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There are literally paid russian and chinese shills and bots that post anti-american sentiment in English. We get the bots on saidit regularly, and I'm sure other sites do too. They literally have a pastebin file online of text paragraphs designed to demoralize Americans, and it just randomly chooses one demoralizing paragraph and pastes it. This bot has created over 200 accounts on this website, about 1 every 10 hours, nonstop for months and months.

This isn't a troll having a laugh. Trolls get bored and eventually stop. These shills and bots don't stop. These types of operations are designed to sway and influence the culture and how people think, and it's pretty deranged when you stand back and look at it in full.

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There are literally paid russian and chinese shills and bots that post anti-american sentiment in English.

We are at war — not a war fought with guns and bullets, but a war fought with words and ideas! This is a war of propaganda, and the only way our Nation will survive is by exposing our enemies for the deceit they have wrought against us!

There is also a concerted effort by the illegitimate government in Beijing to buy the American media so they can spread false propaganda against us — and for this reason: it has become necessary to Americanize our economy by any means necessary.

This bot has created over 200 accounts on this website, about 1 every 10 hours, nonstop for months and months.

And u/bobbobbybob gets mad we ban it. He's an anti-American shill too, just like the LXXXVIII trolls he so vehemently defends. u/Jesus speculated he serves Tel Aviv, and perhaps this is true, or perhaps he serves Moscow or Beijing.

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oh fuck off you drama queen. The idea that saidit is under attack from government agencies is a desperate cry for relevancy in an uncaring world.

don't misrepresent me either. I'm glad the spam and bots get fucked. you are putting words in my mouth to attempt to discredit me by tying my legitimate concerns with a separate issue. Deceitful liar.

but the fuss with the iron left? Pure incompetence of adminstration, coupled with lies and gaslighting and a user took it personally. I spy your hand in the mess.

/u/magnora7 your tranny mod is at it AGAIN. no apology ever came from his hysterical bullshit accusations and lies and attempts to get rid of me while you were away, and here he is again, spouting absolute bullshit, trying to link me with JIDF and actual trolls. You should fire the cunt before he kills the site.

/u/americanmuskrat this is the crap i deal with

/u/theameliamayniac. the only person you serve is your insane self-image and monstrous ego. go fuck yourself

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Can you not repeatedly drag the quality of discussion downward please. Calling people names every other sentence isn't a good look and goes against the pyramid of debate. You can make your point without calling people names over and over, right?

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I can, yes. Maybe if the site owner stops his admins attacking me - putting me in an extremely unsafe power dynamic - then I won't feel the need to swear so much.

Because you've done NOTHING to deal with tam's behaviour, and whenever I bring it up, you attack me.

So there you go. No abusive language. Will you deal with the issue of your admins attacking me, smearing me and generally behaving very inappropriately?

or was my language just an excuse?

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putting me in an extremely unsafe power dynamic - then I won't feel the need to swear so much.

Nice try. Try following the site rules more closely first and then maybe we'll talk about other things.

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yeah. so your admin abused their position of pwoer TO THE MAX. and there has been no recourse whatsoever

fuck this shit, I'll make a good bye post, and I"m gone.

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Okay, see you.

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DUDE. This is literally HOW A COMMUNITY DIES.

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From one person voluntarily leaving because they were held accountable for repeated open rule breaking? Doubtful

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What community? It's just a website.

It blows my mind just how seriously some of you people take it. Like, don't you have anything else to do?

The site is better off without shit-stirring jerks. Saidit will never become a real reddit replacement if new users come in to a website they've heard about but never visited, see vomit all over the place, and CTRL-F4, never to come again. I know I've done that a few times.

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Nah, he was a shit stirring faggot

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As a practical matter, my inbox is looking real empty. Don't ban Bob.

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You guys get DM's? I only got 2: One from the LXVIII troll and one from an unknown alt asking me to post anti-censorship spam until I hopefully got banned. Maybe I should start posting cat pictures.

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Oh thank goodness. The site will be so much better without your ugly, profanity-laced posts that add nothing to the discussion.

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I bet u/chop_chop and u/Jesus would be happy too

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Why are you being this unfair with him?

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This has many attributes of misdirection. The essence of the argument is also not being addressed. There are rules about that too, I think?

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Amelia is 19. Believe me, I know teenagers can be annoying. I think she just learned HUAC wasn't entirely wrong, so that explains the mindset.

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it is rare that teenagers have any position of power over me. In fact. last time it happened, I was still a teen myself.

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How the hell does somebody with any modicum of common sense put a 19-year-old in such a position? He's barely done sucking his thumb.

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This has all the attributes of truth.

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Except for that first bit. It should be obvious to most people these days that there are government entities, or paid companies, who attack nearly every site not owned by them, all using sophisticated bots and a few paid shills. Non-paid shills are enticed to go there. I have seen many blogs fall apart because of the comment section getting out of hand.

However, the fact that a transgender is talking about an information war is really odd, if you ask me. Edit: although the attitude portrayed by the TAM does indeed look like a cry for relevancy.

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Personally, I don't think saidit has risen high enough that government agencies are bothered by it yet.

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That's the lesson of 2016 though. You have to attack and destroy these sites early, while they're small. You let them get big and they take off by themselves.

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I agree: they are not bothered by it.

It's not so much that there is a personal, or even a directed, interest in this website, or those blogs that I mentioned. It is simply that bot-technology has gotten very advanced in the past five or so years, and to think that the governments in the West are not employing them en masse (as we know China does), across the board, regardless of size, is a little silly * (not to say that you are silly, simply that they exist). They do not need much management if there is big money involved in it, most of the cost comes from setting it up in the first place. People can script bots to go to websites and mine information from them, or just mine pictures or even quoted texts. Tech companies already have their own bots which they do not need to manage, which go out and build profiles on their clientele for them, so they do not have to. If you do not know about this, please consider looking into it. Many programmers are being hired right now to create these types of bots. I am close with a foolish guy who programmed one for TedTalks.

That is occurring here, there, everywhere. It does not need to be directed when it concerns bots, they are like ants that you scatter to the wind, knowing that most will not find any bread crumbs, and that most will not bring home any solid dirt to work with. In fact, most websites can deal with bots if they are careful, just like most households can deal with ants. As it stands, I cannot be certain that bots have gotten so advanced that they could easily enter into comment boards and not be noticed. Besides, they are noticed here.

Personally, I think this site has already been attacked, not by government agencies, but by low-tier, low-brow, forsaken programmers who have taken contracts from "private individuals" who are probably tied to those entities, but acting independently from them. I don't think saidit is unique or special in this regard. I have seen small blogs get torn apart by bot attacks which gave way to shill drama, which in turn brought upon issues with their server, ending with the website closing down for unspecified reasons.

If your website consistently gets linked to places like Reddit, Twitter, Youtube, and so on, then it should be made clear that the level of interest your government has on you has increased, although that doesn't mean much considering all the websites that currently exist. As I said, I agree with you concerning them not being bothered by Saidit. I also highly doubt that there is a paid shill in our midst, unless they are here for shits and giggles because they are so used their shilling lifestyle. I don't even think they will ever be bothered by it, seeing as it is slipping down a slope right now. It's just that these types of bots can and will follow links. Perhaps they are programmed to only frequent popular sites. Actually, now that I consider it, that seems likely. So, I cannot say much more but that I agree with your statement.

But, I must ask. Where do these bots come from, in your personal view? Independent tech companies? Disgruntled naz-bols, like Magnora seems to suggest, or the CCP as the other admin suggests?

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When I see crap that is upvoted by 13 and 13, I can't help but think it's some small op by some reddit mod or somesuch. But then again, maybe the government bots are smart enough to not go overboard and upvote garbage by 500 and 500.

So yeah maybe you are right and these are government bots working for government and my first glance is wrong.

But who knows for sure, you know?

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You make good reasons. It's not worth worrying about, unless you are an admin, in my opinion. Most bots get reported here anyways, unlike reddit, where they seem to be accepted members of the community.

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What if they need arguments for more funding? Saidit has few users, but thousands of subscribers.

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    A number is a number, everyone loves free money.

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    SaidIt used to auto-subscribe everyone to all subs, so those are real subscribers. They are mostly not active though, so it is misleading.

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      I don't get the Russian and Chinese bit. Your government is infested with jews. Your media is infested with jews. Your entertainment industry is infested with jews. Your porn industry is infested with jews. But sure it's the Russians and Chinese who are trying to take you down?

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      I mean there's JIDF and NSA shills too, I didn't say they were ONLY Chinese and Russian, but there are a lot of them that clearly don't have good grasp of English

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      Jay Dyer is a paid foreign agent. Most of the alt. media personas are grifters getting paid by foreign corporatioms.

      Israel LLC bankers colony is a foreign country and being a Zionist under the law in US corp territory is 100% ILLEGAL. I have posted the law and can be read if you scroll down in my post section, probably 2nd or 3rd page.

      Probably the most terrible of happenings is that US corp is now 100% controlled by a rebbe loving crypto-Jew Biden. Yes, he isn't Catholic, no Catholic would host the Cahabnik rebbe and praise him, and all the Zionists he appointed. 100% takeover of the country, which actually occures in the 80's. If the dollar were to actually collapse quicker than the FED could save it with their schemes, then we'd see a revolt and boy would it be a spectacle. You'd see with your own eyes the subversion and infiltration of this revolt by all kinds of interests with their own agendas.

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      Your president is Joe Biden.

      They probably don't have to work very hard to find demoralizing things to say.

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      The target is you, however. It is to incite hatred to the current corrupt leaders to demoralize us. Going back to the Bolshevik revolution, we see that Lenin was a German, Imperial Russian and Soviet agent. Some of his friends were also British agents. Many corporations will use revolutionists to infiltrate working class anger and lead it to revolt in the way they want. Once that occurs, other nations can then take all the assets from that corporation. Rinse and repeat.

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      We have the most permissive freedoms of speech and the least social pressure towards nationalism. By all objective metrics the United States is the most successful democracy in the world. It's all just an inferiority complex that comes from having to write in English all the time 😂😂😂

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      But aren't other countries Nationalists and still adored by the rest of the world? I was speaking to a business man last night and he told me that countries like Japan / Korea set up companies here in the US and will only sell to themselves. If not that, you need a middle man who is non-white to broker the deal if you want to make a sale.

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      Yeah but if you really look at the numbers their economies don't even begin to violate to the economy of the United States. Even pretending that Japan or Korea are "countries" like the USA is a "country" is doing Japan and Korea a giant favor. It's like letting your little brother play Mario Kart with you except his controller isn't plugged in. He's happy he gets to be in the same room.

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      Not for long. And we are NOT A DEMOCRACY; we are a Republic, which is a Charter Corporation. The US is a corporation that sets its laws based on citizenship ie, your a member of the corporation on a limited liability basis.

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      While it's true that America has been used to do some bad things around the world, a lot of anti-American sentiment is pushed by those with an agenda. America, while not perfect, is a last bastion of many freedoms, thus those who oppose freedom have been trying to destroy America for years.

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      Like Jewish Zionists who think Esau and Edom should be destroyed.

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      It is not just america, people shit on every country but I find americans are the more american centric than other people are centric around their countries. In fact I would say you find people outside of america who are very american centric. To be honest I am quite american centric, born in the UK, grew up in South Africa and spent most of my life online and speaking with americans. I want to move to Florida as well, so I think americans are pretty important when it comes to culture in the modern world. That being said many people in Europe are also very centric around their own countries. Some call it little world syndrome.

      So that being said, people are critical of the US but I don't think any more so than other countries. Relative to US cultural spread it is probably not that greater than other countries bar the criticisms around wars. However UK and France are equally criticized for wars and UK and Spain for colonialism. It is all relative, but no surprise an american would think they are "most" criticized.

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      I suppose the difference from what I have noticed is that when an event takes place involving a European - American champion them or accept the outcome. We like Europe. The celebrities, music, culture, cars, products, ect....

      That's why this is so confusing. Americans may be ignorant but they are not hateful. When an American is championed for something - I almost always see someone from across the pond jumping in to discredit them.

      Yes it's anecdotal but there is a massive difference in the behavior of our populations.

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      The European mainstream is like the american mainstream, very left wing. So they hate all white majority countries and their traditions and cultures.

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      They are CORPORATIONS. Nations are illusionary borders set up by corporations for trade and protecting assets. The negative sentiment is pointed at the corporation; an illusionary, fictional entity that unfortunately through legalese uses its military and lawyers to screw witu others. I'm more concerned about multi-national private corps in the US. US corp is a quasi-private public corporation.

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      The two main responses I've gotten from foreign tourists who know absolutely nothing about the U.S. fall somewhere along the lines of,

      "Wait, you can do that? Legally? That is so awesome!"


      "oh god they're crazy and there's a whole country of them. Will no one think of the children?"

      Both are the extremes when in-person. Online is a different story. Be default the average person you meet online is going to be a few degrees meaner than irl. Even the people who hate America still have something they are envious about, no matter how small, and with enough discussion will admit it. Shills and bots are incapable of saying anything positive, so that's sometimes a giveaway.

      I've had one person describe the U.S.A as a war-torn country where roving bands of plain clothed militia patrol the streets to keep police away... and the more I talk to these particular people the more I realize the only thing they know about us is from 1920's prohibition, mafia, tommy guns, and gangs from Detroit. Trying to explain that those good times are long gone is met with the usual gunphobia. Like knife attacks aren't common in their own country. lol.

      Then there's people who expect America to be this small theme park with a gun range every few miles. "You're gonna walk to the store? On foot? Without a car? Okay. Take your phone and let me know how far you get." Closest Target was 10 miles. These types tend to get bored rather quickly as the shock of freedom of speech and right to defend yourself wears off.

      The only people I've heard talk about hating America are the people who've had their market droned. Yeah. I would be pretty mad too, but then they have to start adding layers of delusions on top of that so they can lie to themselves about how "all of america wanted this particular mud hut selling coffee and bread to be destroyed, and that means all americans are sociopaths." I really don't have a response to that most of the time. Where was this? What country is that [city/town name] in? Never heard of it. Sorry. For some strange reason they have a hard time understand how our media doesn't make a fuss about it, so the average America really has no clue.

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      Anti-Americanism has been going on for a long, long time. Basically: They hate us because they ain't us.

      It's nasty jealousy and the spiteful need to look down on someone, anyone, to make them feel better. It goes deeper than that, if you'd like to know more read this chapter from an influential book written on the topic:

      You can read the whole book on but you have to create an account with them.

      Anti-Americanism functions like a prejudice, magnifying the power and presence of its presumed opponent, turning it into a ubiquitous threat. The empirical superiority of American military power, for example, is transformed by the anti-American imagination into a fantasy of infinite omnipotence: there is no evil in the world that cannot be blamed on American action, if only because the one superpower did not choose to stop it. Why should American humanitarian motives be believed in any single case if Americans have failed to pursue them in all possible cases? Because America is assumed to have unlimited power, it can be given unlimited blame. Any event in the world can therefore be attributed to the machinations of American conspiracy.

      Now, American anti-Americanism is a different story. It's about ingroups and outgroups, and who you consider The Other. The Western Right's outgroup is people who aren't Westerners. BUT the Western Left's outgroup is the Right. This is the best explanation I've ever heard at this link. A bit long but worth reading every word because it answers SO many questions.

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      Your initial reasoning is a fallacy. Many people hate not American, as in the american people—other than feeling bad for our depravity, immorality and masonic naturalism—but rather they hate US corp. controlled by Zionists and the bankers colony of Israel LLC.

      Anti-Americanism functions like a prejudice, magnifying the power and presence of its presumed opponent, turning it into a ubiquitous threat.

      Not really.

      The empirical superiority of American military power, for example, is transformed by the anti-American imagination into a fantasy of infinite omnipotence: there is no evil in the world that cannot be blamed on American action.

      Considering the US Corp and Israel LLC killed over half a million children and women in the South West Asia, there is reason to criticize and hate the US corporation.

      Why should American humanitarian motives be believed in any single case if Americans have failed to pursue them in all possible cases? Because America is assumed to have unlimited power, it can be given unlimited blame. Any event in the world can therefore be attributed to the machinations of American conspiracy.

      Poease provide evidence that anti-America ie anti-US CORP includes all citizens?