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I agree. We need to get active and start calling companies out who support reddit and ask questions like this. Companies won't want this type of publicity, so it might be a quick way to either preassure reddit to remove these types of subs or make reddit lose money through advertisers pulling their money out of them.

I think another thing that we women need to do is shop elsewhere if companies don't support women. We are half the population, nothing would change things quicker if we changed our shopping habits, it would send a clear message to companies.

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And women are responsible for the majority of purchases as they often control household budgets, etc. So we can absolutely have a big impact. All these companies care about the bottomline. It's why they kowtow to the woke crowd. Well, two can play at that game, I say!

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Exactly. We have more power than the woke crowd because of that. At the end of the day, companies care about money the most, so we have a lot of power in changing their behaviour through our shopping habits.

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None of pointing that out to the companies erasing women swayed them to knock it off and stop pissing off their customers. Definitely boycott them, but they've already said they would rather go out of business than listen to Mumsnet.

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This is so true. I feel like we forget sometimes that we actually outnumber men by about a % in the US at least, our voices may not be heard but our dollars flowing elsewhere sure will.

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A few advertisers I saw when scrolling through reddit just now, for those of you who want to join this crusade:

Microsoft Azure @azure

Bespoke Post @bespokepost

Volvo @volvocars

Epic Games @epicgames

Alienware @alienware

Square @square

Tweet at them and ask why they are supporting a website that hosts demeaning videos of women being abused. Know that at the very least, some social media intern is going to read it.

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Not to mention how much of that could be underaged. I'm not sure what verification schemes reddit uses but I'm pretty sure they don't have everyone's drivers licence or birth certificate on file.

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such a good point. And they have a nasty history of underaged subs on there as well

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Or revenge images. We don't know OP is actually OP in the various xgonewild places.

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Yeah... I ventured into the porn subs once just to see what was there and I definitely saw images of women who, if they weren't underage, absolutely looked it. I reported them at the time but I have the feeling Reddit is not strong on moderating these things.

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I'll add some more:

• Audible @audible_com

• BestBuy @BestBuy

• CBS All Access @CBSAllAccess

• Cyberpunk 2077 @CyberpunkGame / CD PROJEKT RED @CDPROJEKTRED

• eBay @ebay

• G2i @g2i_co

• HBOmax @hbomax

• HelloFresh @HelloFresh

• Huel @gethuel

• Jack in the Box @JackBox

• Markel Insurance @MarkelSmallBiz

• Pandora @pandoramusic

• PixelBerry Studios @PlayChoices

• Postmates @Postmates

• SimpliSafe @SimpliSafe

• Sony @Sony / PlayStation @PlayStation

• TD Ameritrade @TDAmeritrade

• Samsung @Samsung @SamsungUS

• US Army @USArmy

• UT Austin Boot Camps @UTAustin

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thank you!

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With screenshots to boot.

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The thing is that most of these ads are programmatic, which means you are shown ads specific to your own browsing history. They usually aren’t direct buys with the site in question. Most internet ads are like this now. Someone else will see different ads than you see on reddit.

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Mind i post this to spinster?

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please do! I'm lucretiamott on there please at me!

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great activism!

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Oooh, I LOVE THIS. This will certainly get attention, and not by lying or sensationalizing anything. LEGIT.

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This is a great idea. Ideally it would be coordinated enough that a company would get enough feedback to make them take notice.

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Yes exactly. I posted this so we can get something going. There were (ARE) 65,000 of us. Companies will have to take notice if enough of us raise our voices.

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Yes!!!! That is a perfect response.

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I don't have a Twitter account but I'll make one to do this.

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ive been sending tweets to companies im astroTERF @opiumbrella i posted on GC under opiumbrella i would love for any fellow gc to add me on twitter so we can stay connected this group has meant a lot to me

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Yes! we have at least two main types of action, outward-facing like this to get others to recognize our point, and inward-facing to help each other understand and not give up.

Besides advertisers, since I have the resources to make charitable contributions, I try to make that count too. If it's unapologetically focused on women and girls, it gets my support, as generous as I can make it. There have been a couple that are clearly wobbling–they have "women" in their title but their publicity tends toward the gender-neutral. Those are the ones I contact and argue with and tell them my support is contingent on their continuing to recognize women as a political class. Case in point: National Advocates for Pregnant Women ( And by the way I got a respectful acknowledgment of my message with a promise to pass it up the line. (They're still "on probation" with me, you'll see why if you visit their page.)

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Thank you for this amazing activism, keep it up!

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There is a list of reddit advertisers on gcguys subreddit to contact about this - I've fired off a few emails but twitter seems like a good public shout. I can make a post here with both a list of advertisers and a list of rapey subreddits if needed

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What is the product and where can I buy it?

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Very well done. Impressive.

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Here is what I have been emailing companies that adverstise on reddit -

I noticed you advertise on Reddit. This site is full of images glorifying violence against women. Recently they did a sweep and got rid of subs that "promote hate" but left up multiple subs with images glorifying of the brutalisation and rape of women. There is also a sub dedicated to sharing porn images of women that are over 18 but look much younger - basically a gathering space for paedos. I was just wondering where your company stands on this and if you are comfortable advertising with a website that promotes rape, violence against women and paedophilia? Warm regards,


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Excellent work!! 👏👏👏

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What a boring dystopia we live in. :/