One of the realities of biological sex... by reluctant_commenter in LGBmemes

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The impalas in front of the lions are both male as well... Ya gotta wonder what the artist was thinking lol

Am I wrong for not wanting to watch movies/shows with trans actors? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Thank you! This drives me up the wall! There's nothing lesbian about that Euphoria couple at all. They're just a straight couple with bells and whistles, but then the show gets praised for it's "lesbian representation." Fuck right off with that.

Boys TWICE as likely as girls 'to be bullied about sexual orientation' by hetisachoice in LGBDropTheT

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While I agree that men should start to focus on improving attitudes towards groups that are different than them, that's both a human problem and a tremendous undertaking. I think it would be irresponsible to let gay men take care of it themselves, just as I think it would be irresponsible for gay men to let us lesbians handle the predatory MtFs ourselves. I don't see why we can't help each other in these issues.

"I Am Gay And I Am Done With The LGBT Community" So is she straight? Bisexual? Gay? Pro- or Anti-Trans? What on earth is going on in the LGBT community? by BonesReds in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, probably. Which is a shame, too, because there's nothing wrong with being bisexual, but these days the LGBT community is just insane about it. She seems like she's tired of the trans stuff too, but can't quite peak. I almost feel bad for her in those respects.

[Spoilers] Jennifer's Body (2019) — Film of the Week by piylot in Lesbians

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Okay, SailorMoon2020 (I love your name and I love Sailor Moon!),

Jennifer's Body is the most hilarious horror movie parody (I think it's a parody? I hope anyway) I've ever seen. Its comedy is definitely not for everyone but my god some of the one-liners and banter just kill me.

It's not a movie about men, by men, or for men imo. It's about women, how they play off each other, and how society views them and what it expects of them. It doesn't play into the awful tropes for women in horror movies such as sexualized violence. Instead, it puts Jennifer completely in power, and the only one who is capable of standing up to her is another woman, Needy. I find that to be pretty refreshing. Plus, their scenes together fucking kill me: "Do you buy ALL your murder weapons at Home Depot? God, you're butch." -- "My tit..." "No, your heart..."

Now I'm completely aware that the movie isn't a critical success nor should it be. Its production quality isn't that good, and it's quite frankly insane. But it's fun, it's unique, it's campy, it's a slasher, and it makes me laugh. What a perfect combination. I wish more movies were like this one.

P.S. Hope you gals all have a great Halloween! :)

[Spoilers Inside] Imagine Me & You (2005) — Film of the Week by piylot in Lesbians

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This is such a nice film! While I don't love that there's a man involved, he was at least a nice enough guy and didn't really get in the way that much. And the main two had a sweet ending together!

Everyone always thinks of Game of Thrones when they see Lena Headey but I always think of Imagine Me & You instead!

Early 20s LGBs, how is your social life? by FrostyNugs in LGBDropTheT

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My social life? It's great actually. I belong to several hobby meetups and I've been having lots of weekend getaways with long-time friends lately.

My gay social life, though? Non-existent. I literally only hang out with straight people except for my girlfriend. I've had a handful of LGB friends over the years and they've all gone full TQ+. My best friend in high school used to be bisexual but now she's a "biromantic asexual transmasculine person." What the fuck is up with that.

NOT ALL GAY MEN ARE GAY! by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Shh, it's okay. You're in LGBdroptheT, you're safe now.

Who Crushed the Lesbian Bars? A New Minefield of Identity Politics - good article on the disappearance of lesbian bars by ns_for_work in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, no. It's only restricting to people who DO NOT FIT THAT DEFINITION. I, a real lesbian, don't find that label restricting at all. Hell, it's not even a label but rather a description.

Were the "slippery slope" homophobes right? by HelloMomo in LGBDropTheT

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I'm the same way. I remember when same sex marriage was legalized in the United States and everyone was like, "Great, but we still have so far to go!!!" And I was sitting there thinking... Where do we have left to go? We're done! Turns out they meant trans people need to take over every aspect of society before we've "arrived."

Halloween Plans? by Tarohan in Lesbians

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If it gets on our October movie list then we can all watch it together! 😊

Film Suggestions for October by piylot in Lesbians

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Totally with you on this one. Such a good rom com.

Film Suggestions for October by piylot in Lesbians

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Does Jennifer's Body count? If so I'm throwing it in the ring. I just said on another post how it's my go-to Halloween movie lol!

Halloween Plans? by Tarohan in Lesbians

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For the past two years my girlfriend and I have invited some friends over to get trashed and watch Jennifer's Body. It's possibly the best Halloween tradition I've ever had lol.

Anyone kind of afraid that they'll never have a positive outlook on the trans community? by Smolders1 in LGBDropTheT

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Fucking hell, man. You hit the nail on the head. I've been trying to find exact words for how I feel about all of this and you did it.

Not every bi girl sleeps around but the girls who sleep around usually say they’re bi. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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Lol for real. I try to just ignore these posts but damn it's getting annoying.

Do you believe in life after love by Innisfree in Lesbians

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"I went full French film on this. You know, suffering with style." Made me lose my shit lol!

I've only had one breakup that affected me, and it was awful. I felt lots of anger and was listless. I mostly missed her touch. After almost a year without her I started meeting some new women and that helped get my mind off of things, but I've never been able to form another connection like that. Not sure if I will again. I've begun to accept that, however.

[Spoilers] Saving Face (2004) — Film of the Week by piylot in Lesbians

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Agreed about everything. I was really excited about seeing her new film too but I just couldn't enjoy it that much. It might be because I'm not a teenager anymore so it's harder to relate to those kinds of stories? Or it could be because they involve a man in it for little reason imo. Either way, Saving Face was excellent, especially for her first screenplay.

[Spoilers] Saving Face (2004) — Film of the Week by piylot in Lesbians

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Oh hell yes. I just love romantic comedies and this is one of the only lesbian movies I've seen that doesn't pull any weird shit or involve men unnecessarily or have any hint of male gaze. It's just a good, fun movie! The acting is phenomenal too.

Alice Wu knocked it out of the park.

Ahh yes, our queer heroes who fought for our rights at Stonewall and are not at all a straight couple with extra steps... by BonesReds in LGBDropTheT

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That's 100% correct. Miss Major is an 80 year old man who claims he's a trans woman who fought for our rights at Stonewall. Now he's in a "queer" relationship with a much younger woman who pretends she's a straight man or something. It's beyond fucked.

Weekly film suggestions for the rest of September by piylot in Lesbians

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Saving Face (2004)

I'll keep recommending this one until we watch it haha!

Just moved to a college campus— there are literally more “queer” and trans students than there are gay students. by nbailey73 in LGBDropTheT

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Man, I feel you. When I was in college around 2014, I tried to join a GSA club thinking I might meet other lesbians or gay men with similar interests as me, but when I got there it was literally all trans and pansexual girls. I didn't meet a single other gay person.

Seems like it's even worse now. My only advice is to try and meet other gay men through hobby clubs. Most actual homosexuals don't go to GSA type clubs anymore. Good luck!

New lesbian film trailer - "Ammonite" with Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan by Innisfree in Lesbians

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Totally with you on that. The movies always show some sort of creepy power dynamic with the couple as well.

I'm definitely sitting this one out. I'll probably just watch Portrait of a Lady on Fire again instead 😁

‘Equal’ Casting For HBO Max’s LGBTQ+ Docuseries by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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"Theo Germaine as Jack Starr. Jack is a little-known character in the history of folks who probably would've self-identified as trans."

Probably? Great job on the history research there. Their only clue about him being trans is that he wore gender-nonconforming clothing. He could've been gay, or maybe even just liked experimenting with different styles in a time where it was the law to dress a certain way.

It's a shame they're focusing so much on transing history instead of giving us the facts and contexts around these people.

Please help me. Identity crisis due to trauma and drug use. by [deleted] in Lesbians

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I can't say I've had any experiences quite like yours, so take what I say with a grain of salt. However, if you're only enjoying having sex with men while high, I'm not sure that really counts as bisexual. Meth can absolutely fuck with your brain, so things you do while high on it won't fully reflect the true you. Trauma from your past can further complicate your physical experiences.

If, while in a sober state, you're only attracted to women and would never consider having sex with men, I don't see how you aren't a lesbian. When you say you're addicted to poison and didn't do anything to deserve this, it really makes me think that you know who the true "you" is. Not the you that's using meth.

Whatever you find about yourself, I hope you find peace. You seem like a very resilient person, and I'm impressed with your ability to step back and question things. That's a skill that not many have. Good luck.

Do you treat women who you find out are lesbians differently? by RedditHatesLesbians in Lesbians

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Definitely. When I meet a (sane) lesbian, I immediately relax and feel more comfortable around her. I've met only a few other lesbians in real life and every time I figure out they're lesbians, we just click and it's like we've known each other forever.

Hence why I'm on this sub!

Conversion therapy isn't working, what do? by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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It makes me furious to see what's happening to young gay people. I went to a Christian high school and they tried to convert all the gay students into straight kids, and now the Woque crowd is doing the exact same thing to the newer generations. Fucking hell.

Why would a lesbian have male friends? by Lesbian-LurKING in Lesbians

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I'm the same way. I have several female friends whom I love but all my hobbies are male-dominated so I've met plenty of awesome men through them.

For friendships, I don't really care about their sex, just if they're a good person or not.

This weekend's film discussion suggestions by piylot in Lesbians

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Yeah I think the idea of the top four highest voted for the month is great! It looks like a good lineup, too.

It might be a good idea to list last month's movies when we're voting in the thread for the next ones, too. That way we won't have some people who are just joining suggest one we already saw.

And thank you for doing this! I've been looking forward to watching and discussing another one with you ladies all week 💜

That’s it. That’s the Tweet. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I couldn't agree more. I have severe clinical depression and anger issues (which I've been working on intensively for the past three years), and most of the things I reached for were destructive coping mechanisms. I see a lot of similarities with trans-identified people but they aren't getting any of the help they truly need with doctors pushing for surgeries instead of holistic therapy.

"If lesbians can learn to accept trans women, why are gay men being so shitty to trans men?" by lazy-summer-god in LGBDropTheT

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Those comments... I feel terrible for the harassment gay men are getting from trans people now. I can't believe all these straight women won't just find a straight man to be with. Why would they attack gay men for not being attracted to the female body? Why do they choose to take this path of conversion therapy and shaming? I swear I'm re-peaking every day lol.

That’s it. That’s the Tweet. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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This is why I don't fully believe that sex reassignment surgery is the best course of action for people with true dysphoria. In the same vein, I don't believe that people with severe body image issues should rush to plastic surgery or other things with irreversible changes. I believe their pain is real, but I don't believe that "being born in the wrong body" is a real phenomenon.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy among other healthy life practices (eating well, exercising, socializing, getting enough sleep on a regular schedule, etc.) are probably the best route for most people with or without body image or mental health issues. I'm not sure why so many people ignore the power of making peace with yourself and instead seek to become dependent on hormones and cosmetic surgeries.

I wish the best for trans people, but I also hope they figure out that they don't need to be trans to be comfortable with themselves.

[Spoilers Inside] But I'm A Cheerleader (1999) Discussion Thread by piylot in Lesbians

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D.E.B.S was hilarious, and we should absolutely watch it one of these weeks

[Spoilers Inside] But I'm A Cheerleader (1999) Discussion Thread by piylot in Lesbians

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This movie had me laughing out loud! My favorite part is when they're learning their household gender roles like fixing cars and vacuuming. The actors knocked it out of the park 😂

As a side-note, I really enjoy when movies show solidarity between lesbians and gay men. I know the movie is a comedy but the topic is rather serious and I loved seeing everyone work together to make the best of their shitty situation.

Is there any game that you can play forever and never get bored of? by IamWomanHearMeRoar in Lesbians

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Seconded on Harvest Moon. I've been addicted to the 64 version since it came out!

Movie suggestion thread: by piylot in Lesbians

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Saving Face (2004)

Dear cis people, you need to do all these things to be a proper ally! by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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Wait, you mean you have hobbies outside of attacking people on the internet? /s

Dear cis people, you need to do all these things to be a proper ally! by RedditHatesLesbians in LGBDropTheT

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"Make sure you surround yourself with diverse experiences" Says the person who only talks about trans issues and won't hear a single word of criticism about them. Sure 🙄

Johnny Cash - Hurt by [deleted] in music

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I remember when this played in Person of Interest. Amazing use of an amazing song!

[Ramble] I wonder how things will end up on the Reddit site... by Unbalanced_Life in antinatalism

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Hey, I know this is a major necro and I'm not sure if this sub is even still going, but I'm kind of hoping we get some more people here. I just joined SaidIt due to some of my favorite Reddit subs getting banned in the wave.

However, I miss the old discussions and philosophical debates that r/Antinatalism had when it was only a few thousand members. It almost feels like a meme sub now with just a few insightful posts in between. It'd be interesting to have a "true antinatalism" sub here at some point.

Sorry if I'm just posting into the void, but I thought I'd share.

Working hard to bring homophobia back by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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Is there any group of people that isn't outwardly homophobic anymore? At least when I was younger some groups at least pretended to care lol. Now we're all "f words" and "genital fetishists" no matter whom you ask.

US LGB Alliance Forming by lairacunda in LGBDropTheT

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Would anyone be interested in a weekly film discussion thread? by piylot in Lesbians

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I know I'm super late to reply to this thread but yes absolutely! I've been watching a few lesbian classics with my sister lately and it'd be good fun to chat about it with you all.

For organization, maybe just make a thread for voting on which movie we want to watch and then another thread on Sundays where we discuss it?

Is anyone else always surprised by their period? by reluctant_commenter in Lesbians

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Lol yes that just happened to me today! I was like "wait why am I cramping so bad? Oh my god did I get food poisoning?" Nope, just my period!