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You need a source that black people have black features and Asian people have Asian features? A source that they have different averages with health and cognitive ability? You could google countless sources and you know it. I'm pretty sure you're trolling though. Tell you what, if you aren't trolling, will you make a bet with me? We each put $10,000 worth of etherium held in a smart contract by a third party escrow service. The service will grant me the total $20k if I provide evidence that races have genetic differences, like you are claiming they don't have. Deal? I'll do the ten second Google search then, but I won't be your bitch who operates at your command when you could spend seconds doing the same thing. Or you could actually contradict any of the claims I made earlier about racial differences, which you never even bothered to do.

Also congrats on being the first person I have ever seen actually argue that races don't have differences. Pretty cool to see the outstanding variety of beliefs people can hold. I hope you take the bet, either way.

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No sources, huh?

That's disappointing.

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Too scared to take the bet, huh? That's disappointing. Why don't you admit you were talking out of your ass and that you know races exist.

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Let's not change the subject. You're the one who is scared to back up the assertion, that is supposedly obvious.

You made the claim. Back it up.

I know you won't, because your scared. The fact is, beyond hollow cosmetic differences; you are fucked.

I'm going to take you to the cleaners.

I'm loving it. ;-)

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I already did back it up. You just didn't want to accept my answer. You can literally see the differences in races. Proving that differences exist. That doesn't take a source. I could send you a picture of two races to prove that, but I don't need to. You already know you are wrong. You're embarrassed but afraid to quit. Tell you what. I'll drop the bet, and instead, if I provide sources that races exist, you have to delete this account and start a new one. Deal? I'm not submitting to you without some kind of gain for me.

And guess what, hollow cosmetic differences ARE STILL FUCKING DIFFERENCES. You just admitted you were wrong, and are still trying to argue. I'm embarrassed for you at this point. Will you take the deal though?

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You're ramblings is not evidence. "Everybody knows" doesn't cut it.

You need sources. I suggests adding eugenics to your search. That's were you may find some Pseudoscience.

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You're such a coward you won't even agree to a bet or to ending your account. I give in though since you are genuinely pathetic enough to believe you are right: (gasp, they acknowledge both nature AND nurture, like I originally did)

I could go on indefinitely, but something tells me you won't absorb any of this anyway. I couldn't give a fuck about eugenics faggots trying rank the races. They're about as dumb as people that deny that races even exist. Except you already admitted that races have different physical (you said cosmetic, which is still a physical trait, and those traits have numerous impacts on health) traits, so you already conceded the argument and agreed with my original point. That there are natural differences amongst races.