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Reddit is trash. Their business model is failing. There is no discourse on that website, it’s devolved into idiot opinion on top of idiot assumption. Incidentally as that occurs, more and more misogyny takes hold in the daily rhetoric. Probably because they banned all of us women and left all of those extremist men.

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Ah, my city and state subs are misogynistic swill now, and filled with political trolls/bots.

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And r/banfemalehatesubs, the sub that documented the female hate subs that Reddit chose to leave up, was banned along with the rest— right after they made a post about the misogynistic hypocrisy of the banwave.

It was only reinstated because the banfemalehatesubs admin threatened to go to the media after being rebuffed by Reddit admin (in an unprofessional manner, too, showing how confident they are in their unaccountability). Banfemalehatesubs users sent it viral on twitter.

Even after being reinstated and some of the misogynist subs were banned, banfemalehatesubs' megalist of female hate subs is still huge.

The Real Female Dating Strategy documents what happened on Twitter:,,,,

Archived Reddit page of the attempt by feminists to communicate with Reddit Admin: (all "continue this thread" links also archived). Reddit Admin are documented repeatedly demonstrating misogynistic condescension and a refusal to answer questions. They also demonstrated a sudden and pointed double standard in respectfully responding with suggested actions to another user who raised their own concerns in that same thread. Said user had made sure to state that "we are run by a trans admin and were created specifically to include trans women perceived as female".

Reddit admin also demonstrated a sexist, antifeminist double standard in comment removal in that thread: Ceddit pages:,

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haven't you heard the oldet news ever? misogyny is allowed. it has been since forever. no one really cares about women but the feminists who know material reality matters.

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I'm more pissed off about how supposedly women-centered spaces like TwoXChromosomes and MenWritingWomen have been completely overrun by trans ideology, and how the mods will use misgynistic terminology like 'terf' and 'swerf' while bending over backwards to 'validate' the transwomen dominating every narrative.

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Forced teaming. I find it incredibly sad to see how many women are taken in by this, probably because they have so internalized the idea that trans women are the most oppressed people in the world, even if they are Jennifer Pritsker. But it also makes me very angry because directing all one's compassion in that direction ends up truly hurting vulnerable women whose rights are trampled over.