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Better to find out who your friends really are in times of abundance than to be left decimated by their choice in times of crisis.

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i got perma banned from reddit for saying "your grace" is a silly pronoun and lost a few friends for not wanting to get the vaccine

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"Your grace" is a pronoun? Who came up with that?

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Some trans woman came by my work a few months ago and demanded i address her as such. I said how about friend or she/madam?

She was having non of that and had a tantrum. I simply mentioned this on reddit and was banned the next day for "hate speech"

Like I am pretty cool with most pronouns but if they are silly like that I'm not gonna indulge it.

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Yeah... I'm transgender, and pretty okay with non-binary folks, but that's just insane. They need to act like an adult.

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Yeah I'm cool with transgendered folks I just think they shouldn't expect everyone to indulge non typical pronouns such as "your grace"

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your grace..

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That bitch ain't even a bishop wtf.

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Lose some friends gain a whole lot more. Trump won. Conservative values are literally stopping the NWO. I know that it doesn't feel like that but it is. Its taking longer than people expected. We have the numbers. The fraud is coming out. Never be ashamed of being yourself. If your friend doesn't like you for who you are then it doesn't sound like much of a loss.

To be honest your friend sounds like a lost soul too. Its not easy losing friends. Keep the high ground and explain your position politely. The left's debate style is to shout out that the person is racist. Simple calm discourse between you and him will be healthy for him. Is it racist to take care of your family? Is it racist to expect hard work out of your fellow man? Is it racist to see the plight of all races instead of narrowing down and focusing on one? We are all getting screwed here. I've never treated anyone different because of their skin color.

Good luck friend.

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I've never treated anyone different because of their skin color.

Then you're at high risk for being robbed, raped, and killed if you ever enter skin color areas.

Conservative values are literally stopping the NWO.

Not at all. They've been playing this game since at least the 50s. I'm seeing zero resistance to their plan in any of the last 4-5 decades. Even right now, there are people who still think Trump wasn't part of their plan, so 'conservative values' are no panacea.

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Node, you speak the truth about conservatives, at least those in the US. They had a hand in making this mess by supporting nitwits like Bush and Trump.

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Most don't realize how manipulated our society and our beliefs are.

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The usual, for a very long time, was 'sexist', and 'woman hater'. Now they're coming for white women - the same white women who never spoke up for men, and NOW we're upset at being called 'racist'?

Why do you hate women?

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He was never your friend to begin with. I've been in a lot of toxic relationships (friends, family, etc.), so I know how it is: they insist you agree with them on everything, and throw a temper tantrum if you don't — political or not.

I've never really been "cut off" by a friend for my political beliefs (I don't have very many in the first place), but I did leave the LGBT "Community" over abortion, gun rights, drugs, Southern heritage — issues that have nothing to do with LGBT. The whole "Community" thing is just a big cult, to be honest; it's abusive! The only thing worse than coming out as LGBT is coming out as conservative, at least in my experience.

Truth is: it's much harder to be friends with Left-wingers than Right-wingers. The difference is that Conservatives support free speech, and Liberals don't. There are people on the left who do support free speech, but they're in the minority.

Anyways, I'm sorry that happened to you, and I hope you can find a friend who will give you the respect you deserve.

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Truth is: it's much harder to be friends with Left-wingers than Right-wingers. The difference is that Conservatives support free speech, and Liberals don't. There are people on the left who do support free speech, but they're in the minority.

This leads to the ever-present question in my mind: what defines being "left" and being "right"? This is a moving target, as clearly the "left" of twenty years ago is no longer the "left" today. I suspect that those you say are on the left and support free speech in the current environment simply have not yet realized that today's "leadership" of what they have self-defined as "left" have now explicitly decided that "left" is no longer an inclusive term; it is a doctrine which must be accepted or rejected in its entirety. This is to say "left" in the current environment is a religious term rather than a political one. I think the people who think they are on the left while supporting free-speech have not yet fully appreciated this new definition of "left". In their defense, this change in definition has happened breath-takingly quickly. It's pretty damned hard to keep up.

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It's because leftism will ALWAYS devolve into such authoritarianism that I have always rejected it so hard.

Learning more about how it is physically impossible to work has just cemented my beliefs.

Anyone who is even slightly left-leaning needs to take a long hard think about it, and realize that by definition this is an ideology which will always be against free-association, anti-free speech, anti-free markets, anti-freedom.

Those are literally the defining features of it because it's about control, so that the individual is jammed into the square peg of the 'community'.

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TL;DR: Politics has occupied an overwhelming percentage of our thought. Our current challenge is to maintain connections with people we love, and to move politics back to the background, so it can be discussed in greater calm. Without that step, the ongoing back and forth becomes ever-increasingly destructive.

I am working hard to maintain relationships with my birth family. No one has cut me off, but I am absolutely self-censoring to maintain family harmony.

The problem here is that for all the founders of the US tried to avoid this - going to great lengths to do so - we are mired yet again in sectarian battle. We are discovering in real time that "politics" and "religion" have significant overlap in the mind, both being subsets of the part of our mind that I think of as "faith". In whom or in what do we have faith?

My family has faith in systems and individuals that I find to be absolutely dishonest and destructive. But I do not believe my family have dishonest or destructive motives.

This is the challenge. How do we address people's faith, which is to say their world-view or perception of how the world is structured and how it works? This is a question far deeper than simple intellectual argument can reach.

My family is scared. The doctrines in which they have placed their faith have led them to find life itself to be terrifying. I do not see it that way, but when I express to them what I do see, my perspective sends them into yet further emotional insanity.

It's actually kind of terrifying. I was in a conversation with my mother - who is near the end of her life - and she really really wants to talk about politics. It's her favorite topic of conversation. But the very conversation we were having, in which I tried - as gently as I knew how - to question some of her premises, created so much stress in her that it made her sick. It exhausted her to the point that I most definitely had to end that direction of conversation for her health.

I think the problem for all of us is we are putting way way too much energy into these disagreements. This site is actually as bad as anywhere else. We are all (me included) obsessing and allowing these divisions we face to affect our worldview, which is then strongly impacting our existence itself.

This cycle sometime plays out - as the OP points out - in some people cutting friends off. But it is deeper than that. We are defining life itself in terms of these disagreements, which means we are living our lives as discord. This is the pattern that must change, for all our sake.

For this reason I work hard to maintain open channels, most especially with those where I find the greatest and deepest disagreement. We need to learn again what we were better able to do a couple of decades ago: to live peacefully and productively with politics in the background, not defining every aspect of our existence.

The internet is a huge part of how this has gotten as far out of whack as it has.

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My family has faith in systems and individuals that I find to be absolutely dishonest and destructive. But I do not believe my family have dishonest or destructive motives.

They're human bots. Propaganda in media and society hasn't been this intense in a while, and people are as susceptible to it as they are to advertising and marketing. The result is people having beliefs inserted into their brains that they can't explain, and it makes them angry or sick when they're questioned.

And so, a majority of people in modern society are not operating independently, but are running programs and beliefs that have been installed in them as an 'unanticipated system update'.

We are defining life itself in terms of these disagreements,

Politics is life. Life is politics. If you don't want to be killed for your beliefs, it would be wise to pay attention to political happenings. Yes, the divisions are being exploited by our owners, but that doesn't mean they're not real. When the message received reads: "StillLessons is a racist nazi [etc, etc, etc] and must be killed", your disdain of politics will not save you.

We're currently undergoing a planned massive shift in how our owners treat us, and those who want to survive would be wise to pay attention. That means paying attention to politics.

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Well said, sir.

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M7: You have not been cut off. It is a trick by those we both despise. Death to traitors or those who oppose you.

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Excuse me?

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(Family: That is why I live almost precisely halfway around the world from my birthplace.)

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My first year of college, I shared a dorm room with an evangelical Christian. One night, I asked him, “Do you ever wonder if you’re God, and you’ve just forgotten it?”

We didn’t talk much after that, and two weeks later he asked if I would move out and switch rooms with his friend.

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two weeks later he asked if I would move out and switch rooms with his friend.

that's evangelical christian cult for you, and he's apparently never your friend.

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But see that confuses me. If I were to be in his shoes I'd say "If I am god, we're all screwed".

People freak out because it questions their entire belief system which they identify by.

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I was just messaged by a friend that because I am not "on the same page" as them with LGBTQ+

give him some dick, he will get over it.

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Typical reaction from a leftist idealogue, they HATE diversity of thought and will kill any relationship they have with anyone over it.

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Maybe they're programmed to be cannot handle their own emotion so act like that.

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Yeah. It's shit. The MSM propaganda is really getting people frothy when you point out anything that even slightly resembles a fact.