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I am also a woke-hating lefty who needs to vent about the madness of the left.

This new place just might work out...

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I like your username.

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OMG yes. 😂

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Frankly I probably come off as much more right-leaning on Reddit than I actually am in real life

I know that feel. I am what you would probably label as a liberal. I was raised in a Democratic stronghold. I flirted for a time with socialism but decided it had way too many problems and problematic people. But I have been getting increasingly alarmed and disgusted with the absurdity and viciousness of the woke left. They claim to love "diversity" but only if it is superficial diversity. They do not respect real differences. They think that all white people are one way, and all "BIPOC" - or whatever the latest term is - are another way. Think about just the fact that there exists a term for everyone who is not white, all lumped together into one. They think that all men are one way, and all women are another way (unless they are trans in which case they are somehow the opposite way). They claim to want to support oppressed identities, but they can't really conceive of there being different kinds of experience within identity groups. They love censorship and they hate difference of opinion or critical thinking. They avoid or shut these things down by constantly creating new terms, rendering them meaningless, then calling people bigots for not keeping it up with it all. They are humorless and vindictive.

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Same. I feel betrayed by my own “side.” I hate the brainwashed numbskulls that exist on social media.

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I'm here for the same reasons, and I agree that the subs you've highlighted here likely won't last, among others. From what I've seen so far, I think SaidIt is a good alternative. I've been aware of it for a while without creating an account, but this censorship wave is the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Looking forward to having (hopefully) productive conversations with an interesting variety of people.

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I don't agree with GC, but I hope you can find a good space to express yourself here.

By all means, ban men on your sub. All I ask is that y'all don't ever try to control other subs. Seeing toxic shit you disagree with is the price of doing business of a free speech forum.

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GCs just want their own fucking space. They're women, they know how to keep to themselves. The few of us who venture to other saidits understand the rules here.

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I’m fine with that. Wish you the best.

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Seeing toxic shit you disagree with is the price of doing business of a free speech forum.

I guess that's the trade-off, isn't it.

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What is GC about, is it anti trans or something?

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Gender Critical women don't believe that liking things commonly attributed to males or female makes you the opposite sex.

We don't believe liking dresses and baking makes you a woman or liking trucks makes you a man.

We believe people should be able to like dresses or trucks and do what they like, and that they are still male or female regardless.

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To be blunt, it’s mainly a lot of women that despise males. Even the ones that live as women. They also seem pretty butthurt that women got knocked off the their formerly high position in the identity based oppression olympics hierarchy.

Case in point: They want women only spaces, but would not extend the same courtesy to men.

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I think a lot of GC women want men to have their own spaces.

It's a diverse community. I think what unifies us is that we think our female bodies matter and we are critical of gender ideology (but even the nature of that critique differs depending on who you are talking to).

I hope they do let men participate in the sub so you guys can learn more about the perspectives of women there.

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I recall a thread where the consensus was that women should have institutionalized spaces away from men IRL but not the reverse.

EG: Men making something like a gym male only wasn’t acceptable in the consensus view. I’d dig up the thread ... or countless other threads that exude extreme hateful bias against males, but the sub is gone.

Anyway, y’all as individuals might be cool. I’ve just seen some hateful shit on the original sub.

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I don't know why so many people have quite a difficult time wrapping their minds around the idea that your body matters.

I usually ask them this: do you think you would be the same person if you were taller/shorter, fatter/thinner, etc?

If something as basic as that can shape your reality to such degree, imagine being born as the opposite sex.

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Case in point: They want women only spaces, but would not extend the same courtesy to men

No, that's false. There was a r/GenderCritical and a separate r/GenderCriticalGuys sub for a reason. Interesting conversations in both. Same issues, different perspectives.

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Yeah, but women were allowed to post in GC Guys.

Not the other way around. Men aren’t allowed to tell a woman to get out of their space and still be good people in most GC feminists’ minds.

I wish I archived it. There was literally a thread where a bunch of highly upvoted commenters endorsed such a double standard.

Anyway. I’m totally okay with allowing y’all this space. I’m just saying, GC feminists have, in my experience, been hypocrites on this topic. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

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I'm curious if you actually have an example of an unwelcome woman forcefully inserting herself into a group of men. I'm not claiming it could never happen, but in my experience it's predominately the other way around.

I don't really see this polite request as a double standard, it's just an observation of what necessitates itself based on human behaviour. Do you think more men get caught peeping in women's changing rooms, or the other way around? Is it a double standard if it's 100-to-zero men needing to be told not to do that?

It's similar with conversation spaces. Personally I think it's fine to join in there and ask questions or share how something connects to your own life, but too often a man will come in to say he doesn't see things the same way (no shit), and try to debate "as a man blablabla". Too often those opinions are tired and unoriginal because they already exist pretty much everywhere else.

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I’m curious if you actually have an example of an unwelcome woman forcefully inserting herself into a group of men.

In some sense, this is how the history of women’s lib played out. EG: antidiscrimination laws and making universities that were formerly male only admit females.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame women in the old days for using these tactics (I can’t think of a better way they could have achieved their goals) but that’s basically what it was.

You do have a point that men tend to encroach on women’s spaces more than the other way around. At least if “feels” like that’s the case.

However, I suspect if a very successful male only professional association started up, women would be demanding access to it.

I’m also pretty sure GCs would be cool with subreddits like r/theredpill getting banned. In that case, it’s actually worse. They don’t merely want access. They want to destroy the community.

But again, my philosophy is ... don’t fuck with me, I won’t fuck with you.

I for one think y’all should have your online space and I don’t intend to barge into it.

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Oh ya, I've seen that. Thanks for welcoming us anyway. I don't share their attitude but I understand why they have it (lots of previous trauma I have too little experience with, thank God.)

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I'm staying long enough to steer people towards other alternatives such as this one, deleting in a couple weeks if I don't get banned first.

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So much this. I basically only use Reddit to lurk on subs that host content probably considered too offensive for the rest of the internet and to keep up with my local community. I wonder why Reddit thinks people even use their site. Honestly if they keep banning subs they're going to end up with a lot of users leaving. I realize it's their right to ban any speech they like, since they're not the government. But it seems ultimately pretty self-defeating.

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Same here. The thing is, I've seen this whole thing develop, starting in the 90s with language policing. My academic colleagues thought if they could make people use the right words and tell students what awful people they were, that would make society better. I read it on a subreddit last night. They think "shaming and silencing" people is the right way to bring about real, lasting social change.

Nope. It bred resentment. It always breeds resentment. All you have to do is look at historical patterns. People can hold grudges about that kind of thing for a long time. And it led to straight to Trump. People know how to keep their opinions to themselves -- until they get to the anonymity of the ballot box.

You have to trust people to change their own minds.

For the moment, the woke left demands absolute loyalty and ideological conformity. The only thing I know is that it can't last because they're wrong on so many things. The question is how long it will take for them to devour themselves.

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Oh it won’t last, for sure, but I’m wondering how much damage it’ll do in the meantime. This is the type of thing that leads to despotism and genocide.

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If you support GenderCritical you are not on the left. You are literally a NAZI. Go sig heil Hitler you fucking Nazi!

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Awww your profile is so sad. I hope you get the help you need.

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Brining down the discussion is not allowed on Saidit.
But I assume that it was meant as a joke.

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Brining down the discussion is not allowed on Saidit.

what are you gonna do? call the internet police? hahahahahahahahahahaha.

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Huh. You seem nice.

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Why are the only people shouting "sig heil" demented liberal snowflakes?

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i'm not a leftist. i am a pro-trans anti-feminist neo-conservative.

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Now seems like the perfect opportunity to start your own gaming subreddit here! Gain control, become drunk with power, abuse it and eventually drive everyone off your platform!

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Hey! Tell me about your heretical lefty position :) I'm a former more lefty type, though I guess I've always been more of a centrist.

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Well, I support free healthcare, drug legalization/an end to the drug war, a basic social safety net, public transportation, and civil liberties save for gender self-ID, which is harmful to just about everyone outside of a few select bad actors.

I was pretty active in my local punk rock/DIY music scene until the woke brigade ruined it. For my own well being, I can no longer tolerate being shamed, belittled and silenced because of my sex, sexual orientation and race by people who are supposed to be my friends.

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One of the best things about this for me has been discovering PoliticalCompassMemes and I've been enjoying it while it lasts