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There were also lots of references to the Democrats vs Republicans war. And Donald Trump being president. There were lots of things.

And there were also possible references Yes, I am almost convinced that "Neo" is partly based on me, if not entirely. Other characters like him too, but The Matrix especially has same pretty specific clues pointing to me. Our characters are literally almost identical, along with some other unsettling links which I unfortunately cannot state publicly. PM me if you want to know. I don't know what makes me so important, but it makes sense because they've had their eye on me for quite some time now (Agent Smith quote). Another thing I've noticed is that the media which makes these predictions seems to be able to read my mind, because some of it is inspired by my thoughts.

Edit: someone took this way too far so I feel like I need to say this. I do not think I am "the one", and though I certainly think it's possible, I have no reason to think that I am. Neo is only one character out of millions, and I am certainly not the only person to be "predicted". Far from it, just look at how many movies were about Donald Trump becoming president. Just because Neo characterizes me in many ways does not mean I am literally him in every aspect, and I certainly don't have his powers. In fact at the moment I'm unnaturally cut off from those kinds of abilities. It's not a 1:1 relationship. What I'm trying to say here is that the elite media knows things, and uses them as inspiration and they even plant clues for some reason, maybe they just think it's funny or someone is trying to tell us something. It is simply more evidence that this whole world is a fabrication. They are certainly very interested in me and watch my every move, but there are many others too. These are some dark forces that run our world, I don't know all their plans other than it can't be good.

There are a lot of completely valid reasons for Neo to be inspired by me, that aren't "I'm the one". But "the one" concept makes the movie more entertaining.

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they purposely made neo an every man, a lot like a lot of young men from 1999, adrift, no meaning in their life etc. After that he had no personality, perfect choice for wooden actor Keanu, so that helped everyone identify with him. we're all the lead actor in our own story.

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did you bookmark and read my link?

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I'm going through it