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No one sensible really believed this story was a fake. The Dems and establishment types pushing disinfo all knew it was true. The people in MSM and the loud mouths on SM pushing disinfo all knew it was true.

Unfortunately there are a large number of senseless people out there (woke, nice, be kind, want to be one of the good guys) who will eat those lies up like it's chocolate pudding.

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Yeah, everyone knew it was real at the time, other than perhaps a few normies who weren't following the story or just guzzling whatever CNN tells them. It was independently confirmed by multiple sources, and the contents were the kind of contents that are really hard to fake, especially that quantity at that scale.

The only interesting thing is .... why they're turning on him now? None of the "new info" really seems that new, unless I'm missing something.

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    I know the FBI could arrest Hunter tomorrow and file charges. I'm a little less aware of how that works filing criminal proceedings against the president, but obviously, they had little problem with harassing Trump.

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    "Oh we accidentally deleted it due to a mixup."

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    The media is already turning on Biden. It's only a matter of time till this huge festering boil gets popped on live TV.

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    They can't wait to lavish praises on Kamala

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    obviously a reason why it's released right now. distraction? planned dirt campaign?

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    There's a strong independent black wamen who don't need no old white man, waiting to become America's first strong independent black wamen president. These weirdos won't want Biden to overstay his welcome.