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I spent my whole life saying "girls/women can do XYZ too!" and I was lucky enough to be living in a place an era where it was trendy for people to agree with me and do the whole "You go girl!" and "Yasss Kween!!!" thing. But I'm scared that within the next 10 years, when people say things like that, they are going to be shouted down by genderists like "girls/women can't do XYZ, Karen! Stop trying to erase trans and nonbinary people! You are ruining lives. Teens are killing themselves because of you!"

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That’s where it’s heading.

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I think a lot about how, if I was a kid now with “progressive” parents, I’d be transed. I was a huge tomboy who insisted on wearing flannels and boy’s sneakers. I only wanted to play soccer, go exploring in the woods, read the Hardy Boys, and do science experiments in the garage. (It turns out that as an adult I’m a femme lesbian.)

How many kids’ futures and well-being are being destroyed with this regressive fad?

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All this gender activism is like a personal attack. After I finished uniersity, no one was taking me seriously, because "girl engineer or software engineer?". One employer even laughed right into my face. At one point I started using male name when I was sending my resume, as it increased my chances for personal meeting, as it was harder for HR to dismiss me in person. I barely found a job back then, and found one of most low payed jobs, as even thought my experience and knowledge was higher than men applying on jobs, but they were always prioritised over me. Now society here changed finally to accept women everywhere. And those gender ideologists are coming and saying "this is man brain thing, so you are trans! Women can't be interested in engineering or software engineering, it is men thing!", "Woman can't be smart or active", "Lesbians must be trans, or why they don't like men?" - is a pinacle of sexism and homophobia. It is the most regressive and deceitful movement ever existed. Even Iran with their politics are much better than them, because at least clear and honest, and they are not trying to change words and erase women as a class, and they are not making mass experiments on kids, like trans demand activists do.

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Amen. Speaking as a GNC adult who was a highly GNC child, I would have been transitioned in today's environment. I was lucky to have been born 25 years ago before all of this really took off. I suppose I was also lucky to have been born in a small, religious town. There were times I resented the lack of diversity there, but no one thought that my desire to live and pass as a boy meant I was anything other than a hardcore tomboy. Probably a nascent lesbian, yes, but certainly not a transsexual.

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Yeah, those before all this are more lucky. Myself included, especially since my mother wasn't to big on pinning sex roles or stereotypes on me. Herself too when she was younger. Don't think I was too hardcore, just mini in-the-middle SRNC kid.

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This nails it. But it's also why the problem will solve itself eventually. All those poor transitioned individuals will realize what they've done to themselves, so in a couple of generations we might see a very strong rise in anti-trans ideology.

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This sounds like it belongs in GC more...