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Will do.

Hey anyone here work with clay or porcelain? Got some questions about sintering and processing the raw kaolinite.

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ooo whatcha makin'?? I am absolutely a noob with this stuff, it seems like a lot of fun to play around with (words like sintering and kaolinite sound like serious business, though)

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At the moment just hoping to get a system to clean the clay and prep it to be porcelain. We live on literal tons of the raw clay so it’s like, why not?

Kaolinite is just the fancy name for the sort of clay we’re on, it does sound like some serious business but it’s mostly sticky grey dirt.

Prolly make easy stuff like bowls and planters if I do get it going and get access to a kiln. Can’t throw pottery or anything impressive! Think pinch pots and stuff haha. Iirc sintering is a mostly the purpose of firing, where the heat doesn’t liquify it but it does make the particles homogenous. Makes the fired piece stronger and looking right.

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Sweeeeeet! Just dropping by and checking the mail. Pinch pots from your own local clay = a pretty high level of awesome stuff to get into.

You could also do plant impressions in the clay with the bazillion lavender plants growing around. 🐝

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Oh someone just solved what my MIL is getting for Christmas!! I can do some with pet paw prints for brothers, maybe even a baby handprint tile for one bros new house. So many possibilities!!!

I gotta hire a kiln

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There you go! 🐾 ☺️

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I just showed my girlfriend an article about Rachel Levine and said Levine looks like Benjamin Franklin. Brightened up her day (she's depressed and has been sleeping more than usual).

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I laughed before even looking up Levine 😂 I hope your girlfriend feels better soon, good on you for giving her some humor! I hope you're doing well, too!

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Veni vidi risi. (I came, I saw, I lolled.) 😄💐