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This has been on my mind a lot lately, particularly regarding the "CBDC", the Central Bank Digital Currency. Currencies are absolutely and entirely a question of people's acceptance. If people use it (=trade with it), the currency will work; if people don't use it, there is no currency. The success of a scheme like this doesn't lie with the group of delusional control freaks running the central banks. It's lies with the people on the street saying "meh, okay, if that's how it's gonna work now..."

I'm not optimistic, unfortunately, because from what I observe, humanity is programmed to follow authority. 90+% will never ask themselves why things are happening or what the effects of new systems are. Instead, they will simply adjust, never seeing the causation between the new system and the acceleration in our impoverishment. They will then blame who they are told to blame for being poor. Of course the bankers - by controlling the communications networks, which they very much do - are in the position to be the "authority" and tell people who to blame. Thus the spiral downward continues. The strong majority of people are seemingly incapable of rejecting what "authority" plants in their minds to think.

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They are not normal. They are enablers. At this point, they might as well be active collaborators. They will meet the same fate as the oligarchs they enabled.