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I wish we did, I am not really comfortable being associated with some of the extreme ideas floating about on other subs on this website.

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It's kind of ridiculous that we are considered associated with those ideas in the first place, though. Is a random person who uses facebook associated with the opinions of any other facebook user just for using the platform?

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Totally agree. The anti-Semitism here is out of control.

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We're not associated with them; we were just also driven out. We're here because homophobes are persecuting us.

Reddit admins ban homosexuality along with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Being Jewish myself, I'm not thrilled, but my only presence on saidit is in this sub. I'm happy there is at least somewhere here. Any port in a storm.

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Homosexuals are again underground. Insanity.

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    u/PeakingPeachEater was talking about making a Discord a couple of days ago.

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    Hello! Yes, it's close to completion! Might be done tonight. Working on it with another member from Saidit!

    The discord channel is mostly focused on the LGB---It'll be a place where those who are (gendercritical) LGB can just hangout and socialize, talk about interests(videogames, movies, art, life) ect. There's also an option to choose which region you're from as well if you're interested in meeting those from aeound where you're from.

    Not going to be focused on the political side really. There is a #dropthet channel for people who want to chat about it, but it is not allowed to be posted in the other channels within the server(general, careers, art, videogames, entertainment, etc). That topic must only stay on that channel. The server we are making is more of a light-hearted place.

    We'll also be VERY careful on who we let in as we don't want to be brigaded/Doxxed. We don't allow users to share personal information either for privacy purposes.

    Lastly!! We are open to hearing any suggestions you may have. We want users to feel as comfortable and as welcomed as possible.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. :)

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    Aw, awesome!! Thanks for setting one up. :) I think it's really important to have a backup to this place.

    We don't allow users to share personal information either for privacy purposes.

    I am relieved to hear this. I really want to join a backup dropthet group, but I am nervous about potentially being doxxed. Would the discord have like voice calls..? I would probably prefer to just stick to written communication, myself.

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    It's mostly text based but there's an option for voicecall if there are those interested.

    We also made the L, G, and B private channels!

    For example, a member from the B channel cannot comment/look into the L nor G channel and vice-versa, the L nor G can see the B. We also have a grouped up B chat as well as split off for women and men to have their private chat.

    There is an overall LGB chat tho for all to chat in. I just thought it would be nice if each letter also had their own privacy too.

    We currently don't have any male (gay nor bi) admins, and hope to gain some too...we don't really want to intrude in a space made specifically for them...And it's better to have someone who understands where they're coming from.

    I'm a bi woman and my other mod is a lesbian woman, so our experiences will not be the same--she'll be able to moderate the L chat 10 times better than me and understand their interests as well.

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    Hello, just wanted to mention to anyone interested the Discord server is open, feel free to PM me.

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    I’m between here and Ruqqus, both are quite similar but still different in their own way, I think there’s a small guild for droptheT over there also.

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    ruqqus is turning into purple voat. their userbase is very immature

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    A lot of it is edgy dickheads who are “testing out” how free speech it is so they just spam a lot of racist or antisemetic nonsense, there are a few guilds that are mostly free of it though, much like with reddit you need to unsub from all the defaults.

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    I know some communities who moved here have backups on Ruppus, not sure about this one

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    There's a website called that may be friendly to us, but I just discovered it myself so I'm not sure.