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This man has an amazing mind.

In my career in the sciences, I witnessed a lot of scientific talks. They divided into three groups: those who understood nothing at all, those who understood their material well enough to get it through the system but were unable to explain it in such a way as to be useful, and the exceptionally gifted ones who knew the material so well they could both do the highly technical work and explain it in such a way that even a lay person could understand it. Professor Bhakdi falls into the third category.

I have family in medicine, so I've heard some of this terminology before, but to be honest, none of it made much sense. Here he has explained in ~15 minutes material I have never before been able to absorb.

When people like this are being censored, it becomes harder and harder to explain the events of the past year with anything other than ill intent as the motive. That we are making a "huge mistake" becomes less and less tenable. If they don't stop within weeks, the intent of the vaccines is mass death.

Yes, that is terrifying.

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He is an amazing guy that is for being sure I've seen many of his videos that he's put out the first one started out being on a more mainstream channel on YouTube where he was interviewed by two skeptics of the vaccine that were more pro vaccine but didn't know what to think about the shot or the virus. Then it was deleted by yt. Thats when I started searching his name on bitchute and that's when I started finding a bunch of good stuff

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Title not completely correct.
He explains why the mRNA experiment is not necessary,
and explains how the mRNA causes blood-clots.

He does not talk about decimating the world population,
but it could be a consequence if many people get injected often.

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I was not the one that made the video I'm not the one that titled it

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We should say this quickly and often: Professor Sucharit Bhakdi did not commit suicide and is not having any actual heart attack, the non-CIA induced kind, any time soon.

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Decimate technically means to lower by about 10% or one decimal point but has taken on the meaning of to reduce by a high percentage.