Reddit propoganda on AGB: gay and trans people are under attack. No wait, I mean queer. No wait, I mean federal laws protecting same-sex will be overturned. No wait ... by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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Look at that douchebag's posting history. All she does is go onto boards that don't want her and start arguments.
And I say 'her' because I am willing to bet money it's a chick that thinks she's a dude and just another 'gay bro'.

Queer ideology is harming gay people by Lovebirds_fury in LGBDropTheT

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It's all manufactured division. They create false stories, employ people to start fights / antagonize on social media, push one-sided narratives on various news networks ( trace all news orgs to the top, they're all owned by the same people ) all in an effort to manufacture division and unrest. They do the same thing with race...and it works. Racism is more alive today in the west than it has ever been because it's an easy dividing line, and the current 'queer' ideology is no different.

I don't want to get all Biblical and be labeled another 'religious nutjob', but Matthew 12:25 says it best: Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand."

In other words: United we stand, divided we fall. Humans are just too easily turned towards one another, and the people who want to control everything know it. Especially now when you can actually convince a group of people to believe in something that is just structurally and factually incorrect, like 'flat Earth' or 'men can be women'.

I don't mean to be all morose, I just think we've long-passed the point of "It can get better." I simply don't think it can, not anymore.

The state of “gay porn” being written by trans “men” by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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If it was written, and not typed, there would be teardrops all over the page.

Blaire White (finally) comments on our divorce proceedings by wafflegaff in LGBDropTheT

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While doing so is idiotic, we know they are trolling straight people.

Except they then turned around and started going for the children. As she said, the majority of 'drag queens' are gay men, and while we might know enough to differentiate, most people don't.

From one man to a bunch of others: *Why* are men so fascinated with lesbians? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Because the so-called "community" has shown that lesbians apparently now accept men with a mental health what I'd like to answer, but I'm not an actuallesbian. And neither is 'he', in peak irony.

Opinions of the usage of gay slang? by BiHorror in LGBDropTheT

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Well, given that the whole "queer" culture has now become a fad, it's unsurprising. Same thing happened to the black community around the 90s / 2000s.

Another lovely trans activist by Rage-Xion in LGBDropTheT

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Just some random fetishist psychopath.

Another lovely trans activist by Rage-Xion in LGBDropTheT

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Apparently this stable Human has been in prison for attempted murder.

Since the beginning of time by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The idea of transgenderism didn't even exist until the 90s, and it certainly wasn't part of the LGB movement. The 'T' never stood for transgender.

Dear me, what could be behind the massive increase in lesbians over 6 feet tall? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's funny, but when I'm reading the comments in my mind, they all have deep masculine voices.
I'm willing to bet maybe 1 out of the whole bunch is an actual woman, if even that.

Boxer ceiling? by Lovebirds_fury in LGBDropTheT

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I would be akin to shouting into an empty room and then hearing the echo as communication.
And yet 7-8 years ago, I was in that...well...not same but similar position in my beliefs. Ironically it was a friend of a friend ( IRS agent ) giving me a speech about the inner workings of our government and who really ran this country that caused me to stop taking everything I heard at face value, and once I started questioning one thing I inevitably questioned everything and I paid attention to who didn't like me asking questions.

The fascists have come in disguise as Antifa just as predicted by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Honestly, the worst part is that the bridge that connects 'then' to 'now' in their minds isn't hard to follow. When gays fought for equal rights and, eventually, the ability to marry the whole 'coming for our children' argument was the one everyone was most vocal about. It took like a decade or more to tamp that down in the public eye, but here we have so-called "representatives" of our "our community" literally saying exactly that.

I may spite the mindset these hard-right haters have, but I can't fault them for it, and that's what sucks the most. But I won't stop trying, I've noticed a few more voices joining me in the forums and communities I post in so there's that, at least. I've also found success by pointing people to groups like GaysAgainstGroomers or LGBAlliance. Once they see not just the orgs intentions, but the HATE they get from the trans-groomers, they start to think 'maybe they aren't all like that'.

Boxer ceiling? by Lovebirds_fury in LGBDropTheT

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God, the sheer force of will I have to endure to NOT post and get another reddit account banned....these people infuriate me. The irony in thinking his actions are any different than those in the image he shared would be ( if it were real ) is just peak ignorance and willful blindness.

The fascists have come in disguise as Antifa just as predicted by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Ironically. They call anyone who doesn't lock-step with Progressive ideologies a right-wing fascist. For stating I didn't believe in all that gender-queer nonbinary bullshit I've had entire accounts locked, friends dumped me, and been blasted as everything under the sun. All because I believe in science and reality. The BEST irony is that, up to 2016, I only ever voted Democrat and was a hardcore Liberal. However no way in hell was I voting for Hillary, so I sat it out, and then in 2020 made the full switch and voted Independent / Republican. If RFK would just shut his fucking mouth about hate-speech and gun confiscation, I might be tempted to vote Democrat again in 2024.

I'm in that awkward position where a lot of my politics put me in circles with fairly right-wing people, yet I'm open about being part of the LGB community. I get a lot of 'slippery slope' bullshit, but I try my hardest to get these bumpkin edgelords to understand the difference in trans-groomers and the normal 'gays' who just want to live their lives well away from everyone's children.

The fascists have come in disguise as Antifa just as predicted by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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That's my favorite one, and painfully on-point in regards to my own experience.
I asked questions, I was told one should NOT ask those questions, I persisted....and just like that, I evolved into a right-wing fascist.

Example of "forced teaming" - r/lgbt post with 1.7k upvotes claims, "not a single one of us has rights til all of us has rights" by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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They want everyone othered and pushed to the brink, because they think that will trigger some 'enemies of my enemies' kind of union.

The fascists have come in disguise as Antifa just as predicted by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I don't want to pull out the 'politics' card, but it should be obvious at this point that ALL of this ideological leftist bullshit is thinly veiled authoritarianism wrapped in a flimsy, transparent package of identity politics. Liberalism as we might have practiced it a decade ago has shifted so much to the 'right' based on modern day leftism that it's essentially Conservatism without religion.

That’s just it kiddo - we want nothing to do with the LGBT community by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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The peak irony of a bunch of fetishist men claiming it's the hardline woman-only lesbians that are fetishizing lesbians...

‘A sense of betrayal’: liberal dismay as Muslim-led US city bans Pride flags (surprising no one) by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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Man, it's almost like importing a bunch of religious extremists that make American Conservatives look like hippies is a BAD idea?
Just wait til they find out upwards of 80% of Mexicans are Catholics.

Discussion on the White House Pride event with bare transboobies by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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They are mad because it exposes the truth we already know: it's just overly-sexualized men with a fetish. He didn't want to be a "woman", he wanted a big fake pair of tits he could play with and have oggled because it gets him hard.

A new one (to me) The Gender Wheel, another gender indoctrination resource aimed at kids by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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The entire 'gender queer' bullshit is nothing BUT reinforcing gross, outdated gender stereotypes. I just don't get it.

When cold harsh reality cruelly kicks your queer ass by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"After the legalization of marriage equality, Pride became a marketing opportunity for brands."


Does Pride do us that much good -- or any -- at this point? by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Like everything else, Pride was co-opted by corporations once they saw profit and turned into a way to weaponize people who had previously felt unrepresented into some horrid amalgamation of promoting power. I honestly do not know how the trans bullshit became such a huge focal point of the "movement" ( as in bowel ), I can't formulate a reasoning that doesn't involve Lizard People or worship of some dark, false God, I just know as soon as they realized they could animate and aim the radicals the establishment doubled down on the whole thing, biting in so deep their gums bled. The way I view it, Pride has little-to-nothing to do with the LGB community, it's all about trans this and gender that. The "pride" is now excessive and has become Hubris. June is now Trans-Hubris Month.

I also remember my first Pride event in St Louis in the late 90s, I think it was called Pridefest? I hadn't even graduated yet and was more nervous that someone I knew from my hometown would see me, so much so I don't think I even had fun. I know I came home with like 16 different bracelets and pendants I had to hide, a handful of stories about men pawing on me until they realized I was WAY younger than my size belied, and I was too young to drink or hook up so I didn't get crazy or anything, but still...what I do remember, the solidarity and just JOY from everyone of being out and open is nothing like what I see these days. It MEANT something to march then. I don't remember grown ass men in latex puppy outfits or people walking around nude in grotesque simulations of sexual intimacy. I think the worst I saw was maybe a bulge in booty shorts or topless, painted tits. And yeah, I used to be of the "don't kink shame" mindset but seeing some of the freaks parading in June every year? I kink-shame now. Especially when children are involved. I can almost literally see Pride month burning the fuse further down the line to the inevitable explosion, and unfortunately us LGB folk have situated ourselves between the bomb and the trans-lobby now fronting Pride with their ghastly flag and laughable acronym and we will be the first taken out, though I don't know by which side.

I'm tired of it. So tired of all of it. All I wanted to do was live quietly, love who I want, play video games and enjoy the latter part of my life but now I'm stuck here in the center politically, socially, and all I can do is turn in circles watching the entire fucking world go insane.

Her trans husband fooled her into believing she’s a lesbian by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's an endorphin hit from dipping a toe into the 'taboo'. She isn't a lesbian, she's a fetishist.

Haha. Partner turning into a woman, help! by Chocolatepudding in LGBDropTheT

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I don't want to be THAT guy....but have you read 1984? Apparently someone somewhere took it as a manual and not a warning.

Those unsung heroes of the revolution by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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So apparently now Stormé DeLarverie was apparently trans too.
I guess you can't be a non-conforming female without instantly becoming male, even post-mortem.
Fucking ghouls.

"Queer" Is The Real "Don't Say Gay" by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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It seems life goes full circle.
Just like my homophobic step-father and dozens of my Ozark cousins, aunts, and uncles...I, too, don't wanna see none of that 'queer' shit.
The difference is, I'm still perfectly fine with LGB.
Maybe one day I'll get to unironically partake in the local rural Missouri past-time of 'smear the queer'? >.>
Eh, probably not.

When the LGB backlash comes it will be brutal...actual gay groomer teacher (skip to :50) by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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That's my biggest worry. Especially as they blur the distinction between LGB and trans. I feel like I'm just shouting into an empty room, and all I hear is 'slippery slope' echoing back at me.

What do you think of the Budweiser/Dylan Mulvaney situation? by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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It's not any one reaction, but rather just a slow build-up of outrage and anger at this preposterous ideology being pushed everywhere you look. The push-back has been a long time coming, and it's going to keep rolling forward as more and more people dare to stand up and just ask: why? I still say that the media and progressives have not fully appreciated what this Drag Queen bullshit has woken up in what is STILL the Majority.

That said, Mulvaney himself is offensive because he is playing up this ridiculous caricature that SHOULD be making women of all shapes and colors red with rage....but for some reason people ( especially Hollyweird and "the left" ) are playing him up to be this hero of epic proportions. Drew Barrymore, past her prime as she is, actually KNELT in front of the weirdo. And the biggest takeaway for me is that he's an actor. I just can't shake the feeling that this is all some manufactured role for him to play to push this trans bullshit, and Epstein's clients are all clamoring to reaffirm him.

It's starting, lgbtP by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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It sucks, but I'm pretty sure it became inevitable a few years back when the SF Gay Men's Chorus put out that song 'Yes, we're coming for your kids'. Satire or not, for people already against same-sex attraction it was very-much a threat, and then the gender-queer crap started trying to normalize it with drag queens with 'LGBTQIA+' plastered everywhere and...voila.

Less common disorders of female reproductive organs, chapter three by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"I think it's the same stuff vaginas produce. Should eventually smell / taste the same too."

....Jesus fucking Christ.

AGB says they warned us, but wouldn't accept that we warned them first by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Man, those were the good ol days, when representatives listened to EVERYONE regardless of beliefs? These days politicians will straight-up spit in the face of half the people they supposedly represent just because they know they don't vote for them anyway. As soon as they get that 'majority' they close down all dialogue.

AGB says they warned us, but wouldn't accept that we warned them first by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Sex-Ed in my school, we divided boys and girls for the specifics of maintaining and puberty and all that, then were brought back together to talk about reproduction, safe sex practices and lastly to watch a video of a woman giving birth that had everyone a little green under the gills. The rest of the year was just learning about STDs, cultural norms, same-sex partners, even had a bit about body modifications like piercings around erogenous zones. And this was like mid-90s in a super-rural Conservative Missouri town whose Church was 3-times the size of our courthouse.

Nobody screamed or ranted, nobody threw a fit about what they were teaching us, and parents couldn't complain because students had to pass this class to be okayed to move on to high school. The push from Conservatives against this stuff is 100% purely due to the initial push by the progressives to FORCE it. It's the exact same with abortion. Most people were at least willing to pretend it didn't happen as long as it was a healthcare issue and had limits, but the moment they took that shit up to birth and started arguing that a fetus wasn't a sign of 'life' but a parasite? It's like they don't understand our system is a pendulum, and it ALWAYS swings back with the same force.

Our society has always been a give-and-take. I think to succeed we have to be 50 / 50, because despite claims to the contrary we are NOT a democracy and we were never set up to be one for precisely this purpose. I also find it interesting that parents are supposed to just accept their children learning about all this stupid, made-up gender bullshit because of 'representation', but I guarantee the moment someone brings up the idea of all kids participating in prayer in school it would be an absolute screech-fest.

Look at all those liars on Reddit. This DOES NOT HAPPEN! by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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As much as I like to point and laugh, what worries me is the timeline 14 - 20 years from now when middle-age hits. You can load up all the hormones you want, men and women AGE differently.
The suicide rates are going to be astronomical.

Jealous that they don't get to come out to parents as (straight) gay! by Chocolatepudding in LGBDropTheT

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I feel bad for the parents. Imagine thinking everything is fine, your daughter is going through a phase but hey, she met a nice boy who is a biiiiiit effeminate but at least they seem happy and then BAMTRANSGAY.

Fuck all the actual women… er, terfs… who lurk in lesbian subs by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, I'm neither a radical nor a feminist, but I'll wear that TERF label proudly.

AskGayBros and the Golden Ratio by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I somehow got slingshotted from this sub to r/trans, where the mentally ill gather to heap faux praise on one another in an acceptance orgy, and holy shit...I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, and if there is a hell I'm pretty sure I'm going to go there.
The way these dudes look...there was one that was titled "Can you believe I get called 'sir'?" and it's the most dude-looking TRA I've ever seen. Like, I don't even know if these are legitimate trans people or just trolls, some of them are so obtusely cartoonish.

It's gotten to the point now that I can't do anything except laugh. Our society has collapsed, our people have gone insane, and I'm just going to laugh as we circle the drain.

Guys, they are *LITERALLY DYING*! by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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My callous response: Die faster.

Seriously though, this kid reeks of 'public school system'. She's probably never had a solitary unique thought of her own, only parrots what she's been told.

And the Transbian girls go “do do do, doodoo doooo…” by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"Men are so entitled. They think everyone is attracted to them for the most bizzare reasons. LOL."

head explodes

Imagine how WE feel by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Oh man, it's like a bubble burst and, for a brief moment, everyone had a sudden bout of actual clarity. Some of those comments are crazy, they will parrot the entire premise of LGBAlliance, and then in the same sentence state "I don't agree with the LGBAlliance".

This is the programming breaking down in real time.

We were doing it right all along! (Warning: Cringe) by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Well what do you know? I'm NOT a part of the LGBTQ! Only the LGB.
I feel so free and invigorated!

Now please stop trying to sell me your religion.

"Juliet was a drag queen!" by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Nuance and history do not exist for these people. At least, not when it doesn't cast in their favor.

Abuser TRAs now acting like saints who would've saved us from this if we stayed 🙄 by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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It'll never stand, for obvious reasons.
If a state employee, a representative of the state, denies someone a right, then that taxpayer is free to sue the state, and will win.
As long as marriage is a contract abided by the government, then government employees have no choice in the matter. This may seem like a 'win' for zealot Conservatives, but in reality it will just get people rich from lawsuits.

Great piece about the kerfuffle at the New York Times and the wider TRA-influenced media landscape by wafflegaff in LGBDropTheT

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So, what, they want a cookie now that several years into them propping up and publicizing this lunatic ideology they've suddenly realized what we've been saying all along?

I am now every gay man’s dream by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Eventually they learn that they are never going to get the doting acceptance they want, and then they'll be lost in their own sordid mind.
These people generally make me ill with rage. They are so arrogant and narcissistic, but even most normal people who are arrogant or narcissists have a REASON to be that way, be it looks or skills or summat...these people have nothing to be proud about. I think THAT is as much a mental illness as the trans nonsense.

An eye-opening interview with Sylvia Rivera in a 1992 book, Making History by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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It should be obvious by now that they have no problem rewriting history, definitions, science, pretty much anything at all to achieve their total takeover. I know we try to skirt politics on this board, as it's solely about moving away from the Trans movement, but it really is all tied up into the progressive liberal identitarian ideology so prevalent across the world, which is essentially modern-day Bolsheviks.

Watch until the end (Lesbian males) by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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I did like two double-takes to try and catch up to what he said.
Lesbians identify as males? They really are going full-circle into 80s Conservatism to try and explain their bullshit.

New documentary "Affirmation Generation" released on Vimeo by wafflegaff in LGBDropTheT

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Shocker, already been removed from Vimeo.
What I want in this world more than anything is a regulatory body that will finally start holding these companies responsible as publishers and abolish the perks they receive for being called 'platforms' when they are anything but.

Sex Mimics are Mimics(Part 1) by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"Cognitively, the word “transgender” is an abracadabra, a hocus pocus, an alakazam. It’s a misdirect created to disguise. It’s a distraction from reality, an attempt to explain the impossible in order to magically transform the reality of what is given. It’s a cognitive dissonance in that it is something one must think about in order to understand. This word and the conceptual abstraction that it represents are at direct odds with immediate sense perceptions of reality."

Oh, this is a SPICY read. Very interesting.

From Emma Watson to… this. What marketing genius. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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That's always the case, though. To use the abused term: when companies go 'woke' it's always at the expense of the people who actually give them business. This is why I am so tinfoil hat these days, because I can't help but ask WHY would they do this? Why would they directly go against their bottom dollar and alienate an entire consumer base to cater to what is effectively a minority OF a minority?
No company would do this of their own free will, this is someone higher up than even the money makers pushing a message, forcefully if it won't be taken naturally.

When even whiskey companies are bending over for cross-dressing gender-confused organic-obsessed beatniks, you know something is seriously wrong.

You know they’ve been socialised as a girl when… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Ah yes, nothing says 'lesbian sex' like jerking off a dick.

Does anyone else feel like trans men are treated unfairly in homosexual dating spaces? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"biological sex is a social construct"

....this is where we're at, now.

Queer gatekeeping by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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Kooky-View8426 -1 points 11 hours ago "people who play it safe".... by establishing the entire community all on their own? By you making yourself a benefactor of their sacrifices and labour? Which is why you need historical revisionism to pretend a homeless drug addict "threw the 1st brick" when there was no brick? Or the decades long gay civil rights movement which took billions of dollars and leveraging of political power to make?

Queer theory was an attempt, by gays, and you keep saying "cis", not understanding you're perpetuating a false binary, to understand systems of homophobia. It came from focault and was contributed to by Judith Butler. There you go again with the historical revisionism. So Focault created the 50,000 tonnes of the foundations and conceived of the idea, yet you found some "trans" person who contributed a grain of sand and suddenly it's been "modified" and not appropriated, misused, misinterpreted to the point where it's been brought into disrepute by the very same people who complain about "cis gays"?

If this happens to be someone on this board, know that I love you and you are my hero. lol

All said, I actually don't mind this chick's ( or is her emaciated frame supposed to make us think 'masculine' and she's a really a man, like Elliot Page? ) whole outlook on this. I am 100% down with not being called queer because I don't wear a mask, and likely don't agree with 90% of her own beliefs. I have no problem with her removing me from the 'queer culture' so long as her exclusionary logic extends to the entirety of the LGB community. In fact, that's the whole purpose of this entire board: a divorce between the LGB and Trans communities.

Finally, we find common ground.

Oh look, a transwoman dressed as a man by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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Eh, I don't want to be 'that guy', but several people throughout the video clearly refer to Marsha as 'she'.

Horrifying "crime of passion" in Athens,Greece .17year old girl brutally murders 22 year old girlfriend (article in Greek). by MyLongestJourney in LGBDropTheT

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Ah. I wasn't making assumptions, just legitimately curious. I figured if they were "transitioning" it was a possibility.

Horrifying "crime of passion" in Athens,Greece .17year old girl brutally murders 22 year old girlfriend (article in Greek). by MyLongestJourney in LGBDropTheT

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I'm starting to get really interested in the apparent link between autism and trans-psychosis.
At first I just figured it was all baloney because every kid identifies as autistic these days for sympathy points, and maybe it still is, but even doctors and support staff are weighing in on the phenomenon. Is it just because they are more prone to societal pressure, or is there a deeper link? Sadly we probably won't know for decades due to the taboo the current outrage mob, and what their reaction would be to the mere suggestion.

I also wonder if the 17 year old had started taking testosterone? That would certainly have an effect on her aggression.

... trans, nonbinary people, and drag queens started the modern LGBTQ+ movement by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I am very impressed that so many people are openly calling bullshit on this.
The new Twitter is pretty awesome so far. Too bad they still won't un-ban me.

Drag Queen Story Hour: One of the worst public relations fails I've ever seen by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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Drag Queen "story hour" has one goal: to sexualize children as young as possible. It's the same as schools like the one in Chicago where the Dean just got caught admitting they had people come in and pass around dildos and butt-plugs to students to teach them about LGBTQ issues....because obviously everything you need to learn about "queer" people you can learn from sex toys.

I used to scoff at the 'the world is ran by pedo elites' theories, but I fully believe them. Shit like Belinciaga, Nikolai Mushegian, everything we've seen and heard from undercover journalists and educators.

I don't think I'd scoff at any conspiracy theory these days, to be honest.

“can i identify as lesbian + gay?” I’m so grateful not to be growing up gay among these social media damaged children by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I am actually 100% okay with them removing bisexual from their language. Maybe after enough time, people will stop equating us with this mob of mentally challenged snowflakes.

Matt Walsh by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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He's definitely Conservative to the core...however I think he doesn't want gay marriage for the same reason people, such as myself, don't want it: marriage is a religious institution, and most biblical texts for any religion are fairly straight-forward ( hah! ) on the idea of same-sex marriage. He also wants government out of marriage, and it handled entirely by the church which is how I think it is supposed to be.

This is what I mean when I say it's a weird position for be aligned against the progressive gender identity you end up on the side of right-leaning people and conservatives which, as someone who is LGB, is an awkward and precarious position to be in.

San Francisco's new guaranteed income program for transpeople by PatsyStone in LGBDropTheT

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The city should not receive any State or Federal funding from ANY taxation until they abolish this program.

Kids are not being transitioned and other lies by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I have had Mega issues with mental health with almost all of it connected to dysphoria

I wonder if it ever occurred to them that they might have this backwards? That the dysphoria is, in fact, a condition of the mental illness?
It's both sad and infuriating. Call me doomer or blackpill or whatever, but I've long-since given up any hope for this world and our society. At this point I'm just eating popcorn and watching it burn. But sometimes I'll read something that just really, really makes me want to grab someone and shake them until something breaks.

The fact that nobody, at any point, in this person's circle raised the possibility that she might be confused because of her mental illness, instead of her developing mental illnesses because she's confused makes me want to crucify doctors and therapists and even her parents. Like, I want them to HURT like their daughter is no-doubt going to hurt for the rest of her ( statistically probably short ) life.

She’s coming to terms with being a total bottom by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Ain't that the fucking truth...I remember the first day MySpace came out, my whole computer science class signed up for that shit. We were so wide-eyed at the most evils, done with the best of intentions.

She’s coming to terms with being a total bottom by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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They literally live in a different reality.
They have their own language, their own facts...I just wonder where we as a species went wrong?

The utter lack of self-awareness from these folks. by Horror-Swordfish in LGBDropTheT

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I'm just gonna say it: if some strange new-age techno virus sprang up that was 100% fatal and transferrable via keyboard, I hope it hits that subreddit first.

Previously a magazine by and for gay men… by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I mean, it's just some gay celebrity doing Britney Spears' pose from Rolling Stones. Am I missing something?
Not tasteful, but he checks all the boxes the magazine is going for.

Getting your "full pussy out" at the gay sauna by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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If I had Twitter ( and honestly, impulses like this are probably why I keep getting banned ) I'd feel obligated to point out that all that hard work she put in and she STILL just looks like a bearded lady, only proves how shit she would be as a man.

The kids are not okay by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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That's what mindfucks me every time I think about it. Like, I don't want to acknowledge that so many people are so dumb, my faith in Humanity can't handle that blow...but if they aren't stupid, that means they are propagating this out of pure malice which means I have to contend with the idea that 'evil' actually exists.
It's such a headache...

Lesbians, show me your genital preferences! by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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One of the first pictures I saw was a trans-woman who was so proud of how hers turned out, and spent shit tons of money on it, and even at first casual glance I swallowed bile. It looked like a greasy playdough buttcrack with hair. And don't even get me started on the phalloplasty pics I've seen....ugh. No self-respecting gay man would EVER touch one of those, much less put it in his mouth.
And honestly, for the people that willingly enter intimate relationships with post-surgery trans people, it must really be some deep level of love and commitment.

Lesbians, show me your genital preferences! by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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When I read a post stating that post-op vaginas look the same as any other vagina, I'm suddenly glad I am fully banned from reddit and cannot post.
It makes me wonder if their mutilated genital caricature was the first 'vagina' they've seen outside porn?

Be TQWTF+++, do crimes, get away with them by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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None of this surprises me considering where it comes from.
This is the same country that covered up decades of men raping and trading children all because they were worried it would stoke 'Islamaphobia'.

You all LGB people are just boring and uncool by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I'd equate it to getting your labs back from the clinic and finding out you have no STDs.
A deep sense of relief that you're still clean.

September 13th: today is the 3 year anniversary of Magdalen Berns passing. RIP sister. by NutterButterFlutter in LGBDropTheT

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I still watch and use her videos to rebut people's points.
Sadly she was gone too soon, we could have used her blunt wisdom now.

!Absolute Genius Alert! (not) by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Because they are going by a man transitioning to a woman and sleeping with women being considered a lesbian. Ergo, a straight man in a gay relationship.

LGB Alliance listed as a "hateful and extremist group" by some org called "Global Project Against Hate and Extremism" by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Thankfully I don't give a shit about this GPAHE group, or what they think.

Who gives a hang about "homophobic" mods that are only seen on one's own game client? This is why we can't have nice things... by MarkJefferson in LGBDropTheT

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Whatever happened to "live and let live"?

It got replaced by 'suck my girl dick, bigot'.

"Pride event in PA featured a stripper pole where they taught kids how to pole dance" - Libs of TikTok video by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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I know it's all skewed optics, but at some point we need to stop trying to 'be nice'. I'm not a Christian, I was never one to turn the other cheek, I am perfectly happy to get down in the muck right alongside them. My position is odd as, for the first time in my life, my political or societal discussions frequently pair me alongside Conservatives and Republicans, and from that point of view I hear FAR more homophobic shit, and it's just disconcerting that I hear this 'slippery slope' argument so often and apart from a few small Twitter accounts I have nothing to repudiate their accusations. Part of that is any voices that rise up, like the Gays Against Grooming Twitter account, go against the establishment and are summarily silenced, but most people are just too damned passive. They are so afraid of being called some horrific 'phobic' name.

"Well, of course I think everyone should be accepted for who and what they are. That's the civilized thing to do."
"So you're fine with sex offenders having access to your children away from you? Excellent!"
"Wait, what?"

Okay, a third world war, plagues, and terrorists are not the fault of LGB people.

Oh I know, but it IS kinda hilarious that most of those are happening at this moment, and being applauded along by the same people who voted for gay marriage. I'm not about to just up and say 'they are right, I will no longer be attracted to men' or anything, but it's easy to see many avenues they can take from these outrageous outcomes that bring them all to the same group and conclusion. It's easy to see, for me at least, why they lay all of this at the feet of the LGB community.

"Pride event in PA featured a stripper pole where they taught kids how to pole dance" - Libs of TikTok video by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Honestly, I don't even wholly blame the TQ weirdos, it's just the "MAPs" or whatever the pedos are calling themselves these days that got folded into the umbrella of diversity and inclusivity. That's sorta what happens when you try to cater to all "marginalized" groups, you get the good AND the bad. However the closing off of communication within this little group, as in if you question even one thing you're immediately a bigot and a transphobe and a Nazi and all that word-salad bullshit, is what's hurting everyone the most.

Letting them, and by 'them' I mean the dons tinfoil hat globalist agitators make words akin to violence is what lead us down this road. I mean if you remove or muddy the purpose and intent of words, what is language? And how can you communicate with whatever remains after you butcher said language?

It's hard not to be a doomer, I know it's not a healthy mindset, but I just honestly think this whole world is so fucked.

"Pride event in PA featured a stripper pole where they taught kids how to pole dance" - Libs of TikTok video by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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Yeah, the 'slippery slope' comment has gotten insane traction. Everything is being laid at the feet of same-sex attracted folks, because too many of us are letting the trans-lobby and their grooming kink attach it to LGB. And honestly, are they wrong? We're a sub of like 2k people, and there's small groups like LGBAlliance popping up here and there, but our numbers are DWARFED by trans lobby "allies". If you were a normie online, would you believe that the child grooming and gender theory bullshit is apart from LGB or together?

Another one I see being posted around again is this image which, to be fair, is kinda funny in a black-pilled kind of way. I mean a lot of those are dangerously close to happening, if they haven't already, and their biggest proponents are all the same TQ+ group that now represents us same-sex attracted folk on the world stage.

I don't buy into any of this shit, obviously, but it's not hard to see why so many zealots who were against gay marriage all those years ago would.

Help me out here guys by Horror-Swordfish in LGBDropTheT

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Nobody in the US is oppressed. At worst, some people are inconvenienced, and maybe victims of bigotry or violence, but not oppressed.

"Are there LGB people that does not approve T and Q?" - from r/NoStupidQuestions by reluctant_commenter in LGBDropTheT

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"How is pansexual different from bisexual? Either way you have sex with XX and XY?"

Oh man, they are so close....answer: it isn't.
Also, it's kinda scary and funny to see them trying to make "allies" of bisexuals so hard. For me, the thing I hate most is how trans is overriding the things I am attracted feminine men have to play pretend that they are women and masculine women have to be seen as men. The whole point of this "movement" when it first started was to buck gender roles, or so I thought, but now they are reinforcing them in some of the most disgustingly sexist ways imaginable.

The most gruesome description of detrans medical problems I've heard yet by HelloMomo in LGBDropTheT

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Gods above....reading through that thread, and subsequent thread shared by other detransitioners...the horror, anguish, and frustration actually brought me to tears. ALL of them ask the same question, too: WHY was I allowed to do this? The sheer evil and nonchalance most of these doctors and therapists have to have to continually ignore the statistics...I know this board isn't a fan of 'violence', but this is the kind of action that should result in public executions after a quick trial. I mean some of the shit they knowingly give children regardless of the side effects is right up there with Hitler's worst nightmare agents. Straight-up Nuremberg material.

This is sick and wrong. Our world is just so fucked.

Mentally ill gay man rapes mentally ill gay man. Fuck TERFs. by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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"Fuck them for using what happened to me as an example that this stuff happens!"


Am I the only one that can't support any straight guy who's against transgenders? What's your personal opinion? by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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I wouldn't say I'm distrustful of them, but I know they won't be...sigh..."allies" to LGB people for the exact reason you mention. They have been trained to equate same sex attraction and trans as the 'same'. After all, it's LGBT isn't it?
The best we can do is just educate people on this shit. I made a Twat account when Elon started looming overhead just to push the buttons, and so far I've been temporarily suspended three times...all of them for raising awareness of LGB communities being separate of the TQ+ ones. I push back on the 'trans women of color started pride' bullshit, I point out that the ones creeping on kids are straight men masquerading as women and molesting little girls, and I point them to groups and links like LGBAlliance and the 'cotton ceiling' expose. I've gotten a few hits back, of people telling me they weren't aware we had a 'civil war' in the alphabet soup, but most people just shrug it aside...especially the zealot Christians with their "Homosexuality is a sin" spiel.

That's my biggest regret, that this insanity growing on the left has pushed me so far to the 'right' that I now find myself in conversations and threads with these types of people because our beliefs are more closely aligned than with neo-liberal ideology.

r/lgbt - Looks like even the genderosexuals don’t like the flag “updates” by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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These people have been living in an alternate, made-up reality for so long that the real world would shock and confuse them. Shit like this has become less a coping mechanism and more a survival one for them.

Would you be fine with a Fox News interview about this website? by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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All publicity is good publicity. That said, who here watches FOX?

But for real, the more right-leaning conservatives learn that LGB people are VERY firmly against the trans craze the better. I see so many still conflating the two, and I try ( I really do ) to make them understand the divide but it seems all too easy for them to just scoff, call me a 'faggot' and say something about Jeebus or Hell.

Day 1 of Volunteering at My LGBT Group. It’s Mostly Trans and Nb People by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Annoying at times, but they aren’t awful people.

Just let them catch a whiff of you not being 100% TRA, or that you think the LGB should be separate of the TQ+, and I guarantee that will change.

A bisexual woman getting hit by her trans partner with a dilator after she tried to help him dilate, this is wild by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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I probably wasn't supposed to laugh reading that, but I did.
I already know how this story is going to end, too: the woman is slowly realizing her 'girlfriend' and her brand new 'vagina' is really just a man with a wound that they won't let heal. Heartache ensues, a dramatic breakup, and then a montage laid over a Tegan and Sara song while the woman stares poignantly out the window of a moving bus, deep in thought, and the scene cuts away to a wall with a shadow of a body swaying slowly from a rope suspended from the ceiling.

Credits roll, Oscars queue.

After Roe: Here's the GOP Plan Kill to Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Rights by leached_outcrop in LGBDropTheT

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See, this is what I mean by obtuse. You know the term 'marriage' is far more than just a word to people of faith. Again, it's considered a Sacrament in the Catholic faith. You know what that means, correct? Removing 'marriage' from government vernacular means everyone would be on even footing, there would be no debate about marriage vs unions or 'gay marriage' or any of that bullshit. Everyone would be joined in Civil Unions with the same rights and benefits regardless of sexuality, and there would be no room for debate. And then Churches could 'marry' their parishioners in accordance to their beliefs. This would also fit nicely into another of my ideas: removing Churches from the domain of 'non-profit'. Let them tithe and charge for the ceremony for whatever they want, and then we can tax them like any other business.

I'm not a politician or a legislator, I'm not about to unfold my grand scheme to get this codified into law. This is just a route I personally would applaud, and one that I think would solve a lot of problems on both sides of the ideological aisle.

After Roe: Here's the GOP Plan Kill to Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Rights by leached_outcrop in LGBDropTheT

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Yes. Yes I do.
I also think you're purposefully being obtuse.

After Roe: Here's the GOP Plan Kill to Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Rights by leached_outcrop in LGBDropTheT

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Because it's a cudgel that conservatives use to rail against gay couples. It's one less stone for them to throw.
And I realize that various forms of a union have been used long before religion got it's claws in it, but it wasn't considered 'marriage'. Again, that terminology and the way we view and use marriage now is purely originated in the old christian ways from like 900 AD and on, especially when it was made a Sacrament.
We don't marry anymore for alliances, or to reinforce heirs apparent, we use it to create a joining in the eyes of a God...and, apparently, to joint-file taxes.

A transbian asks r/actuallesbians if they would like to fuck a neo-vagina, gets triggered when someone says no by CancelPower in LGBDropTheT

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I actually laughed out loud when I got to the post that asked if they could feel anything, and the OP responded 'especially with clitoral stimulation'. This is the deepest seed of delusion.

After Roe: Here's the GOP Plan Kill to Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Rights by leached_outcrop in LGBDropTheT

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Legally? They're not. However Marriage as a concept is a union in the eyes of a God. It was devised purely for religious purposes.

After Roe: Here's the GOP Plan Kill to Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Rights by leached_outcrop in LGBDropTheT

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You'll still find a sizable population of 'edge lords' who consider themselves Conservative or Trump supporters that still ride the homophobia train here in the States, despite Trump's documented backing of LGB(T) rights for decades, but they are essentially the mirror opposite of the left's extremism. Most Conservatives in the US don't really care who you fuck, so long as you leave them and their kids alone. I, personally, don't consider myself a Conservative, but I do lean more Republican these days than Liberal...thankfully my interactions with these hateful inbred hillbillies is mostly confined to online spaces where the anonymity hides their true nature. Just further proof that the internet was probably a mistake.

Ironically I'm also in the ( I think ) minority that doesn't want marriage to be available to same-sex couples, but only because I want marriage as a concept stripped out of our government foundations entirely. Marriage is a religious event, everything legal-wise should be civil unions which should be open to all consenting adults regardless of sexual preference. I understand the fight for it, and I understand extricating it from our country is a pipe dream, but ah well.

Is not wanting to have sex with trans people transphobic? I’m trans, here’s what I think. by Rage-Xion in LGBDropTheT

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You can’t know someone’s genitals based on their gender.


diversity & Inclusion for us by xandit in LGBDropTheT

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Is it bad that I still can't tell if this is a joke or not?

Giga Chad Super Gay: You're a woman. by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Twitter talk makes me feel nauseous. To think our society and peoples would use the most prolific and encompassing tool of information ever created for....this.

goes back to watching cat videos

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week with my dick out on /r/ActualLesbians by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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It's all self-diagnosed. Just another way for them to feel 'marginalized'.

European Lesbian Conference :p by MarkJefferson in LGBDropTheT

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They probably refer to it as an 'Eve's Apple' by now.

Life as a political moderate these days by JulienMayfair in LGBDropTheT

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'Nazi' has lost all meaning as a word, which is a shame. Same with TERF, bigot, white supremacist, ect. The left's incessant need to victimize themselves by dredging everyone up into the proper boogeymen to elicit their reactions has eroded any meaning or impact these words once had. At this point, when someone assigns me one of those tags, I assume it means I don't need to waste any effort or time trying to converse with them.