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No, sorry but I can't make that change. Unfortunately, what happens is people make subs with very questionable names and then upvote themselves and those subs to the front page daily for weeks, and begin posting actual legitimate news in those fringe subs like it's the main sub for the whole saidit website, and then over weeks and months new users see awful sub names on half the posts everyday and it absolutely drives people away.

It's a way to subvert the website, by making one fringe extremist sub take over the front page. And it's very hard to get rid of once it takes root. This has happened twice. So we have it this way for a reason. I wish we could have it defaulted to /all without this problem occurring. However I totally understand the desire for easier access to information.

That's why we added functionality so users can change their frontpage to 'all' by default in the 'preferences' button by your username. Guests without a username who want to view it can go to as well. Thanks.

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I really wonder what kind of group of people would go to such lengths to subvert this good website

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Can you list those awful sub names?

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One of the ways you can stop /s/All manipulation and is something reddit did is not allow sticked threads to get to /s/All