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By chopping off your cock and gobbling estradiol by the handful

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Find out who Jesus is first, because clearly you have no idea who he is, what he did and what it means to you.

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he was a brown Middle Eastern scam artist that white people worshiped for 2000 years

His day job was a carpenter making chairs and tables for people.

His mom was a whore and the three wise men were her clients. One of them was Jesus's daddy.

The four gospels were written 40-100 years AFTER Jesus died. The average lifespan 2000 years ago was around 40 years old. None of the ppl who wrote the gospel likely ever met Jesus, the brown scam artist.

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You're blatantly making up the whole scam artist thing.

You're also making up his bioligical mother being a whore and the three magicians being her clients and Jesus's biological father. Not sure why that matters, nor his skin color or being a Jew or his profession of carpentry (note: there's some confusion about whether he himself was a carpenter or whether his earthly father was the carpenter. Perhaps the semitic phrase was something like "son of carpentry" and was mistranslated as "son of carpenter". Or it was changed to his father by people who had an objection to him practicing an earthly profession).

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You're right, the scam artists were the four people who wrote the first four books of the New Testament. You would think someone would be writing that shit down as it was happening live, not 40-100 years after his death.

Not sure why that matters, nor his skin color

Skin color matters cause if ppl could see him, zero people would worship him. You can't control the white sheep by parading a 5'5 brown man in front of them.

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They did write it down, but then it was improved upon by later authors and no one copied the original drafts anymore.

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It was common for poor shits to be scammers around that time. Lots of them on the street.

Note that the person who got crucified and the person who was "resurrected" looked nothing alike. Yeah, I know the excuses.."God prevented his disciples from recognizing him!", "the Sun was in Mary's eyes"

lmao, how stupid do you have to be to believe that shit. Scam artist.

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Jesus was white, just like he is depicted on various art works and just like the people of where he grew up are depicted as whites on mosaics.
Genetic studies also show that the ancient levant was more genetically closer to white Europeans than the modern day brown middle east. Islam brownified the middle east. At the time of Jesus and before it was occupied by whites

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here's the earliest artwork of brown 5'5 Jesus:

Then white ppl came in and made him theirs, lmao

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Those are not the earliest depictions nor are they from the levant, greece or rome but rather from Africa. So some africans many hundreds of years later depicted him as brown, congrats lol

Another example of brownwashing in history. you think you were the little mermaid too? LOL
"We wuz jesus n shieeeet"

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Sources / references?

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If you Google "was Jesus brown" about the first 200 hits talk about Jesus being brown. Not to mention the earliest artwork of him was a brown dude (as shown in my response to Dragonerne).

There's also plenty of info on when the Gospels were written:

The other shit is just common sense.

I mean..if you bang dudes for a living, what are you gonna tell your son?

There are around 20 people who may be your father


oh yeah, I'm a virgin! it was God who put me in you.

What is she gonna tell the neighbors about the three mysterious men visiting her on the night of Jesus's birth?

They all visited me to to look at the baby and see which one of them Jesus resembled.


They were three middle eastern kings compelled by God to visit me and bring Jesus gifts!

Apparently, biology only holds true when arguing about 1 million different genders, but when it comes to Jesus, you don't need semen to give birth anymore! All you gotta do is phone up God and say, "hey dude! I want a baby!"

Hey maybe transvestite she-he's CAN give birth! A man can be a woman! Just phone up God.

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Google is owned by jews and jews murdered Jesus

Your sources are literally of the devil, rev 2:9 and 3:9

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The idea that jesus is a scam artist, is spread by scam artists. See islam.

The idea that he had a day job, is spread by scam artists. I was raised a plasterer, but I am not a plasterer

The idea that his mom was a whore, is an idea spread by scam artists. The three wise man thing, you heard that from a scam artist.

The four gospel thing and the writing order, sorry, you heard that from scam artists.

Good job.

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I'm pretty sure in olde worlde language a carpenter was someone who built houses and a person who made chairs and tables would be a joiner.

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Wow, another paid poster with a new tactic! Change the spelling of a well-known poster by one letter and post stupid shit. These attacks on Saidit are getting more and more sophisticated by the day.

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"sophisticated"... I think most of us can see through them clear as day. I never for one second thought this might be you.

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It's just surprising the lengths they're going to to fuck with me. I've never felt so important before. I had no idea I was such a threat - but evidently I am, otherwise this group of paid posters wouldn't be putting so much effort into it. This is actually energizing and exhilarating. There's nothing I enjoy more than defying anyone who demands obedience. Chaotic good FTW!

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I've never felt so important before. I had no idea I was such a threat

I've been a diligent follower of your insights for a good long while.

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First it's socks and now this "chipit" fellow? Man, I need to catch up on the saidit lore. So many saidit villains to learn about.

So what's your story man why do these folk hate you?

I've never felt so important before

Lmao. You are important :)

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Nah, socks is a hate-filled weirdo who makes threats of real-world violence on Saidit users.

I'm just a guy who posts a lot of links. Evidently this makes social media management companies very angry and they want me to stop. All the more reason to defy the fascists and keep doing it. :)

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If a fascist asked you for a hug, would you say yes?

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But ACTUAL fascism would thoroughly approve your denunciation of degeneracy and many other kinds of posts you share... As a matter of fact, I think you would be very happy in an actually fascist nation.

Oh, wait, the fascist words are on the Great Seal of the United States, "E pluribus unum"... Hm... Who knows, maybe fascism WAS the initial intent. It is, after all, the only way to retain both stability and freedom in a nation.

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Jesus wasn't a jew. He was a judean.

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Jesus wasn't a jew. He was a judean fictional character.

Fixed that for you.

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Jesus wasn't a jew. He was a judean fictional character.

Possibly fictional, but references to him by Josephus and others, combined with a lack of any credible denials of his existence by groups it would benefit make me inclined to bet that he probably existed. Now I don't think he was born to a virgin or resurrected or any other such obviously syncretic mythology with a much earlier origin than Jesus, but I'm inclined to believe there was probably a religious leader amongst the commoners that these myths are based on.

Some guy said he was the chosen one and called himself 'the christ', and acquired a following in a particular area (Israel)at a particular time in history (about 2k years ago). There really isnt much here for me to be incredulous about, sounds like pretty typical human history

The part I'm incredulous about is basing your entire worldview on the idea that these myths are literally true 2000 years later

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It may be plausible, although all writings by humans should be considered questionable. Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Hindu religions speak of hundreds of divine figures, how do we determine the validity of each? If it is my other written witness of the time, then we should have to consider the existence of many other individuals through ancient history that shed doubt upon the common pop-religions of today.

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Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Hindu religions speak of hundreds of divine figures, how do we determine the validity of each?

I don't think there are any 'valid' divine figures. I regard any christian accounts of Jesus to be mythical, I just think it likely these myths were based on a historical figure. This isnt uncommon, Egyptian pharaohs were thought to be divine, which is absurd, but I wouldn't claim the pharaohs didnt exist historically, clearly they did, and claimed to be divine as many people have throughout the course of human history

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Ah, fair assessment. I agree this likely to be the case.

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I think the gnostics had it right. Not the bizarro ones but those who recognized the sad state of the world and how it's run by malevolent entities.

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The reference by Josephus was clearly inserted later.

There are no good contemporary references for Jesus existing.

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If Jesus were completely a fabricated individual, I would expect that Jews in particular would have and would still vocally denounce Jesus as a non-historical figure. The fact that the Jews deny his divinity but not his existence during this time doesn't seem to support this. The idea that some person in a highly religious region in an era of superstition would declare themselves divine, and acquire a following that made up mythical stories to glorify them doesn't seem even remotely implausible given human history

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Loads of people did it.

But there's still not one historical Jesus you can pin down.

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There are also no good contemporary references for the vast majority of people who existed back then.

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Most historians think the Josephus reference is an interpolation by Christians in the middle ages, and possibly the one on John the Baptist too.

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Most historians think the Josephus reference is an interpolation by Christians in the middle ages, and possibly the one on John the Baptist too.

Could be.

I'll just say that with the limited knowledge we have, it seems far more likely that there was some religious guy in Israel around 2000 years ago that amassed a following, and those followers told/wrote myths about him in passing on his teachings, than some conspiracy where people completely fabricated his existence

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I find it more likely that a lot of the "myths" are true. He makes way too much sense for a human.

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Maybe some of them are, but others are clearly syncretically borrowed from the earlier legends of other religions (which is also quite common, the old testament is a rip off of the epic of gilgamesh written by the Jews during exile).

Virgin birth with visit from 3 magi, resurrection after three days, the association of christmas with the winter solstice, pretty much everything about easter (based on the pagan Oestara) and many other legends are borrowed down to the minute detail, making it very hard for me to believe these are historically accurate depictions of Jesus rather than a run of the mill instance of syncretism

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Jews claiming Jesus wasn't real? No way!

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They're not all Jewish.

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He was definitely in a branch of Judaism. However it was much more diverse back then, for the most part only the Christians and rabbinical Pharisees have survived into modern times.

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He was a Christian. Judaism was created much later

Your entire understanding of christianity has been subverted by satanic "jewish" liars

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What were the Pharisees then?

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I don't really have good relationship with jews,yes and I agree that despite that their small population they proved themself to be the harmful among the world races.However I think that every jew has to be judged independently.There are lots of jews out there who wish for only a decent life like us and chill.Jesus was a good jew.

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This is exactly what people need to understand. Thank you.

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Because he's not dirty. He's the furthest one can possibly get from evil.

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Not to worry the church is run by Italians so you can trust them. Jews don't even believe in Jewsus so if you wanna own the Jews you can believe in something they don't that will show them.

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Erm... According to known history, Jesus' daddy was God Himself, so at least his dad was not a Jew. What about Mary? Well, she lived in Jewish territories and was therefore forced to abide by Jewish law, and that was enough to make her LEGALLY a "Jew". However, the people of the Galilee were immigrants from Canaan, displaced about 50 to 100 years before year zero. This makes it extremely unlikely that Mary is of Jewish descent. She most likely had no shred of Jew DNA in her.

Also, Jesus said to the Pharisees, which became today's "Jews", something like: "You are the sons of lies! You are vipers and hipocrites!" Which does not sound much like he has anything in common with them.

Also, Jews say Jesus was a Jew. So you can count on that being absolutely false.

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He was killed by Jews.

When he was crucified, the accusation written was:


But the Jewish leaders did not want him to be their king. The Son of God was not quite what they had in mind. While he healed the sick, fed the hungry, raised the dead, cast out devils, and preached the gospel to the poor, that was not what the worldly ruler wanted. They wanted power and riches, just like the worldly leaders today, whether they be Jews or gentiles. But remember the warning of Jesus: Beware of those that call themselves Jews, but do lie.

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9

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To be fair he had other people wash him quite often.