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Drink lots of water and you can also use pure lemon juice to flush your system. 2 or 3 puffs is not very much, and weed builds up in your system. So if you haven't smoked much in the last two months you could be OK.

Crazy that someone would be not considered for a job simply for having any marijuana in their system which is about the safest recreational drug.

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Thank you for your advise. They already took my blood and urine samples. It's for a job working with the public/ for the government, and I'm in the middle of throwing it all away. I have a university degree and before that went to college for 3 years in an unrelated field. Nvertheless have to go through stupid testing for hours, pass the interview. I'm on this shit for months now and I'm done. They only thing they could possible asked me for is my (unborn) first child.

I feel defeated because I was preparing for the tests and interviews for months. I wasn't prepared for a blood and urine test and I'm kicking myself for being stupid. It's the government after all. I wasn't smoking for months(!), except for that weekend. Summer, music, being in a new group, having several discussions at once and someone is passing the stick to me. One, two, three puffs (don't want to be or appear greedy) before passing it on to the next person. I've been reading up on those tests and my privacy rights. Can I refuse to do the tests, How long will they keep my results, will they pass my results to other agencies and so forth. I was so torn after getting so far. And what is the threshold for passing? Didn't smoke for moths except for this weekend and I don't take any other drugs. I don't know about alcohol because most of us will have a drink or two over the weekend. I can drink a lot of hard liquid over the weekend but stay sober during the week (I might have a beer or two in the evenings). I'm so over all this crap and needed a place to vent. I'll probably delete my post because it's silly and looks like I'm whining.

Thank you though for being a big Bro with your advice. I had a meltdown (still in that mode, will start to cry at any given moment). I just needed to vent and was (I still am) drunk. Apparently, I have called my sister and friends, and I don't remember.

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'2 or 3 puffs' was a lie. Ash lies to himself a lot.

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I wasn't lying. One joint shared in a big group- do the math.

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Sorry man, that's shitty. Maybe you can claim it was just secondhand exposure and take the test again in a while. Or re-apply and take it again then.

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I was too drunk and oversharing.

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Hey Ash, this isn't the first time you've apologized for your posts by stating you were drunk.

Have you considered addressing the drinking as a best first step? Just sayin'.

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Thank you for your concern. I'm drinking when I'm stressed and know that I have to cut it back. Not a good look. And so fucking scared and crying.

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Your story reads false.

On many levels.

Don't do drugs.

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2 or 3 puffs. Whatever.

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It seems to me that you were in the same room as people that smoked weed. That isn't illegal. Don't admit to partaking since the amout to be detected will be very low. Don't fuck up again.

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Was too drunk and oversharing.

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2 or 3 good puffs now.

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Update: I got the job after....another meltdown. I send them 2 emails I don't want to get into. I was invited for an final interview and had to speak with the boss. Thank God, they are disorganized and haven't spoke to the person I directed my email rants to(I must have mentioned that te drug and piss test violates my human rights, that everyone is on drugs, except for me, why I'm fucking perfect for the job and worse-yes, I let it all out because I never expected to get an job offer. I'm too ashamed to go more into detail of my angry mails). End of the story, I got that job-somebody-God, Shiva, Buddha, Allah, Cthullu is outthere looking after me.

Thank you for all your advice and giving me your ear and heart for me to rant to. Love you all.