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Outrageous claims demand outrageous proof.

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I've known Magnora for years. Dude is ridiculously normal. And Saidit remains a relatively neutral place when it comes to discussing politics.

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That is weegs(/u/jumba_jukiba)

if I had to bet my last dollar, I am betting he is on the meth.

Meth''s primary side effects are delusional thinking which causes them to solve all of the known and unknown problems in the universe and beyond.

The majority of meth addicts will remain addicted until they die.

Meth also enhances his homosexual tendencies.

Video: meth

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I am betting he is on the meth.

I'd agree with you Edward, or he's having another schizo episode. Maybe he even got fired from his hog farm IT gig.

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I was homeless in cali for more than three years, and in San Francisco I used to sleep in and around various meth camps sometimes..

The meth literally makes men become supercharged sexually, and one day my friend that was a dealer that ran one of the camps he yells out to me in front of everyone in the camp.. he shouted "hey Edward, you wanna boink"? Boink is slang for fk, just fyi.. my response was "uh no, but maybe later".. he then said "well, let us know"... Oh, I will, I said..

Sex in the city.

The moral of this story is that I spent a lot of time around hardened meth addicts, ..

Weegs is on meth, period, absolutely no question about it.

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Yet he doesn't seem sexually charged, though often lonely.

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I invented Ritz crackers (and peanut butter)

I was really high on weed.

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You invent farts and think you're an original genius.

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    Maybe I should start a podcast then.

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    In many cases, schizo behavior is induced by using meth or other similar drugs.

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    Was this triggered by Nadal's comment with proposal to meet?

    u/magnora7 & u/cat-and-or-dog-food will both of you reach out to me? Preferably twitter @marknadal DM or TG of same (Signal does weird creepy things to my phone, I don't trust it anymore) or email mark []AT[] gun []dot[] eco. If you want, you can send me whatever end-to-end encrypted system you want there (I have a few). I'm not on reddit much. I live in SF (I'm very public about myself, not anonymous, but I keep others anonymity high) maybe meet in person, I travel a lot.

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    No. It was because of the following comment from magnora.

    I think this guy might've been involved with the harassment effort to make go1dfish go away and hide, to shut down NAB. I can speak as head saidit admin for 5 years that nonstop harassment is just a given, I think it's shill groups trying to shut down competitors and places of free speech. And NAB was targeted just as hard as saidit was and continues to be.

    He knows that this statement about me is untrue, yet made it anyway. I believe that is what many judicial officers would call 'libel'. Magnora and company fear me because I am not a fed, unlike them. It's one thing to allow that fear to transition into mutual reapect; it's another to persistently seek to degrade and debqse my humanity out of a sense of elitism and entitlement.

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    Who, now?

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    Mark Nadal is a creator of Gun DB, which go1dfish used to create - weegs thinks go1dfish stole his donation, and that's how this all related in his mind :) See also my other comment where I speculate that Nadal's comment on reddit triggered weegs to post this.

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    This sounds like petty Internet drama

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    This is going on for years actually, and people couldn't escape this guy's theories of how he was robbed and so on.

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    Welcome to saidit

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    I have Havana syndrome.

    Goldfish stole my shitcoins.

    I deserve basic human dignity.


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    I archived his long story btw:

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    Yeah, I feel for weegs, this is most likely the result of meth use.

    The secret to getting off methis to just say no and don't use, like Nancy Reagan said

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    It's easy to talk the talk.
    Harder to walk the walk.

    If you wear walkie-talkies as shoes, no problem.

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    ^ Accurate. Plus...

    You are causing my Havana Syndrome.

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    Could be, of course.