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Nope. I was a meek girl because I was emotionally abused, not because I identified as a meek female.

I’m a nurturing woman because I’ve had babies in my life since I was 13 and their dad was a deadbeat. (Oldest niece got me a worlds best dad mug lmaooo)

I sew and cook because it’s practical and cheaper, I make better knickers than Kmart, and doesn’t give a cent to sweatshops. Not because it’s feminine and I’m female.

When I dig a garden bed or herd the cattle or shoot a fox or snake I’m not becoming masculine or a man. Stalking a deer doesn’t cause balls to grow.

There’s no gender, just shit that needs to be done and a woman doing it.

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I don’t feel naturally pulled toward gender roles. Can’t say if I have an innate sense of gender identity, as no one has ever successfully explained what gender identity truly is or feels like for me to be able to compare.

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I have no sense of gender anything. I do have a sex, it came with the body.

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No and lol no.

I have no "gender identity" and reject being called cis.

Same here.

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Sort of? Traditionally feminine: I am nurturing and do want kids one day. I tend to be fairly mild-mannered. I like dressing up (but usually am too lazy) Not 'feminine': I work in a male-dominated field, I usually don't wear make-up (nor am I really interested in it), I am career-oriented.

I pretty much just do & like what I want without regard to gender roles.

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If anything I identify more with the opposite gender femininity than by birth sex gender but I do think all gender roles are harmful and we definitely should not define ourselves by them. I do kind of gravitate towards quite a few things like aesthetics that are usually considered feminine though as well as relating better in general to women than men.

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No and no.

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Nope. And I hate the way people act like gender identity is factually true, even tho it isn't and plenty of other people do not subscribe to it.

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Kind of. I had body dysphoria and hate being associated with men. But I feel more averse to being a man that attracted to being a woman if that makes sense. Though the body changes were definitely what I wanted.

As to the social role, absolutely not. Traditional masculinity is Absolutely poison.

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I did feel like I had an “innate” of gender identity as a child. I think it was that I was feminine and related that to being the opposite gender or I just had a feeling that I was actually that inside when I was really little. I feel like most people probably wouldn’t have this feeling though and maybe it’s only something people like me would experience because we feel mismatched in some way so we try to make sense of it.

For the second question, I did not. 🙃

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No, I'm exactly the opposite. If I did have an innate sense of gender identity, it would be masculine, not feminine. I began to refuse femininity in preschool. I've always been extremely gender nonconforming. There is nothing about the female social role that appeals to me. On the contrary, the thought of myself being forced to perform it makes me suicidal.

I acknowledge my biological sex as female and don't think that the "cis" label makes sense for GNC people who actively reject the expected appearance and social roles assigned to their natal sex. I'm a woman because of how I was born, and that's it.

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QT here. I am a natal female. The thought of me having a penis grosses me out. If I woke up tomorrow with a penis and facial hairs I would freak out and seek medical intervention. If I was born a man, I would be trans. Since I’m not born a man, I am cis. So yes I do feel pulled more towards being female. It doesn’t encompass gender roles though, just gender identity and body.

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Nah bruh. I'm butch as hell. Also detrans so this kind of stuff is a bit of a sore spot.

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No, I barely understand the concept of "gender identity". I was born female, I grew up female, I am female, I have experienced all my life as a female, with the good, the bad and the ugly. But that's not about "gender identity", it's about society treating different females and males.

I definitely don't fulfill the female stereotype: I'm childfree, I don't wear makeup (unless I can't help it, ie work, family event), I can't stand heels, I don't believe in marriage (even though I'm in a long term relationship with my bf), I only cook to be self-sufficient, I have quite a strong character and I'm often seen as brutality honest. But I'm also not good at sports, I like to paint my nails in strange colours (by myself), I like to design and make my own clothes including sometimes dresses, I don't like nasty jokes, I'm often perceived as sexually conservative (being hetero, late bloomer and few bf), so I don't really believe in gendering things, nor people.

I hate that slur "cis". Is "biological woman" a "politicaly correct" alternative?