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I too was made mod of /s/technology and /s/Coronavirus. I'm holding the same stance as /u/Mcheetah. If anyone has an issue let me know and I will do what I can.

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I orderd a meatball marinara with pickles and you forgot the pickles... please fix my subway sandwhich you pleb.

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pickles ruin a meatball marinara, that pleb did you a favour

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u/Drewski has been hard at work, too, since he was tapped.

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Thanks for your work.

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I am a moderator on the s/News sub. Edward has been spamming there and I removed his posts and those by his bots. There are a lot of false flagging, but sometimes it is non-news and name calling.

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Thank you for getting rid of the massive amounts of spam in this sub, really appreciate it!

While I understand your hesitation to remove Ike's contributions since it's engagement, what he shares has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of this sub.

This sub is not meant to be a catch-all for user opinions and voices, that's s/whatever and many others. This sub is supposed to be about SaidIt as a website, where admins and users can contribute and engage together about it specifically.

I have no problem reading what Ike shares elsewhere, but it's not OK here. I am here looking for information about SaidIt in this sub, like the description says.

IMO you are making the wrong choice in this particular area. I will respect your decision to not do anything about it, but I will also say I think it's incorrect.