GC: Why can't the words man and woman be defined as something other than "adult human male" and "adult human female"? And why is it false to say "men can have vaginas/uteruses/etc and women can have penises"? by AllInOne in GCdebatesQT

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Where did that person got the idea that "man and woman are gender roles"? That person has been attending the wrong biology classes. The gender term is masculine and feminine, masculinity and femininity. Then you have "effeminate boy" and "boyish girl", which are hurtful terms for children who doesn't fit gender stereotypes.

Last question is obvious biology mate.

Shadowbanned from reddit in less than 1 week. Now I'm here by maldita-sudaka in Introductions

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Who's the loser? I didn't lost anything. I rather won. I found out about things I had no idea. And I found this place. Where's the lost? A week old account? It's actually kind of cool to be a ghost in reddit. Sometimes mods approves my comments, so I can still get upvotes, despite being shadowbanned.

Shadowbanned from reddit in less than 1 week. Now I'm here by maldita-sudaka in Introductions

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Yes, a mod alerted me, then I found that sub r/ShadowBan

ALL: Do you feel that you have an "innate" sense of gender identity? Do you feel naturally pulled toward the gender roles placed on your sex? by IceColdLover in GCdebatesQT

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No, I barely understand the concept of "gender identity". I was born female, I grew up female, I am female, I have experienced all my life as a female, with the good, the bad and the ugly. But that's not about "gender identity", it's about society treating different females and males.

I definitely don't fulfill the female stereotype: I'm childfree, I don't wear makeup (unless I can't help it, ie work, family event), I can't stand heels, I don't believe in marriage (even though I'm in a long term relationship with my bf), I only cook to be self-sufficient, I have quite a strong character and I'm often seen as brutality honest. But I'm also not good at sports, I like to paint my nails in strange colours (by myself), I like to design and make my own clothes including sometimes dresses, I don't like nasty jokes, I'm often perceived as sexually conservative (being hetero, late bloomer and few bf), so I don't really believe in gendering things, nor people.

I hate that slur "cis". Is "biological woman" a "politicaly correct" alternative?

QT: If someone agreed to compromise with you on everything EXCEPT calling trans women "women" and trans men "men" and share intimate spaces with them, would you be satisfied with this? by IceColdLover in GCdebatesQT

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In Chile, minors between the age of 14-17 need approval of their parents/tutors and "proofs". https://www.bcn.cl/leyfacil/recurso/ley-de-identidad-de-genero Married people also need some additional bureocracy, since same-sex marriage is not legal in Chile. Only single people over the age of 18 can legally transition with 2 witnesses, a max of 2 times in their life. So, third world countries are still more strict legally.

Porn grooming children into become transgender? by ClandestineAHF in GenderCritical

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I seriously think that sexualizing children is what's wrong. I have no idea of the effects of porn in transgender people who were exposed to it at childhood. It's disgusting that people put a gender stereotype on their children because what the child likes to wear or what toys they like to play. I just hope girls and boys could be raised without gender stigmas, so if they found out in their puberty that they're not heterosexual, it wouldn't be such a big deal. If a boy is "effeminate" or if a girl is "boyish", they wouldn't feel the pressure to "transition". Children should be free of gender stereotypes. That's what's poisoning children, imo.

r/GenderCynical cries about the existence of gender critical people. Users, including a mod, encourage harassment and abusing reports. Conclusion? The other sub is banned. by [deleted] in WatchRedditDie

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I'm new in Reddit and already shadowbanned, most likely by a trans activist mod who banned me from a Feminist sub, accusing me of "transphobia" without evidence. I can't go to Ovarit because it's invite-only (I understans why) and I don't use my Twitter account. It's been about 5 or more years, so I can't get an invite. I guess I'll stay here.

Shadowbanned from reddit in less than 1 week. Now I'm here by maldita-sudaka in Introductions

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AskFeminist I think it was called. I am a feminist. I didn't knew the sub was only for Transgender Activism. I respected all the rules, but they accused me of being "transphobic". I asked where I was being offensive and they didn't answer because I wasn't being transphobic at all! Previous comments were upvoted, even about trans people. So, I was quite confused. This mod said "No transphobia is allowed. No further communication is wanted" iirc. I'm not transphobic, I don't care what other people think about themselves, I have no problem in calling everyone as they want to. After this ban, I asked in some other subs, realized all actual feminists subs were banned for "hate speech" and that the mod who banned me is a mod in all feminist spaces still activr, except one. I think that mod has power and shadowban people like me, because they can't ban me from the whole site without a reason. I knew Reddit had misogynystic subs, but never expected to be expelled from a so-called feminist space for being an actual feminist woman (or biological woman as I should say so I'm not being transphobic, I don't even know if I should add the biological part, is that transphobic?). Doesn't make any sense to me, honestly. Why don't they call themselves Transgenderist or something? Even Trans Feminism would be a better way to define their movement.

TiM wants to breastfeed - in public - just like other woMEN by BEB in GenderCritical

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Wait, does she/he has a prolactinoma or something? That's bloody dangerous. Female sex hormones shouldn't increase your prolactine levels. If this trans person is biologically male, and it's lactating, s/he should go have an MRI. It could be a brain tumor. I'm serious. This is crazy.

Azealia Banks suspended from Twitter over "transphobic" tweets that everyone should read because Azealia is telling it like it is. by BEB in GenderCritical

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I admit that I don't know who she is, but she's absolutely right. She was probably banned because of too much ********, but I can see that she doesn't care. Someone has to tell it like it is. If you want to have cosmetic surgery, pay for it with your own money, that's the thing. It's not like reconstructive medical surgery.

Shadowbanned from reddit in less than 1 week. Now I'm here by maldita-sudaka in Introductions

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Short answer r/ShadowBan I didn't even knew that term. It started when I messaged a sub's mod asking if there was something wrong with my posts, because they were being "auto-deleted", marked as spam. The response was I was probably banned/Shadow banned. They attached a screencap of my u/ and it was like I didn't exist. They suggested me to go to appeal and gave me the link. It took me little time to find the above sub. Then I was sure. I appealed, received an automated response that I was caught on a spam filter and now I was unbanned. But I wasn't, still Shadow banned. So I'm just a ghost there, unless I decide to create a new account.

Woman fired by restaurant after posting support for JK Rowling on Facebook. Started creating JK Rowling-supportive stuff to sell, but got canceled by ETSY for "hatred" of "protected groups." by BEB in GenderCritical

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Unbelievable. This is against the law even in third world countries. I know because I am a citizen of a third world country.

The Peakening ™ - Read this if you are new to Gender Critical (GC) Feminism by mambean in GenderCritical

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Thank you.