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That's unbanning people, you absolute retard, and it's only to clear out the ban list for your new names.

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That's unbanning people, you absolute retard, and it's only to clear out the ban list for your new names.

did i mention that i can log the chat without being loggin into it?

16:18 Musky has kicked jemsjems (Musky)
16:25 Musky has kicked rajonrondo2222 (Musky)
16:27 Musky has kicked gayasfk (Musky)
16:27 Musky has kicked jew-ry (Musky)
16:27 Musky has kicked mirddes (Musky)
16:28 Musky has kicked Melinda76 (Musky)
16:28 Musky has kicked kardolocksmith (Musky)
16:29 ~Musky I think we're clear of Ed alts except possibly morebeef

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Nah, I just missed one or more. We'll get em Eddy

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    I'm sending a Valentine's Card to everyone who loves you. Oh wait...

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      🥱 You're a born loser Eddie, always have been, always will be.

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      sure.. anything you say, jack daniels..

      drink up and enjoy your chat.

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      he must have forgotten that i am able to log the chat without needing a login account.

      that is what booze does, it rots the brain and destroys the spirit, it makes you dirty and nasty and evil... especially when you drink as much as he does..

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      he is so pissed that he banned almost everyone from the chat..

      oh my, musky, you are a good manager, .... not..

      14:19 The topic is: "N"
      14:19 Topic set by ZomBee on 27 January 2024, 09:33:25
      14:31 @ZomBee socks said mean things
      14:31 @ZomBee called me troll
      14:31 @ZomBee i throw socks from Boeing 737
      14:31 @ZomBee he he he
      14:46 no_u you're an asshole:  "See, there's three kinds of people: dicks, pussies, and assholes. Pussies think everyone can get along, and dicks just want to fuck all the time without thinking it through. But then you got your assholes, Chuck. And all the assholes want us to shit all over everything! So, pussies may get mad at dicks once in a while, because
      14:46 no_u pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes, Chuck. And if they didn't fuck the assholes, you know what you'd get? You'd get your dick and your pussy all covered in shit"
      14:51 Fuck_magnora7 Documentalary about socks :
      14:52 @ZomBee did you google that insult, socks?
      14:53 @ZomBee thats lame
      14:53 globetard cheerio
      15:08 detty has kicked HomoTomato (detty)
      15:19 PissInformed We Need Better Tools
      15:31 ~Musky Hey globetard
      15:36 no_u globetard!  where you been nigga?
      15:36 PissInformed I pity the socks-ers who swallow shit and low-grade propaganda. (ie. Democrats are any better than the GOP - or that voting makes any difference)
      15:38 no_u globetard noted long ago that Saidit gives visitors autistic-overload
      15:39 PissInformed I dreamt that socks was a young child suffocating slowly trapped under Palestinian rubble.
      15:39 ~Musky sets mode -b Bitch-Im-a-cow!*@*
      15:39 ~Musky sets mode -b Bishopcara23!*@*
      15:39 ~Musky sets mode -b veramed099!*@*
      15:40 ~Musky sets mode -b taseamuskratforjesus!*@*
      15:40 ~Musky sets mode -b Rice-A-Roni!*@*
      15:40 ~Musky sets mode -b AmerlcanMuskrat!*@*
      15:41 ~Musky sets mode -b musknigger!*@*
      15:41 ~Musky sets mode -b lbj23-8023!*@*
      15:41 ~Musky sets mode -b ChatGPTTAcademy!*@*
      15:41 ~Musky sets mode -b sober-mel!*@*
      15:42 ~Musky sets mode -b musktard!*@*
      15:42 ~Musky sets mode -b amandahuginkiss!*@*
      15:42 ~Musky sets mode -b pragmatic128!*@*
      15:42 ~Musky sets mode -b jadwaleuro!*@*
      15:42 ~Musky sets mode -b kokaqueen!*@*
      15:43 ~Musky sets mode -b boisdearc!*@*
      15:43 ~Musky sets mode -b mpo80!*@*
      15:43 ~Musky sets mode -b pedoed!*@*
      15:43 ~Musky sets mode -b piala888!*@*
      15:44 ~Musky sets mode -b transbob!*@*
      15:44 ~Musky sets mode -b mpoqq!*@*
      15:44 ~Musky sets mode -b alfafurniture!*@*
      15:44 ~Musky sets mode -b dubaivisacenter!*@*
      15:45 ~Musky sets mode -b sadhasivam!*@*
      15:45 ~Musky sets mode -b SuperCop!*@*
      15:46 ~Musky sets mode -b telenovelastv!*@*
      15:46 ~Musky sets mode -b sensa123!*@*
      15:46 ~Musky sets mode -b jsword!*@*
      15:46 ~Musky sets mode -b abunnyfuck!*@*
      15:47 ~Musky sets mode -b saharadesert!*@*
      15:47 ~Musky sets mode -b wayang77!*@*
      15:47 ~Musky sets mode -b phongmach24h!*@*
      15:47 ~Musky sets mode -b sugardaddy!*@*
      15:47 ~Musky sets mode -b kingdonkeykong!*@*
      15:49 ~Musky sets mode -b henrywilson894!*@*
      15:49 ~Musky sets mode -b Healthcare_Jobs!*@*
      15:49 ~Musky sets mode -b delinquentfelon!*@*

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      Um, dude, "mode -b" means "unban."

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      Truth is, i am quite happy not sitting in the chat... cuz i need to focus on nailing this bot together.

      16:04 The topic is: "N"
      16:04 Topic set by ZomBee on 27 January 2024, 09:33:25
      16:05 Musky has kicked skilledlaborer (Musky)
      16:06 Musky has kicked singlemother (Musky)
      16:11 Musky has kicked jellyandjam (Musky)
      16:14 Musky has kicked peterpecker (Musky)

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      even others are beginning to recognize what i have been telling /u/musky..

      he is a dope fiend and an alcoholic, and he is way past the point of no return.

      17:23 no_u funny how Edward is the sanest person here

      17:27 no_u again - you make up stuff - twisting normal activity into depraved lies - because you've drugged yourself to bare existence - take a step back and try to learn from time to time

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      🥱 you just make that stuff up, you gross pedo felon.

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      you just make that stuff up, you gross pedo felon

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      Jesus, that poor schizo girl sounds drugged up af. Stop raping her, scumbag.

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      If I were to tell you that even the other users can plainly see that you're being a complete horse's ass, I don't think I'd be stretching the truth.

      You're making yourself look like a fool in public in front of all of your peers.

      Put the rope around your neck if you insist.

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      You're just mad lol

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      actually no, "mad" is a close relative of angry, and i very rarely experience anger.

      it is my observation that children get "angry" when they dont get what they want, but adults find solutions when they dont get what they want.

      ask around.

      i studied counseling.