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This is a problem of the US corporatocracy's planning.

China wouldn't be the industrial base it is, if the US hadn't sold out the American workers for corporate profits.

You're suggesting the equivalent of the UK declaring independence from Canada/Australia.

Additionally, the majority of US medical (FDA registered) and military (ITAR) components ard manufactured in the US.

High volume commodities (facemasks) are often sourced overseas.

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War with China is seeming more and more likely, then again there's so many different spinoffs on Corona at the moment. It's practically impossible to figure out the truth anymore.

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Manufactured war.

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I would bet heavily against it.

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" Time for the U.S. to Declare Independence From " Israel.

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It starts from the bottom up. If you see "Made In China" spend your money elsewhere. It's time we get back to paying a little bit of a premium for a product that lasts a lifetime instead of cheap shit that breaks in 6 months anyway. It's financially irresponsible to save short-term on shitty Chinese products made with lead and carcinogenic plastics.

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The problem goes ever deeper...

The 'cradle to grave' mentality has diminished and has been replaced with the 'new now next' drivers.

Paying more for something that we know we won't keep for a lifetime is a harder decision than buying something cheaper which we have already decided we will replace when we want the shiney new thing.

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Time for the American People to revolt against the Plutocracy that decided it was a brilliant strategy to send all the jobs to China (and India, Pakistan, etc.) to increase their profits.





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thats capitalism, slavery never stopped it moved out of america, theres no other way to feed the masses

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Slavery never left America, the for-profit prisons are the new plantations.

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Siince China (or rather: the CCP) is responsible for the current crisis, the US should simply annul al it's debt to China to pay for the economic costs that the CCP's behavior has caused, until China is willing to sit down on a table and talk reasonably about who is to blame for the situation and how to go about making up for it.

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Cool. How much more are you willing to pay to keep high-cost American producers in business?

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A nation that doesn't support its own people is a horrible nation. Pursuit of the cheapest possible products is folly. There are other considerations to think about.

Korea pays more by keeping imports out and they're doing spectacularly well. China pays more by keeping imports out and they're doing spectacularly well. Japan pays more by keeping imports out and they're doing spectacularly well. Germany pays more by keeping imports out and they're doing spectacularly well.

I think they're on to something.

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OK, got it. So how much more are you willing to pay?

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As much as the Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Germans, and all the rest of the people in the world who keep manufacturing onshore and their workers prosperous pay.

There are other objectives for a nation besides "minimize the cost of goods at the expense of all other goals." As Wuhan virus shows us, offshoring was a big mistake. We're at the mercy of merciless foreigners who care nothing for us.

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Great! Maybe you ought to move to one of those countries. Or, maybe just tell us how much more you are willing to pay to keep high-priced American companies in business.

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No, you fuck off, traitorous scum. We Americans will take care of our own people. Keeping corporate profits maximized is NOT our priority.

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The Ruling Class taking care of Americans? You have not been paying attention.

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You advocate for maximizing corporate profits over the welfare of our people. You are a dirty traitor. Probably picked up these ideas while abroad. Either way, leave for a country that shares your values, because your values certainly aren't American values.

[–]Nemacolin 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

Not at all. I am saying if you want to pay extra to keep high-priced American factories going you ought to tell us how much more you are willing to pay to subsidize American producers.

No. I am advocating buying at the lowest price without paying extra for American producers.

I am in Saudi Arabia. I can assure you I do not share the local's values.

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