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One good thing to come out of this... if transage starts becoming a more mainstream thing, hopefully that'll help peak more people and help them see the absurdity of self-id in general.

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It's so ridiculous and dangerous. You'll have adult pedophiles identifying as children and/or convincing children to identify as adults to gain access to victims.

Who the fuck is this ruling even for? I can't think of anyone but pedophiles making use of this.

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Who do you think makes rulings like this?

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Oh, I also was going to post some translated comments from the Supreme Court Twitter thread.

I want to change my age to 68 and I demand my pension!

"personal truth"

And what principle of law is that of "his personal truth"? Or in what jurisprudence or article of the constitution is such nonsense?

I declare myself 70 .... how do I process my elderly pension?

It has to be a joke. You are legalizing pedophilia, you [swear words I'm unfamiliar with]

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This is so crazy. Literally when you think you cannot be anymore surprised something dumber than you knew were possible comes out.

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I mean, if we’re going to pretend you can change your sex and sexual orientation, why not throw age in the mix? Why not toss in race, ethnic background, languages spoken, etc.? If Todd can say he’s a woman and a lesbian, why can’t I say I’m a 23-year-old who’s fluent in Mandarin?

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This exactly. "Slippery slope is a fallacy" is a fallacy.

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Just when you thought you'd peaked, there's another level.

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That's the ultimate peak, that all this queer theory nonsense is just leading to an attempt at legalising paedophilia.

This is not a bug, it's a feature

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Is this really so far reaching that anyone can invoke this? I don't speak spanish and I'm also not a lawyer.

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I'm not sure what the immediate reach is, honestly. I've tried finding news articles on this but haven't had much luck. Might take another stab at it later this evening (currently hunting for LGB memes to post.. also with little luck...).

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I can catch bits and pieces (I only speak a little), but I think at first, it's to fix birthdates that were entered incorrectly, like when someone doesn't have records and an estimate is made? But the fact that anterior and posterior is used means someone can identify not just as older but younger as well. The extent of how younger or older doesn't seem to be clear from what little I could understand.

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Brb on my way to identify as beyond the age of retirement in mexico to collect retirement benefits

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You're gonna have to self-identify as a Mexican native though, so you can own land.

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Thank you for helping me discover a new part of my identity!

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As soon as someone says "I identify as" you know you dealing with an insane person. I didn't identify as nothing I was born gay, no hormones or surgery necessary. My body produces majority testosterone on its own, I don't need a prescription. I hope this starts peaking more people, spread the word on ask gay bros, let them know the insanity.

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I didn't identify as nothing I was born gay

Exactly. I am always clear to say "I am gay" and not "I identify as gay" when it comes up IRL.

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As fucked up as this is, especially the precedent it sets, given that it's Mexico and not Oregon or maybe Scotland, I'd be willing to bet money that they only considered this in the first place because of something like cartel activity destroying some government records.

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I hope that's the case. Even so, there's still a risk for people who believe in gender identity ideology to take advantage of it.