Unpopular opinion: parts of third-wave feminism directly led to the rise of trans ideology by Aureus in politics

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I basically agree with your overall statement, but there is a problem with belief number two in that it is restricted to MtF transexuals. One of the surprising facts I have learned is that:

"In a recent survey of 250 families whose children developed symptoms of gender dysphoria during or right after puberty, Lisa Littman, a physician and professor of behavioral science at Brown University, found that over 80 percent of the youth in her sample were female at birth."

Source: Psychology Today

So if masculinity is as stigmatized as you suggest, it is apparently still no match for the masochistic, self-victimizing nature of the female id. Either that or penis envy really is more than just an 80s punchline.

Matt Taibi: The Left is Now the Right by mo-ming-qi-miao in CultureWarRoundup

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I would recommend the recent Darkhorse podcast between Brett Weinstein and Matt Taibi for some excellent discussion on similar themes.

Eisenhower's Presidential Farewell Address - The 'Military Industrial Complex' Warning by magnora7 in videos

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I still have a burned dvd of this from a file I downloaded almost 20 years ago. That's how important this speech is to me. Always insightful.

Which pet is your favorite? by PurpleAmathea in AskSaidIt

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Dogs are the best, for sure. The loyalty and connection that they offer is such a joy.

A little tune for the unpatriotic among us. by PixelCreamBit in WayOfTheBern

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I'm not even a swarthy transexual communist and I could pen much more biting lyrical dis than this.

Activists get Kansas woman fired from 20-year job and shut down her GoFundMe after she criticized Black Lives Matter by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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Economic and ideological Jiu-jitsu. Use the attacker's momentum against them. If you have the numbers and the focus you will come out on top.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! by [deleted] in USPolitics

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Well said. Let's take this occasion to appreciate sacrifice, industriousness and a complete distrust of wayward authority. We, the people are the ultimate arbiters of our futures and the ONLY bulwark standing against tyranny. E Pluribus Unum.

Anyone else is an aspiring writer here? by Fictionsaur in Introductions

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I dabble in horror/transgressive fiction. I haven't produced anything that meets my standards so far, but I would like to see a good writing sub here that might help keep me moving forward. I've never posted any writing related stuff to the reddit subs because I like to work with themes that the "powers" have deemed "cancellable" and I don't want to waste my energy only to wind up at the bottom of a collapsed thread. In real life I am kind, helpful and caring but I like to use my writing ideas to force people to answer questions that they don't even want to hear. This isn't out of malice, but simply because these are the questions that need to be answered.

Imagine being a woman in 2020 still having casual sex with moids by xxuper in PinkPillFeminism

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Reproduction, as a biological imperative, is second only to survival instinct. Some women find quality, some don't. Women who fall outside this paradigm are outliers. The only reason I offer this counter argument is because your post blatantly shames women's sexuality. The tone of it actually reminds me of the fundamental evangelical Christianity of the 1980s in that you feel the need to control the bodies of other women to sate the "one true path of salvation" of your dogma.

I'm a pedophile seeking a free speech haven by greekgod77 in Introductions

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Nice try u/spez.

what age group do you think makes up most of saidit's userbase? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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45 - 50 checking in. I'm around the last age group to have been fully grown and established in the 20th century. I got my first Internet connected PC when I was 29 and got my first smart phone when I was 36. Technology has literally split my life's history in half at this point. If we end up in a new dark age with no electricity due to an epic solar flair or the unintended consequences of a successful boogaloo I will probably still have the skills and mentality to prosper...but my music collection is about 84% digital so I will be looking for some fucking payback.

What season is it? by neovulcan in funny

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No. I honestly enjoyed this, but I work in retail so my typing is as dead as my eyes.

Vice Publishes Pro Antifa Terrorism Article by scrubking in politics

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Notice that this listed as an "Identity Rights" article on Vice. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

What season is it? by neovulcan in funny

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Thanks. This really made me laugh.

when facts are just too inconvenient by MouseMonster in ClownWorld

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Academia is completely broken and I lament the lack of trust we must now have regarding any science. It only burns worse when one considers how intentional this is.

Real Struggling African Nigger VS American Entitled Hypocrite White Shit by [deleted] in pics

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You'll catch more flies with sugar.

This is how we change things. by lucretiamott in GenderCritical

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Not to mention how much of that could be underaged. I'm not sure what verification schemes reddit uses but I'm pretty sure they don't have everyone's drivers licence or birth certificate on file.

SaidIT needs more Porns subs! by BravoHotel in unpopularopinion

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What Saidit needs is more cute and funny memes and videos. You know, wholesome shit. Reddit was like a minefield when you were trying to browse r/all for some hilarious dog vids. After the first page it was littered with nsfw posts of green haired trogs attention whoring their bits. I mean, I get it...I was young once too, but just because you have discovered your genitals doesn't mean they are shareable.

Saidit.net — Dec 19, 2018 — New Saidit Android App Released by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Some image sites don't seem to display in the app. I have noticed that some posts using images from catbox.moe and a few others only return an error in the app, but can still be viewed by opening them in an external browser. Other than that the app is pretty solid.