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That person is a huge self-righteous chode. They're also a moderator at AHS. That's all you really need to know.

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Not everyone knows that AHS stands for "/r/AgainstHateSubreddits", you'd be suprised how many people on Reddit have never heard of AHS or the League Trolls. When you mention AHS here on Saidit, please make sure to link to the sub here on Saidit where we discuss the League Trolls:

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I have a question about this part:

This bastard of a moderator continues to argue with me and engage in small talk with her obviously main account (u/drewiepoodle) and basically harass me to the very core

How do you know that "awkwardtheturtle" is a Drewiepoodle sockpuppet account? Do you have any evidence for this that you can share?

Also, are you are of the fact that Drewiepoodle is part of a censorious digital vigilante group on Reddit called "The League of Extraordinary Trolls"? They are are group of supermods/powermods who operate under a blanket of immunity.

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Wait, are you literally admitting you're a reddit user? WTF?