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Your use of "sprog" suggests you might be from the UK. But wherever you're from, if you haven't checked out Mumsnet yet, you might find it a far better fit than reddit. The feminism/women's rights section is great, as are the relationships boards, and there's lots of women discussing pregnancy, birth, babies, breastfeeding and a zillion other topics of all sorts. Lots of swearing and ranting too!

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Ha, I wish I was UK right now, the smoke from the fires is just now finally clearing out. I'm just a Yank infatuated with language and history. I will check that site out, if I ever get a moment to look at anything. The older kids are starting school, and they're doing it at home, covid distance learning.

I keep thinking more and more about homeschooling. I definitely don't want my girl going to public school until they revise their gender-diversity policies, make it an explicit policy that no male-bodied students will be allowed in a room where she is peeing. I sorta hate this ultra woke state.

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I remember being on r/babybumps and periodically seeing the comment "LOL so that's what it means, ha ha I was wondering why so many ppl were talking about transmen in here" when it came to FTM.

The fact that I felt most at the mercy of my womanhood during my indescribable back labor should not offend transpeople or women who have never given birth. And if it does, well...that's pretty fragile and I can't help you.

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Well, for my part, I can't wait to say "congratulations, when are you due!" the next time I see "ftm".

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I just can't even...

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Girl I hear ya. I saw the FTM acronym and thought "fuck there's a lot of them in this group!" lol.

PM me for venting. I'm a FTM still in my first trimester, haven't told anyone except husband and when i do I'm kind of planning to lie to everyone because I'm planning an unassisted home birth and I'm not interested in hearing The Opinions.