If 50% of people die, are we going to flood due to masses of water being released back into the environment? by MightyMorphinFaggot in AskSaidIt

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Oh, please. Google the amount of water on Earth: 321M cubic miles (or 321e6 where "e6" means 6 zeroes at the end). Convert it to cubic meters: 1.3e18, so 1.3e21 kilograms of water. Take 10 billion (1e10) people at 100kg, you get 1e12 kilograms, or 1e9 times less than the water amount. Or, in the other words, taking the entire mass of the humanity and adding it to the oceans would increase their volume by a whole 0.0000001%. Nope, won't be any noticeable effect at all.

I still do not know how to vote because everything seems so similar on both sides by [deleted] in politics

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Trust science: Don't you dare criticize me when I'm wearing a lab coat!

Fair wages: Everyone gets just enough to get some cheap booze, sleep in a ghetto and eat shitty food. Forget savings, your own house, retirement, financial independence.

Universal healthcare: Your tax money will go to our hospital networks and you won't have a say in it.

Covid is a hoax: The danger of COVID was grossly overestimated, the response was inadequate and now we are paying the price as the inflation will destroy everyone's savings and purchasing power.

Trump won: We have changed the election system to a point where it's much less transparent, and people are losing trust in it.

LGBT=Satan: More like, LGBT != achievement. Stick to whoever you want to be with and stop seeking public attention and acknowledgement. It's your private life and we don't want to hear about it.

US Rejection Of Moscow's Offer For Peace Talks Is Utterly Inexcusable by HongKongPhooey in news

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For context, Russia invaded Ukraine and grabbed a bunch of Ukrainian territory, knowing that Ukraine has 4x smaller population and no oil money to fund military production. It took months for Ukraine to coordinate things with the West and to start slowly retaking it back. Now Russia is offering "peace talks", i.e. asking to keep the land they already grabbed, now that the tide has turned.

It makes full sense that Ukraine wouldn't agree to it. If they really wanted peace, they could offer to withdraw their troops from the territories grabbed after 2014. Ukraine would be more than happy to accept that.

It's like you got robbed in a dark alley, spent some time tracking down your stolen phone, brought the robber to the police station, and now he's offering sincere apologies if you let him keep the phone. And you are somehow that bad person for not accepting them.

Why does the patriarchy keep oppressing myself and other strong empowered trans enbys of color? by Adventurous_Ad6212 in AskSaidIt

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Well, the thing is, most people don't hate you, they just don't care. They are busy with their lives and they totally don't need you. If you wanted their attention or acceptance, you should have found a way to make yourself interesting to them (like mastering a cool skill or becoming an expert in something).

Instead you did something that attracted attention of trolls (who are you kidding, you are a troll yourself :D), so you kinda reap what you sow.

Not exactly the type of people you want running the country. by Bridgeheadprod in funny

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You never know for sure, but it is certainly mental

Sep 6th message from Null @ Kiwi Farms, new Chinese server is immediately hit hy a DDoS attack by [deleted] in censorship

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Where is the feed from? Gab?

Reddit losing their shit over Texas reaffirming their right to secession by Drewski in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The funny part is, without Texas there is no way for a GOP president. So if Texit happens, more red states will follow very promptly.

If you could send five words to every person in your country, which would you pick? by Luke85105 in AskSaidIt

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Just kidding, the country is fucked anyway, and neither Trump nor anyone else can help it until people turn from stupid identity politics to real problems (like everyone sliding into poverty).

Norwegian feminist faces three years in prison for for saying men can’t be lesbians or mothers by HongKongPhooey in NotTheOnion

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Feminists: Women don't have to be feminine.

Also feminists: women need special privileges and treatment: women-only places, women-only programs, women-only this, women-only that

Trolls: hey, we want special gibsmedat as well. How about we call ourselves women?

When There Are No Consequences to Lying by Tarrock in politics

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Fact checkers? You mean defenders of the narrative?