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I'm thinking of turning off the porch light and eating a bowl of candy. It's my turn to be treated.

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For the past two years my girlfriend and I have invited some friends over to get trashed and watch Jennifer's Body. It's possibly the best Halloween tradition I've ever had lol.

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Thats cool! No one around me knows the movie :(.

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If it gets on our October movie list then we can all watch it together! 😊

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Pretty much the same as I do every year. I decorate the house on the 1st and my girlfriend and I will watch our favorite Halloween themed movies all month. I'll save Hocus Pocus for Halloween day and make some apple cider tea.

Might dress up as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service for work.

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I am thinking about wrapping candy in small, individual bags and putting them out on the porch so each trick or treater can take one. I probably won't dress up or anything like that. Maybe I'll just wear a silly hat.

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This is such a sweet idea hahaha. I don't live anywhere that there are lots of trick or treaters or I'd try it

Probably going to get a pumpkin for the porch just for posterity

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i haven't celebrated halloween in so long. i've never been big on dressing up but i love carving pumpkins, decorating and giving out candy.. but it's been years. this year i was gonna go out and party as either miles morales or the black power ranger and while i'm sure people will still have parties, i'm not comfortable going to them soo.. no halloween for me. for the past 4 years i've been bringing candy to work but i'm not sure i'll be back at work by halloween.. and from what i've heard from those who are back, we can't even share food anymore so i don't think it'd be allowed anyway. this year sucks so bad.

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Probably social distance trick-or-treating with my niece while dressing up as Ellie from Last of Us Part 2 (and I need to beat the game before then too...).

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Pizza, candy, and horror movies. No parties going on this year as far as I know.

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Sometimes I attempt something called Hooptober (from letterboxd, a social media site for movie watching) where you watch a bunch of horror movies following a list of specifications, but I never make it through.

Also horror video games and horror books.

I never hand out candy anymore though, it's just too much of a pain with living alone and a dog that goes apeshit when there's a knock on the door.

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Virtual Zoom party with friends