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Your Antifa vs. ICE post had this in big bold letters:

WillemVanSpronsen targeted ICE infrastructure in a bid to save lives. He is a hero, and we grieve his loss. Rest in Power comrade.

I think this was copied over, but you are the poster so it is your responsibility to make sure you are clearly communicating. It's easy for anyone to assume this is your language with the shit formatting.

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Yeah dude, and now he's pretending like he has no idea what I'm talking about, if you read the comments of that thread.

And now he's making this post saying I'm "harassing him"

None of this seems to be in good faith. I am considering banning him because he's dragging discussion down the pyramid of debate with striking regularity the last few days.

edit: Yup he just can't stop cursing people out and calling them names, while offering no actual substance. He's hit the bottom of the pyramid too many times, I've given him way more passes than a normal user because he's been here a while, but I can't ignore it forever. After being called names and cursed out for the 5th time today, while he refuses to actually address the points being brought up, so unfortunately I've had to ban him.

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No worries, you gave him the benefit of the doubt many times.

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You're right I did... I gave him like 10 passes instead of the normal 3, because he's been here so long. But we have the rules for a reason, and it's my job to enforce them. It's unfortunate he felt the need to act like that, and I'm upset to lose someone who has been here for so long, but I'm not about to let saidit degrade and become voat

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What the fuck does that look like?

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It looks like you support Antifa's violence! I know you don't, this is all miscommunication.

The part I'm talking about was not quoted, making it read as your words. Go look again. Markdown tore us apart :/

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Yeah he's been banned. Sawboss proved a dozen times over he cannot respect the pyramid of debate, and is constantly resorting to name-calling instead of arguing his point, so I had to ban him.

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    Removed, pyramid of debate. Last warning sawboss. This isn't a free-for-all zone, there are rules you have to respect to stay on the site.