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You don't need to apologize. It's a scary time right now. You are doing you're best and that's OK, and they haven't won.

They have ramped up this fight and we won't back down. We are going to have the Streisand effect on our side and more will peak.

We are here together and united!

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I never actively participated on the reddit pages either. I would really love to speak out for women but I've always been worried about being targeted for wrongthink. I plan to be more active going forward though.

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I completely understand why people can't be more outspoken. Our livelihoods are on the line.

I didn't hear about the MSNBC segment but ugh. :(

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Yeah, I will post a link in a little bit if someone else hasn't already.

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I hope to see that segment, too, so hopefully you can post if you can. Sounds crazy, though. Would definitely be something I'd need to watch with my two own 'balls to then be disgusted with.

...Eyeballs, obviously.

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Thanks so much for the support by way of comments and upvotes, it means a lot. I just can't believe this is the world we're living in right now, I have never felt so downtrodden.

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Courage calls to courage everywhere

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I feel this hard. I only commented on GC posts with my throwaway shitlord account specifically for GC discourse. And in the last month due to the craziness with all the riots and whatnot, plus for other improvements in my mental health in my personal life, I decided to fast for a month from Facebook. The time away has been amazing for me. And now I realize how little I miss all those "friends" whose opinions I can't stand.

The time for me now is to be public and have confidence in my conviction. Women's rights depend on it. I have to be brave and be okay with losing friends and losing footing with my public pages and whatnot. We live in an era now where conversation is impossible if discussion revolves around "transphobic" actions, "racist" actions, or "homophobic" actions (and when I put this in quotes I mean things that could be attacked as homophobic when it may really just be calling out a POC, LGB, or trans person for crappy actions entirely unrelated to their race or sexual orientation). The banning of GC absolutely helped me peak and understand that I've been being selfish by being silent.

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Same for me, this is my first GC post as it's unrelated to anything about me.

Yet I can speak freely - slightly depressing to realise I have to self censor..

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I saw the same segment. MSNBC has been trash for a long time now.

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How does one get doxxed when using a pseudonym?

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With how active people are on reddit, it's not too hard to piece together. Between three subs I frequent, you could 100% ID me. One has my profession, the second my location, and the third some uncommon identifying features.

I managed to ID someone on there based on a rant about an assessment. Turned out he was in my class, and I knew full well there was only one male discussing that topic.

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Thanks. I was wondering, as I am probably far too old school in this regard.