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It's possible they actually got surgery, but more likely it's just a fuckton of photoshop, lol. These cosplayers LOVE photoshopping the crap out of their photos. Some of them do it badly so it's super obvious, like they'll completely erase any texture on the skin, that person is quite good though.

Looking at this video:, they definitely don't seem that broad and such.

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Came here to say image manipulation lol.

You don't even need to use Photo shop these days, apps like FaceTune and Snow have filters to drastically transform photos with no technical skill necessary.

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I don't know about Hakken, but I personally know a woman who cosplays as male characters. Chest binding and padding to even out the chest and body, padding shoulders, contouring torso with make up to 'create' bulgy six-packs, manipulating clothes to create male silhouette, stuffing padding inside mouth to change jawline, etc.; there a numerous techniques a crossdressing cosplayers can use to make them look like the opposite sex.

I don't doubt some manipulate their photos; but, while it's certainly not a piece of cake, it can be done irl.

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Cosplay is high fashion designed by nerdy Japanese shut-ins, so it has a lot of weird stuff going on. "Crossplay" was originally supposed to be a positive thing, because cosplay was starting to take on the fashion ideal that you should only dress to your body type rather than your interests. So if you are a fat woman, you should only cosplay as fat women in anime rather than as characters from an anime that is your escapist pleasure. So you had people like "Sailor Bubba" ironically crossplaying as Sailor Moon despite not looking remotely like Sailor Moon because (I think) he liked Sailor Moon, which made it a little easier for people to not fret so much about their physical suitability for a character, as they could always point to Sailor Bubba as being a worse fit.

However, this has sort of opened up the perverse incentive of "crossplay to your body type rather than your interests". So if you are a woman with broad shoulders and no boobs, well...