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So now they admit people 'go trans' to avoid homophobia? Wtf I always get shot down when I claim I considered if I was trans as a teen.

I realized no amount of imagination could give me a functional dick. I figured out the world just hated girls and to stop giving a fuck about it and be myself.

I really piss these asshole TRA off because I didn't buy into the bullshit. Thank goodness I was born in the 80s.

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Wtf I always get shot down when I claim I considered if I was trans as a teen.

Seems like it's so common. And kids these days get hit with the messaging, "If you even consider that you're trans, then that's a sign that you are!" Talk about magical thinking. It scares me how close I was to transitioning. Thank fucking god I never fell into one of those grooming forums like r/egg_irl.

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I find more coherence in Beckett novels than I do the terms “cishomopatriarchy,” “cishomocentrism,” and “cishomonornativity.”

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God, I thought it was just me. Fucking Ulysses is an easier read than this gobbledygook.

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I find more coherence in bloody TimeCube than I find in almost anything TRAs say.

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Yeah Beckett looks at the absurd and pulls out the harsh reality; TRAs look at reality, say F-that and try to push their own absurdity in place of reality.

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Exactly. All the TRA speak is to obfuscate their feelings instead of expose reality. (Artists using lies to tell the truth and politicians using lies to cover up the truth, etc.) After thinking on it, these are what I presume all the made up terms actually mean.

Cishomopatriarchy: gay men are bad

Cishomocentrism: LGB people exist our experiences don’t align with cosplaying straight people. Because we want our own spaces to talk about our own issues, we’re bad.

Cishomonormativty: LGB people who want to acknowledge our same-sex attraction and get on with our lives instead of cater to delusional straight people are bad

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Cishomocentrism. Well, I for one am completely shocked that LGB would focus primarily on people who are LGB rather than fetishistic straight people who want to force LGB to have sex with them.

There is no homonormativity because homosexual is not the norm in society. It literally can not and will never exist because the vast majority of people are straight.

Cishomopatriarchy is fucking dumb since the patriarchal institutions in society have always been homophobic and have always pushed gay men into an othered category where they were considered lesser men. That things are finally changing and gay men are no longer as discriminated against as they were in the past does not suddenly make gay men into oppressors for denying straight women sex.

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Yes because being gay is so normal it took us 60 years to get what we wanted, whereas trans people are so oppressed it took them 7.

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I felt pressured to "identify" as a man because my family is homophobic and hates lesbian women. I know another lesbian woman who's had the same experience. I think it's really common. And the more that trans rights activists deny that this is a real and prevalent form of homophobia, the more they're going to alienate LGB people.

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