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nor was it intended for me

Not intended seems like a "cultural appropriation" argument, which I disagree with. If your post is asking if using words like twink are ok, I'd say I don't care either way. Culture should be shared. But describing hetero sex as tops and bottoms is silly.

But you are right, these words are out there being used more by heterosexuals.

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Not intended seems like a "cultural appropriation" argument ... Culture should be shared.

Sure, culture can be shared. But, I'm a woman. Which is why I wrote it wasn't intended for me. As it seems odd to describe myself/other women as "tops" when we don't have the package for it. I guess it could "work" for fellow lesians and FEB into toys.

Which is kinda funny, because I had an straight person try to use that as a justification on why hetero sex can have tops/bottoms (the existence of stone butch lesbians).

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Well, given that the whole "queer" culture has now become a fad, it's unsurprising. Same thing happened to the black community around the 90s / 2000s.

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True. Although, from what I've seen: most AAVE used today isn't really person specific, if the makes sense. You'll see people saying stuff like "bussing," but wouldn't dare call themselves brothers/sistas. Very black associated terms.

Kinda funny, because if someone non-black were to do that, others would've been calling them out like no tomorrow. The same people to turn around, and make justifications on why straight relationships can have "tops/bottoms".

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I'm seeing it myself. A woman described herself to me as a "top" when she has sex with her husband. I tried to explain that a straight woman can't be a top, but she wasn't having any of that.

Other terms I find used often are "spilling the tea" and "breeder," and of course "queer" means just about anything nowadays. I find all this appropriation offensive, at least when the original meaning is distorted to fit in straight people.

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I tried to explain that a straight woman can't be a top, but she wasn't having any of that.

Oh man, I had to deal with those types too. It's so interesting how they get offended when you tell them the origins behind the words, and how it doesn't include them. I had one guy try to use stone butch lesbians as a justification on why hetero relationships can have tops/bottoms...

I've seen the other terms being used too. Although, I can see some "reasoning" on why it can be used (tiny attempt of trying to see their logic). Like "spilling the tea" since it doesn't really specify people like tops/bottoms, or butch and femme. But, when they misuse it, and completely disort the meaning, it's an issue.

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Unless the woman is pegging her husband I don't see why she wants to use the word top. Dom and sub are understandable though.

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I thought that "spill the tea" was just a widespread slang term that's been used for years. I didn't know it associated with gay people.

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The thing I've noticed that seems weird is that straight guys are now describing themselves as twink or twunk now. I think "bear" is more neutral in that it just makes sense but twink is such a culturally specific thing so I find it weird. It seems like a lot of straight guys feel really insecure when they look like a twink but then they find these gay communities on Reddit who give them all kinds of praise and up votes for posting thirst pics.

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That's another thing I noticed too. But, more of others referring to feminine men as a such, regardless of sexual orientation. While barely doing the same with calling women butch or stud.

they find these gay communities on Reddit who give them all kinds of praise and up votes for posting thirst pics.

True. Seems to also the "quirky" people too, wanting to be included. With some LGB just going with it.

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I'm not saying that they try to pretend to be gay but that they feel insecure about not looking hyper masculine and then suddenly find people who praise them and give them some confidence just by adopting the gay terminology.