hosted in USA. Check my post history, on mobile so I can't provide a direct link

Edit: https://saidit.net/comments/g2y/comment/s3v?context=3

4chan, 8chan and Voat banned in Australia by Greedeater in censorship

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I believe the major ISPs are just blocking DNS to these sites, changing your DNS to Google or Cloudflare should get you around the block.

That being said, I fully expect the government to be using their metadata or anti encryption bill powers to monitor us.

Saidit.net Canary #5 by magnora7 in SaiditCanary

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I'd be keen to see Australia specifically mentioned here, our government can be quite dodgy unfortunately, especially with the new anti encryption laws.

For all the newcomers to saidit today, welcome! Here's what makes saidit unique by magnora7 in SaidIt

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This looks like one of the better alternatives I've seen. I was wondering if you could tell us which country this site is hosted in?

Sorry if this was previously answered, I didn't see it anywhere and I'm a curious person.