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I have epilepsy and a Jewish Neurologist.

How dare you!

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Being drafted would be absolutely terrifying. I owe it to my kids to do what I can to prevent it from happening. Not everyone is rich enough to afford to have a bad ankle or whatever the fuck Trump and Biden did to dodge the draft.

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Eyup, I am in the effin prime age, I am able to not be drafted by studying, which I do plan to do after finishing 12th grade, but if the war does really happen I guess for best safety, go into exile, like people did 100 years ago to escape, fucking hell. Sūda Krievs nekad nav apmierināts.

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But only the males, because we are more worthless than anything else in life, even less than the shit we walk on.

Maybe it's time to join Aaron Swartz. I'd have more dignity dead and it can't possibly be any worse than this life which is literally demon-run.

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Men fight because men excel at fighting. Women aren't very good at it. We protect them, not the other way around.

we are more worthless

Not me, bud.

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And we get our comfort and mental health and fulfillment destroyed for fighting abilities precisely because of our worthlessness. But even if we had no advantage in fighting at all, we all know it still wouldn't be any different. That we are worthless and don't count as human beings is hardwired into everyone's brains.

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I don't think you know me that well, but based on what you do, do you think I'm worthless?

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If you are male then yes, as long as there's more than a few you are of no value at all because others have an endless supply of seed and can completely replace you. Not even your own body cares about you. You are the lowly of this world, the slave, the scapegoat and the bearer of all problems. You deserve nothing according to this world and you are obligated to do everything. You have no rights, no freedom, barely even free will. What a miserable existence. I really want mine to end.

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There is only one AmericanMuskrat.

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And the matrix could care less about you.

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Glad to hear I am very important to the matrix.

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You are of least importance to the matrix.

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Wooo, still important! The Matrix loves me, I knew it.

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too fat for service

(or maybe too cool, my recruiter may have been lying to save face)

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I'm too old to be drafted, which feels weird for me to say, since I'm only in my early 30s.

Anyway, even if they reintroduced the draft in my country, I still wouldn't fight. I would show up to the draft board and tell them that I'm not going to fight in another Jewish war. They can throw me in jail and I wouldn't care. Conscientious objection all the way, baby.

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71% of draft age people are ineligable to enlist in the US miltary. There is a very long list of disqualifiers to military service. I'm sure you could get at least one to stick. Hell, if nothing else just sit down and cry all day. They'll get so tired of your stupid ass they'll beg for you to get kicked out.

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71% of draft age people are ineligable to enlist in the US miltary

Cause they're too fat?

I'm 41 with a bad knee, if they need my ass we'd have to be seriously fucked anyways.

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Fat, drugs, criminal record. All kinds of shit. Domestic violence has ended many a military career. If you can't legally have a firearm you can't serve in the US military.

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lol if the military tried to draft me I'd take HRT and say I identify as a woman