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Quite the write up you have there brah

Ever thought of also posting it to somewhere people can actually see it? I've seen several posts of yours in this sub (all of them in fact, I created this sub lol) , am always a bit disappointed because no one reads your hard work.

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FWIW, I read it and appreciated it.

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So did I, but this is too obscure a place, is my point. Maybe the fruit farming website is interested in learning some things about Steven.

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Don't worry about it, people are reading it, they are just not logging into Saidit itself to do so. There are a lot of people lurking here without making an account. My posts here have even been linked to from Reddit itself. I suspect one of the reasons AHS is currently trying to get /r/Saidit banned on Reddit is because they know people are reading my posts on Reddit and want to stop them from doing so. Reddit doesn't want their users to know that their resident content cop is a literal criminal.