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What is the saying, three percent of any population can eventually control it? Just another portal for the regimes to control the sheep especially when you turn your admins over to the freak show.

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It's been many years since I actually had an argument on reddit. It's usually:

  • post opinion on the topic at hand

  • weed through the brigade of morons who usually have no clue what they're talking about, don't read the article, and simply shout their slogans

  • OR they look through my myriad posts and find one that is troubling to them and try to discredit anything I've sad based on that one, off-topic post from 5 years ago

It was fun years ago when I showed up there, and I even had some really good conversations, but in the past few years, that just doesn't happen. You're more likely to get bot/mod banned for unknown/bullshit reasons than you are to have a genuine conversation. I know, [gasp], imagine wanting to have a discussion on a discussion forum.

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So much this ^

It's almost impossible to have any conversation on Reddit anymore, at least on the mainstream subs.

The only way to have any debate on Reddit without being instantly downvoted and reported to mods, is posting on some small, obscure subs that barely have any active mods or just PM potential conversation partner and have conversation with your chosen user in private chat instead.

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Isn't that just because the Chinese control Reddit?

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Reddit is where thought goes to die

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Saidit is where those whose thoughts are too wrong for Reddit come to moan into the void.

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You’ve seen my OnlyFans?

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Yes that place has become compromised around 2015 if not earlier, there was a lot of controversy that ultimately resulted in the erosion of the original user base and the implementation of useful idiots.

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I think it's because Reddit got invaded by teenagers and college students in recent years, that's why many discussions and posts there seems dumb, shallow and childish, and that's why you can get instantly mass downvoted for seemingly harmless comment or post. Dumbass teenagers are just overly emotional and don't accept different opinions. Also, that's why most popular posts on Reddit are unfunny memes, anime, Marvel, video games, porn, celebrities, cute animals, dating and relationships, because that's what majority teens are into, they rarely discuss things that actually matter in life.

Zoomers ruined Reddit, it's not adult friendly site anymore.

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Eternal september's a thing. Reddit would get a massive influx of teenagers every year when school starts. It's definitely dumbed down over time though. The people on it 15 years ago might've been pretentious and over educated, but they weren't dumb. I would've bet the average IQ of reddit was a little above the population in the late 2000's and even early 2010's. By now it's probably a bit below average.

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Reddit is almost all bots at this point. It's not even worth consideration.

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You're just pissed because when you broke both your arms you'd already moved you of your parent's house.