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Nothing about reddit represents reality. Even the userbase is grossly inflated with bots to the point that probably less than 25% of them are real people.

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the dead internet theory always gives me chills

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Reddit is awesome but it went corporate and you can no longer say the dumb you’d like to say. Except for the people that say harmless dumb things, in that case you are allowed. Also politics, whatever is flavor favored shall make it to the front page until an administration switches. Pretty polished but not the same horny teenage edgelord culture it started out as. Was notoriously tongue in cheek back in its hay day.

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So, I believe you. I think it’s a lot of bots.

But where are they? Where is the technology for it?

Again, I agree. But I would like to see the servers or computers they are housed on, and the software.

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I have been writing code for about 40 years and I don't know why you think that boys require some kind of server farm because they don't.

You can run a bot on a freaking Android and you could process the accounts of a thousand accounts 10,000 accounts on an Android.

So there you go, I bought can be anywhere in the world where you have a simple Android phone and a programming language installed on it.

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Again. I would like to see that. IRL.

I want to see it. Not talk about it.

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A bot that automates communications with the website is nothing more than a programming language that makes socket calls and there's no reason that you couldn't manage thousands of accounts now you can only do one communication at a time but there's no reason that you couldn't do that using a single Android telephone.

I don't really feel a need to demonstrate that for you. If you don't believe me ask around.

An Android phone especially one with the high-speed connection oh my God that's a screaming little supercomputer.

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I am not asking for you to demonstrate.

You know how you do to a museum, and you see stuff? Like you learn stuff?

I would like to see, and use, and see in use this type of stuff you are talking about.

I am not doubting you. I’m saying I am interested in the topic, and I would like to see it in action. I would like to learn how it works.

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*username checks out.

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If you want to see what reddit really is go check out the serialkillers or the BDSM or they got a few really Disturbed groups in there and then check out the trannies because they are never ever happy about anything tranny's get their way by complaining and arguing and it won't matter if you give them scrambled eggs with diamonds and rubies in it they won't be happy ever.

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Dunning Kruger dipshits are everywhere, nothing reddit specific. Take a walk around your neighborhood and half the people will be below average intelligence.

You just notice it more when other people do it, we don't notice when we are the dipshit. When your own brain does a dunning-kruger it's not noticeable.

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I think it's a combination of factors. Negativity bias being a pretty big one as to why you see so many bad stories floated constantly.

Another is one that I think has to do with the userbase. The types of people who sit around on reddit all day are basically a bunch of useless anxious people who don't much engage with society are the most likely to sit around on reddit and engage there. So typically I see a huge disconnect between reddit and real life but such is the internet.

It bleeds over into real life with redditor types, I think they are essentially the same as older television addicts, watch a lot of the news get a very slanted idea of what is actually going on in the world when irl things tend to be far less, dramatic, for lack of a better word. Most people are pretty friendly and reasonable in their dealings with others.

I think that the average redditor is just socially retarded and that is the source of their difficulties.

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A huge one for me is that Redditors tend to be absolutely pseudo-intellectual to a fault. They don’t want to actually read about the stuff they’re commenting on, nor do they want to talk to anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about. They’re smugly correct in that sense. They’re rational rationalists using facts and logic while everyone else is obviously stupid, ignorant and bigoted.

Part of it is a large contingent of college students taking 101 courses where they think they understand the subject without ever having to do any actual readings. They’re telling people what they believe having read none of the history or facts, knowing none of the statistics or mathematical reasoning or other background for what they’re telling people is obviously true. Im positive that nobody saying that whites can’t be Buddhist or Hindu have read anything other than the dammapada or Bhagavad Gita. Just like Redditors telling me that I should totally take the “UFO whistle blower” seriously have never noticed that we haven’t found a scrap of a hint of evidence of life in deep space despite decades of careful searching with telescopes and radio telescopes that can see outside of our galaxy.

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These are people looking for excuses not to work. Unfortunately, they're white, so there's no built-in excuse like slavery (though many are attempting that level with trans activism). Until their parents/grandparents kick them out of the basement, they'll be like this.