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They piss away tax dollars to coddle illegals and buy votes from the poor and ignorant while ensuring an eternal criminal underclass to terrorize the actual taxpayers, while also controlling the narrative of what can and can't be criticized. Anyone who dares go against the official narrative is labeled and canceled. Tyranny by the libtards.

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Wasn't always that way. Of course you were looked at less then pleased but you weren't outright canceled they just gave you a 'hard time' at your job like accidently bumping into you all the time or stupid shit.

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There's no such thing as capitalism under totalitarianism. The gov just slowly take operational control (through laws/regulations, guidelines and direct pressure) while choosing how much money to keep and who wins or loses. An actual free market would not allow financial lobbying and would heavily restrict the ability for politicians to bounce from elected positions to corporate boards, back and forth.

Matter of fact, eliminating corporations altogether might be the purest form of a free market, because companies shouldn't have special legal protections that sole proprietorships don't have. Ten years ago, lefties used to support me in these kinds of ideas. Now righties and lefties both hate me for thinking this way.

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Now righties and lefties both hate me for thinking this way.

lol, leftists are against corporations privileges, you can't be leftist and support it. maybe they are not leftists, only declare themselves as leftists.

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Lefties (maybe you're right about the distinction between leftists and lefties) have adopted neoliberalism as their mainstream ideology. It's like the worst aspect of capitalist economics mixed with the worst aspect of socialist economics. Lol and the worst aspect of liberal social values and the worst aspect of conservative social values. I guess the idea we both probably agree on is that leftist, leftie and liberal are all pretty distinct. Leftie, to me, just means democrat. Leftist and liberal definitely don't mean that. Semantics, I know....

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You missed the irony of my post. I called it crapitalism for a reason!

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LoL nah, I just reaffirming your point bro. 🤝

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