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In a Tuesday tweet, the former YouTuber said the vitriol he received in response to "Leave Britney Alone" was rooted in transphobia toward a "gender-bending teenager," and a reason why his plea was not taken seriously.

There were many reasons why his plea wasn't taken seriously, and I'm pretty sure him being androgynous wasn't one of the big ones.

This is just Crocker trying to get another shred of relevance, like that time he did gay porn and a bunch of weirdos tried to convince everyone else it was somehow a big deal.

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Fuck this self-loathing sellout. Just for siding with the tr-nscult and for defending such a terrible singer as Britney Spears, he deserves to be made fun of.

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Dead memes should stay dead.

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Funny, nobody gave a fuck about trans people back in that time. They existed but didn't usually get in your face about pronouns or the like unless they were really insufferable. I really hate to say this but I keep my bisexuality pretty much on the down low. If you live in such a place that discourages being different you usually do. Blame yourself Chris, nobody cared about you until you made an ass of yourself online. We are making fun of a grown man acting like a baby. We don't care what you think you are or were either way you are ridiculous.

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Oh, I shall be MORE than happy to leave him as alone as any person possibly can!

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Of course he makes this serious Britney Spears issue about himself. That first Twitter comment is so accurate.

This is about freeing Britney, not "transphobia."

Sidenote: Don't look at Chris Crocker's Twitter unless you want a face full of his butthole and penis.

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Chris Crocker is very much a cis man, and if you look for his twitter he's there doing gay porn. He looks more masculine nowadays.

Back then he was an androgynous guy, or gender non-conforming as some say. Don't TRAs get tired of trying to make everything about them? They say they accept GNC people, but they only use GNC to pretend GNC is part of TQ+.

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He's about as sexy as a turnip.

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Is Chris not getting enough attention in porn these days?

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Basic post-twink white guys like him are a dime a dozen, and his days when he will be useful to the porn industry in any capacity are coming to a close.

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I guess this is the new push to call homophobia transphobia. So we don't suffer from discrimination.

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No, it's the new push to emasculate gay men. It's to normalize discrimination. Men are evil, so being a man makes you evil, and loving a man means loving evil. /sarc

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How is it transphobia if he's not trans? If he was targeted because he was a gender-non-conforming gay kid, that's homophobia.

But that's not why he was targeted. He was targeted because he felt the need to make a dramatic video where he fake-ugly-cries about how people need to leave a rich popstar alone. It was absurd and clearly a ploy for attention. That's why he got hate - not for being trans/gnc/gay - but for being insufferable. And a look at his twitter shows that hasn't changed.

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It's funny because even Chris Crocker later appeared in parody videos making fun of himself for his outburst.

Unfortunately, if it wasn't clear from the video, Chris Crocker is also severely mentally ill.