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Is this another "I can't resolve it in the comments so I make another shitpost about it"-case?

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People don't fucking read, don't checked the linked page, don't consider the source, have no fucking clue what the post is even about ... TERRORISM. Really? Well fuck you.

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I did read the linked page (your other post with your falling out over some questions posed to you), did consider the source (you) and do have a clue what this post is about, in fact I summed it up in my rhetorical sarcastic question, didn't I?

TERRORISM. Really? Well fuck you.

I was talking about You dragging a comment discussion over to an 'attention-whore post' while complaining about 'people not reading'.

I think the whole victim act is something you should play out in that comment section, but I do want to give a hint: Maybe you aren't reading as well as you think you are either.

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That's not only disingenuous, it's factually incorrect. This is exactly why I put so little effort into SaidIt. I can't tell anymore if you're really so unintelligent as to believe what you just wrote, or if you know exactly what you're doing by writing it.

My presence on this site has zero value to me personally, because it's not possible for me to reach anyone worth interacting with here. In that regard, SaidIt has failed to fix the flaws inherent in Reddit and Voat. Which leads me to wonder whether the stated ideals of this site are sincere. Maybe not. Maybe there's some other motive for gathering all the Reddit rejects here.

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That's not only disingenuous, it's factually incorrect.

Ah yes, and you explain this so well. Am I to believe you didn't make this post to whine about a comment argument with magnora7? [You even started posting remarks to magnora7 in your new posts relating to that argument].

You can at least try to explain where I'm wrong or where I misinterpret this whole post. Because calling me unintelligent for analyzing and critiquing you isn't going to make me smarter nor make me see where I could be wrong.

Maybe the flaws that make your interactions not worthwhile aren't inherent to reddit, voat, saidit, nor any other site you might try.

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Or maybe, just maybe, there is something affecting you that you don't recognize. That's my generous interpretation of your behavior. The less generous interpretation is that you're evil and a liar.

So fuck off commie.