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The American Anthropological Association the Canadian Anthropology Society have cancelled the panel "Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Why biological sex remains a necessary analytic category in anthropology" scheduled to take place at their annual conference.

The reasons given for the cancellation was that the panel conflicted with their values, compromised "the safety and dignity of our members," and diminished the program's "scientific integrity."

They claimed the ideas the panel was planning to advance (i.e., sex is a real and scientifically important biological variable) would "cause harm to members represented by the Trans and LGBTQI of the anthropological community as well as the community at large."

It’s literally the Emperor’s New Clothes, they have the evidence in front of them that biological sex is real and extremely relevant to their field but they choose to ignore it to maintain the feelings of the deluded.

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Lol look at the fool who thinks the wise and powerful emperor spent the countries wealth on literally nothing! Hah. Why would the emperor spend money on nothing.

Clearly the wise emperor was right in buying clothes that only the wise can see! Now we know who the fools are in court!

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Translation: "Cancel it, or we're going to make sure you get fired and never get hired again, ever."

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I'm going to invent a term here. Not sure if it's been used before but... Scientific and medical organizations are experiencing tautological capture. For anyone who has seen Idiocracy, it's exactly like the electrolytes conversion just here you have a politically correct position formed that "trans" is a marginalized community and needs special privileges. You get autistic screeching aimed at some marginal organization until they get nervous of offending HR somewhere and they change a definition. TRAs then point at the change in definition as proof that their bullshit is real and the next organization experiences autistic screeching while being pointed to the previous definition change until they flip and so on and so on.

The problem is that there is no starting point to the change in decisions other than "the science is settled". Why is the science settled? Because this organization said so. Why did they say so? Because the science is settled.

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I think the tautological capture, as you term it, happens because the Overton Window of "debate that is allowed" is so narrow that anything that can escape that tautological loop is disqualified from consideration.

I think the broader issue at hand is what I call "weaponized compassion", where they've taken people's natural impulse to want to help others, and then used it to push an agenda that is actually harmful in the long term. It's a cultural trojan horse that abuses one's compassion. Lots of modern culture can be described via this mechanism.

We got so successful as a nation we wanted to help everyone. And that bubble of "everyone" now includes people who are being actively harmful, so it's causing self-destruction. We've lost appropriate boundaries for what behavior is ok and what isn't, because of so many cultural movements based around weaponized compassion.

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I think I'm describing something different. I often find TRAs use these particular incidents to support the "science is settled" narrative. Yes that's a sort of Overton window but it's important to HR departments when they are faced with some anthropology society making statements like this so it loops.

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I like watching anthropology and ancient history videos on Youtube. I don't want to start hearing about an obviously male pile of bones found with stone weapons referred to as a they/them because they don't know for sure that this gigachad warrior-hunter went by he/him pronouns.

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The entire concept of homosexuality validates the harmful gender binary attitude and therefore all homosexuals should stop being so picky because it hurts crazy people's feelings. You monsters.

You are now "queer" which means strange! Congratulations people of strange!

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I'll be glad when this queer fad is over.

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When it's over, things ain't gonna be pretty.

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They can't really get any uglier

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Actual Nazis/theocratic loons in power would.

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They are in many countries already

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Yeah,but I 'd rather not see them rule the West.

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Troons are not pretty now.

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The ugliest.

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It wont be over until jews are deported. Queer is part of the jewish faith.

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At what point does someone start pointing out that excluding science, basic biology, and reality from the other 94% of the population of earth is "harmful" to EVERYONE ELSE?

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Anyone who bows down to this foolishness should be shamed publicly for the cowards they are, we can't keep giving in to these denialists.

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You know who else is harmful to the fag brigayed? Nazis. Yet canadas government applauded a literal nazi ss member the other day so these clowns can shut the fuck up.

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Apparently the Nazi they applauded is wanted for war crimes by Poland, and Poland have requested his extradition. Oops.

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Lol how is the dude even still alive?

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Nazi stronk

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watching them bubble online about how "no, he was a different group from the ones in those Holocaust photos) or bashing babies against trees, or the police collaborationists, he called the SS itself "the happiest time of my life," but the Canadian committee charged with clearing the unit without evidence cleared them!" is hilarious, however

(also wrote a post about this the day before so I guess I was the one who manifested the Hunka incident: also I'd like to say that everyone on Saidit seems the type to get a cool million dollars without any monkey's-paw-type downside)

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When the Nazis went to the Ukraine they could literally sit in their cars and get drunk while the locals rounded up thousands of their own people and shot them.

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All those people he ate during the holodomor

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These are the people that deny the existence of race

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LMAO! How the fuck did the LGBT members even get here if even talking about biological sex is harmful?

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The only interesting American and Canadian Anthropology Society would be one studying Americans and Canadians.

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Another day, another lowering of the intelligence bar.


Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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ironically forcing anthros to impose 21st-c. Anglo concepts of gender on distant/past cultures with entirely different worldviews, languages, and categories, neatly erasing a century of analytical work in the field!